Why do Kickers Wear two Different Shoes? Is it trending?

Are you curious to know Why do Kickers Wear two Different Shoes? Football is an entertaining sport to play and watch. It is a beautiful game and has many complex parts and details to its unique game. Specifically, it is the appearance of some kickers wearing different shoes during the game.

Are you wondering why the kickers wear two different shoes during the games? Many factors are involved, such as the grass surface, weather conditions, comfort, and support. Kickers in football leagues like the national football league wear two different shoes simultaneously, majorly because they need to have special shoes on their kicking foot for proper and more effective kicking.

What shoes do football kickers wear?

Why do Kickers Wear two Different Shoes

Compared to other positions on the field, Kickers have a wider variety of cleats. However, most football players wear cleats that are very similar to soccer cleats; some even wear soccer cleats. No matter the type, there are some essential elements that one looks for in a cleat.

Soccer cleats are the best for kicking and punting. Most college and pro kickers wear a leather soccer cleat that is simple in design.

  • The cleat must weigh less than a standard football cleat.
  • It should have thinner padding, which enhances contact with the ball. 
  • Some cleats have offset laces to have a broader, smoother kick surface. 

It is not uncommon for a kicker to wear two different shoes, one for traction and one for kicking, lighter and more flexible.

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Do football kickers wear special shoes?

Why do Kickers Wear two Different Shoes

There is no particular kind of shoes for football kickers. But there are some factors that they consider before buying their cleats. Football kickers usually wear a large variety of cleats. However, they wear cleats similar to soccer cleats. Even some players wear soccer cleats as well. 

Football kickers consider these essential points before choosing a shoe. However, many football kickers prefer to wear two different shoes according to their convenience. One shoe ensures traction, while the other shoe ensures flexibility.

The kicking shoe should weigh less than the standard football cleat. Besides, the kicking shoe must-have thinner padding. It enhances the player’s contact with the ball.

Sometimes the shoe type also depends on the ground type. This kind of shoe provides more grip on the surface. Also, it offers more traction and support on the planted foot. Therefore, some kickers wear regular football cleats on the kicking foot and turf shoes on the planted foot.

Why Do Kickers Wear two Different Shoes?

While watching the games, we might have seen the kickers wearing two different shoes and wondered why? Here is the answer,

Some kickers and punters prefer a more stable football shoe with better ankle support for their plant foot. Players land the plant foot just before kicking the ball. Therefore, they need proper strength and help to kick the ball. The other reason is that field conditions may not be favorable for a soccer cleat with smaller spikes on the bottom. Some kickers and punters use screw-in football cleats for their plant shoes.

 Often, guys wear a different plant foot because of previous ankle injuries, weak shins, or even compensating for a flaw in their form, which puts them off balance. However, if the technique is perfect, there will always be ideal balance and stability. There are so many tricks that kickers use to optimize their kicking shoes. One of the most valuable techniques is to cut the tongue flap and tuck the laces on the outside corner. It lets them have a flush striking surface.

What are the requirements for kickers’ shoes?

There are several factors to consider for football kickers while purchasing the best shoes for the best result. They must have the right kicking shoes for the games, enabling them to do their shots with the best control and accuracy. The requirements for great kicking shoes for football kickers include:

ü Comfort: 

When the kickers are comfortable in their cleats, they can be confident enough to take great shots that will score them and the team points that inevitably win the game. If kickers are not comfortable in their shoes, the whole game will be disorganized and without direction.

ü Lightweight Quality: 

The surface area of the shoes has to be of a light and soft material that lets the kicker swing at the ball and hit it with zero pressure on the kicking foot. Lightweight kicking shoes also let the kickers on the field be more relaxed when they take their shots.

ü Stylishness: 

Getting fashionable shoes is an excellent investment for kickers because it allows them to play the games while being confident and comfy in their individuality. When they feel good, kickers kick the ball better.

ü Feet Support: 

Shoes have to protect and syndrome support the kicking foot of kickers so that they can take the kicks and punts without worries. It should have the cleats that give their feet the most feet support and grip whenever they play.

ü Flexibility: 

Flexible shoes allow kickers to twist and turn their kicks and punts as they please, without risking injuries or pain from the shots. They should be stretchable shoes that will enable you to kick the ball with more ease and extra fluidity.

ü Durability:

We need to get shoes of premium durable materials to be utilized for a reasonable amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do kickers wear smaller shoes?

Kickers wear smaller shoes on their kicking foot to encourage optimal smooth contact with the football whenever they kick it.

Do kickers wear thigh pads?

The National football league has adopted a rule change for this season, mandating that all players except kickers and punters wear knee and thigh pads in games

The bottom Line

 The kickers wear two different shoes simultaneously because they need to have special shoes on their kicking foot for proper and more effective kicking. Overall, choosing a good-quality soccer cleat is mandatory for every football kicker. The entire performance depends to some extent on the shoes. It is left for the individual to decide what works best for them whenever it comes down to kicking the football and scoring goals.

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