What Does GUA Mean in Shoes hi- Sneakers Terminologies in 2022

Looking at the current trend in footwear, we will never be surprised that sneakers are an everyday trend. The most authentic and casual all-time wear also suits and matches the style; sneakers are known as one of the most accepted and sold footwear types in a current couple of years. I am sure that, like me, many people reading this piece of the blog must be a sneakerhead.

I am also confident that, like me, many people thought being the biggest sneakerhead are finding difficulties in understanding some most common sneaker terminologies like GUA, OG, LX, Colorway, and many more.

Do you guys know what does GUA means in shoes? Being a sneakerhead, have you guys ever thought about what GUA means? This article is all about elaborating some of the most common sneaker terminologies and specifically revealing what GUA means in shoes. So without wasting more time, let us start with our first Sneaker terminology– GUA.

What does GUA mean in shoes?

What Does GUA Mean in Shoes

I shall not be entirely surprised about getting the massive results on most searched sneaker terminology in a couple of days, which gave me a definite conclusion about what GUA means in shoes.

After hitting the search button for a couple of hours, I have found that there have been several million searches on GUA sneaker meaning and what GUA mean? Let us first find out what does GUA means in shoes.

GUA for the shoes to be very precise for sneakers, stands for “Gifted upon Arrival,” and many people use this kind of privilege on various online platforms to complete such transactions because it saves cash. It is quite being judgemental to say so early about weather GUA is safe or not. One problem with GUA shoes that is usually being pointed by Reddit reviewers is that buyers who do not understand the online marketers tend to be scammed mainly by scammers.

So, what customers have answered when they were asked, that instead of getting the requested GUA shoe, they got a box delivered that was filled with foams and water bottles. That is why it is pretty good to know that buying a GUA sneaker and paying for it online as a gift, primarily via PayPal, could be risky. Sometimes, it’s quite much better to get your shoes as gifts from any physical store than from social media platforms and other online selling fake platforms.

So if you intend to buy a new pair of Sneaker as GUA, and you do not want to agonize over it, make sure to buy from any reputable and renowned stores and healthy traffic sites to avoid the scam. If you can spend the extra cash on the seller to offset the amount to pay for later after delivery of the shoes.

Essential Sneaker Terminologies to Know in 2022

What Does GUA Mean in Shoes

As mentioned earlier, we have also included some more basic and useful terminologies related to sneakers in this article. Let us find out more about different sneaker terminologies that will surely help you interpret them while unboxing your new pair of branded sneakers.

OG ALL meaning in sneakers

Have you guys ever experienced and imagined what your reaction would be if you found out that your new pair of sneakers was supposed to come in neat in a box and well packaged and still, it somehow turns out that it came dirty, and the box got torn, and all the other additional stuff inside the box got scattered and missing from the seller?

Well, don’t worry about it; know that OG label on your shipped box means that the sneakers were shipped in a bag, and all the other stuff, including tissue paper, laces, baggies, and shoe trees, are all intact.

Meaning of QS in shoes

In basic sense of QS in shoes, means “Quick Strike,” It is always best associated with most favourite and recommended Nike brand shoes, which are always incredibly available in limited edition and often don’t come with a set release date.

  • HS meaning in Sneakers

Coming to our third basic terminology and after understanding GUA sneaker meaning, let us move forward and understand the importance of HS in sneakers.

HS in sneaker means hyper strike. It can be explained as an exclusive sneaker edition selected and mostly given to friends and family members of artists, celebrities, and employees.

  • DS OG ALL meaning in shoes

Being a sneakerhead, have you guys ever noticed or searched about the meaning of DS OG ALL? Let us make your minor difficulties and confusions with the below-mentioned solutions.

DS as in sneakers means “Dead Stock” while OG in shoes means “original release.” The tag is always mentioned as a pair of original sneakers that have not been worn before for the first time.

  • B meaning in sneaker groups

So, what does B mean in sizing? That’s when B-grade shoes come into place. Elaborating about B meaning in sneaker groups, B in a women’s shoe shows a standard or regular-width shoe, and a B in a men’s shoe indicates a narrow shoe width.

Sometimes, this kind of satisfactory feeling comes from you ordering a pair of shoes online, and it turns out to be one of the best and fits perfectly well to the width of your feet. Because you know that buying any shoe online, although it could be risky, is also a good luck charm to try out.

  • GR meaning in Sneakers

GR in sneakers means, General Release sneakers that are commonly stocked by all retailers and don’t have a limited quantity. This terminology is quite common and I must believe that our readers will be quite familiar with this label.

  • GS meaning in Sneakers

Now, coming to the following seventh terminology, GS in sneakers means “Grade School,” The GS are sneaker models designed to fit a foot smaller than any average male foot. They are explicitly built smaller and narrower and perfectly fit a small foot.

GS as in Sneaker is also referred to as Youth Sizing, and it is used explicitly for referring to the Nike and most lavish brand Air Jordan models.

