Thursday boots vs blundstone – The main difference between Thursday boots and Blundstone is that they are the re-sole-able feature. 

Although the Blundstone boots are somewhat durable, the Thursday boots are better than the Blundstone boots because of their re-solvable ability.

  • Blundstone has an overall score of 4.2, based on 69 ratings on Knoji.
  • Thursday Boots has an overall score of 4.4, based on 68 ratings on Knoji.

This article will learn about the similarities & differences between Thursday boots and Blundstone. As well as the pros and cons of these shoes. 

It gives you an idea about which shoe is better suited for the workplace or casual wear.

Main differences between the Thursday boots and the Blundstone boots?

thursday boots vs blundstone

The difference in welt construction: this construction process makes the boot tightly fitted and long-lasting and makes it waterproof. It also solves the problem of re-solvability by adding a new component. This component is what is called the welt. A welt is a piece of leather that sits between the upper and outsole.

A well-constructed welts make the footwear more comfortable, reasonable price, and waterproof. Goodyear welt construction is the main difference between heritage boots and disposal footwear. 

The central feature of Thursday boots is welt construction, but it’s not the same for Blundstone they are fondly known for.

The advantages of this process are that 

  • Footwears are durable 
  • It has gained popularity over the years 
  • The addition of welts provides more comfort on the feet than the average comfort 

And the disadvantage:

  • Its time consuming 
  • Capital intensive 

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Blundstone has a shock protection system: This system is not found in Thursday boosts. 

Blundstone is made with protection technology, providing support and protection on foot. 

A key reason to purchase this type of shoes:

  • The protection technology allows the boots to absorb 90% of the energy with a high impact on the feet.
  • Reduces fatigue 
  • People with health problems like back pain or foot injury can ware such boots 
  • It can also be worn as casual boots or even in workplaces.

The difference in the extra footbed:  Blundstone boots always provide comfort and support to your feet. These boots are best fitted for people that require a wide toe box.

Whereas Thursday boots fail to provide comfort and support. And are not best for people with wide toe box, it is considered too many od spaces. 

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Thursday boots majorly come with laces, whereas Blunnies majorly come with lace-less.

 Blundstone is high-ankle with elastic sides, making it easy to slip them on. Thursday boots are made of better quality material, and they use stitches to construct. They are delicate, making it a perfect balance between comfort and durability, and also these boots come at an affordable price. 

Blundstone is a rough and more brutal exterior and uses glue to construct boots. They are comparatively less durable and comfortable on the feet.

Pros and cons of Blundstone boots and Thursday boots?

  An ankle elastic feature that minimizes fatigueMore comfortable and fully lined
A durable shoe that will help you conquer the worldMore versatile
Quality is guaranteedThey do not use high quality material but can be satisfied
With Blunnies, you forget about tying laces all the timeThursday boots majorly comes with laces
Features a stylish and classic look that will last for yearsThe aspect that Thursday Boots does so well is its practical style. They have done a good job of bridging that gap between style and comfort.
Soles have to be replaced after a whileStiff Leather
And it’s difficult to re-solewelt construction is one major feature that is in the Thursday boots
less durable and comfort on the feet.   

Similarities between Blundstone and Thursday boots?

1 – Comfort and Style: this could be answered according to the individual preference, but these shoes provide comfort and are stylishThey both have modest appearances yet are complex.

 Uniquely designed that fits well for all age groups 

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2 – Durability: both types of footwear are durable and can last for decades, worth every penny. But it all depends on the brand and method of manufacture. 


To conclude, these boots have their style and level of comfort like other boots or shoes. But as a consumer, it will be hard to choose the perfect pair of boots.

Hopefully, this article about THURSDAY BOOTS VS BLUNDSTONE helps you decide which boot is perfect for your feet and daily routine. Rea more article like thursday boots vs blundstone! Subscribe Us!

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