  • Meaning of VNDS in sneakers

This terminology in sneaker means Very Near Dead Stock, and people mostly use this term when trying to say that although they have already worn the new pair of sneakers before, they are still in good shape.

  • Beaters meaning in sneakers

Every sneakerhead has a Sneaker that you keep wearing until it loses its life. So, in the sneaker world, beaters are specific shoes that have significant wear and tear on them.

The beater sneakers don’t come in their original boxes, and the only beaters that tend to sell off fast are those with a particular legendary model. Since beaters have scratches on them, most people wear them to the gym and on rainy days.

  1. Grails meaning in sneakers

Have you ever had a specific bucket list of new pair of sneakers before? These are minimal and super rare sneakers, e.g., Mars Yard Models. They are costly and complicated to get but coveted mostly by Sneakerheads.

So, for Sneakerheads, grails terminology are like their everyday regular Colorway shoes, but to someone like me, cups are like that pair of sneakers I had when I was a kid that I would love to hold on to.

11.            HTM Nike meaning

HTM represents the first three letters of Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield, and Mark Parker. The former was known as the godfather of Air Jordan designer, the second was the former CEO of the most trusted brand Nike, and the latter was the former president of the most renowned brand Nike.

As per the resources, all three formers collaborated and collectively made HTM, which has become the Formula 1 of any footwear design. It was gradually known to be pioneered down to the consumer level.

12.            What does SB mean in sneakers?

Specifically, SB is a Nike brand explicitly used when referring to skateboarders. It came about that around the year 2004, Nike brand released the Nike Dunk SB collection, aimed towards skateboarders in the specific location of California.

And they do differ from other Nike shoe models in that they were designed specifically for skateboarders. Some of the new features in the sneaker include triple stitching, quality material, Zoom Air insoles, and of course, they were highly padded.

  1. Meaning of PRM in shoes

These sneakers are not usually sought after, but their release has a standardized set date. This sneaker terminology stands for Premium sneakers, and they are produced with the highest quality materials. E.g., LEBRON XII LOW PRM.

  1. What does Yeezy mean in shoes?

The Yeezy Boost line refers to Adidas’ most sought-after collaboration. Kanye West created it in conjunction with the sportswear company Adidas. Because of the highly limited edition Colorway and general release, the Adidas Yeezy shoe is a notable fashion collaboration.

There are several mind-blowing line-ups of these most fashionable and designer Yeezys Adidas Sneakers such as the Yeezy Boost 750, Yeezy Boost 700, Yeezy 950, Yeezy Boost 350, and the first-ever to be made in the United States is the Yeezy Foam Runner. Interestingly, these Yeezy line-ups have gained momentum and popularity amongst celebrities.

  1. LX means in shoes

Every sneakerhead like me indeed loves the whole process of un-boxing sneakers and wouldn’t mind looking at the labelling on the box.

But just for information’s sake, LX is seen mainly on the sneaker’s box label; what it explains is that that particular pair of Sneakers are made from premium fabrics such as suede and leather.

  1. DX means in shoes

Like LX sneaker terminology, this labelling on the sneaker box means that the materials used in the production and manufacturing are from sock liners and higher quality materials.

  1. Meaning of Colorway in shoes

If you are a fashionista or a fashion blogger, you are probably familiar with the term “Colorway.” Well, here, it means so much as the word itself; it usually refers to the series of various colours that make up a sneaker.

One thing that makes the Colorway of any Sneaker shoes different from that of other shoes is that they are as important as the actual pair of shoe models. That is why a Colorway of a famous sneaker is always worth more in the market than one without.

  1. Meaning of NIB or BNIB or NWB in sneakers

Some sneakers never get sold during their trends until they are over. Such pair of sneakers remain in the factory where they are produced, untouched, and still in perfect condition. They are termed New in Box/ Brand New in Box or New with Box. And they remain in the boxes for years but remain as new as ever.


Q.1 What is a Grial in a sneaker?

Speaking of little kicks (and Yeezys), a “grail” is a pair of sneakers that someone wants or wants to buy more than any other pair. People are generally willing to spend well over the retail price, sometimes even over the market value, for their grails.

Q.2 What does OG mean in the sneaker world?

OG stands for Original or Original release. Firstly, OG in sneaker terminology can refer to the original colorways of shoes at its initial release, i.e., Air Jordan 1 “Bred” is an OG. But it can also refer to the first release of a sneaker.

Q.3 What does PF mean in Jordan’s shoes?

Goodrich patented the “Posture Foundation” arch support insole and added the new technology to its shoes. BF. Goodrich shoes with Posture Foundation became known simply as “PF” in 1937.


What Does GUA Mean in Shoes

Concluding about what does GUA means in shoes, we have almost added all the most common and searched sneaker terminologies in the piece of this article. We are sure that these basic terminologies about sneakers will surely help you understand each terminology’s meaning and interpretation while unboxing your next pair of sneakers. We have specifically added more content in the section of what GUA means because it is pretty more often searched and questioned among massive internet traffic.

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