(7 Trendy Ideas) Split Dyed Hair : Everything Under 1 Roof

Split dyed hair:- Ready to dye your hairs? But, confused which color to go for!? Not sure whether to go for blue or teal, purple or red?

Then this is for you- Get up and rock the trend of split hair color.

Split dyed hair can be done by choosing two different colors. You can do it at home too, but it is recommended to visit a salon.

Preping up and setting the base should be prioritize and some basic after wash care needs to be maintained.

Getting curious and sounds interesting? Know everything about it as you scroll down-  

What is split hair color?

Split Dyed Hair

Split dyed hair is when you divide your whole hair into two halves equally and dye each one of them in a different color.

The color combination can be of various type ranging from subtle to subtle, to natural colors to bold or even contrasting color combination.

The perfect look for you to be the center of attraction and make people go crazy about your style statement. Choose your colors.

One of the most happening things about split dyed hair is, you can be creative, but you should ensure that both of your colors are look good side by side.

Following the split dyed hair trend makes you fit perfectly for the talk of the town. Let us talk about some of the cool dye ideas.

  1. Complementary Colors like blue and orange or red and green
  2. Warm and Natural like blonde and pink
  3. Black and White
  4. Pastels like baby pink, baby blue, mint green, and lavender

Prep up before you start

It is a key thing that you should be taking care about if you do not want your washroom to look like a rainbow. Keep yourself ready with such few things as you prep up-

  • A towel which is okay with stains
  • Some Vaseline
  • A few pair of gloves
  • Some hair rubber/ties
  • Hairbrush
  • A Dye brush
  • Mirror

Making the exact base

Setting a base is very important. So, if you have a dark hair color then you should go for a lighter base. You can consult with your hair stylist and get your home bleaching kit to get it done.

Be a little careful and gentle with your bleaching kit as it may damage your hair. So, always go for intense conditioning treatments in between your bleaching treatments.

Getting your parting properly done

Mostly everyone splits their hair down the middle as the impact that it gives is very bold.But if you are a side parting person then you should go for a side splitting.

Also, there is a trend of zigzag splitting that gives a more varied look.

Make suer that your hairs are totally tangle free before your start dyeing. Then use the end of your dye brush (you can also use short, toothed comb) to complete the parting.

It doesn’t have to be perfectly perfect, but if you have someone as your helping hand you can ask them to check.

7 Trends that you can set

With the trend evolving every single day the split dyed hair has also come into fashion. You need to have a huge dare to follow the trend and so some of the trends are-

Highly contrasting- Colors like Greenish yellow and greyish black can make a duo.

Split Dyed Hair

Peach and Black

Split Dyed Hair

2 warm tone colors combo

Split Dyed Hair

Color contrasting ombre

Split Dyed Hair

Punk to hairs with Pink and Green

Split Dyed Hair

Tumblr Aesthetics- A combo of pale purple and ocean blue

Split Dyed Hair

Comb of a warm color with a pastel shade- Pinkish purple meets Rose gold

Split Dyed Hair

Basic No and Yes dye tips

Color stays at hairs that are not conditioned well, else the conditioner doesn’t allow the color to stick well to the hair.

So, do not stress about prepping well just make sure that your hairs are totally tangle free and you got the right parting as you want them with the colors.

You can use hair ties, clips, and grips to avoid getting your hairs mixed up overdoing your partition.

Try to apply some Vaseline to your hairlines and ears before you start dyeing. This helps you to get off with your extra dye effortlessly.

Prefer using a tint brush to do the desired sides. Wear gloves and use your hands to dye your hairs if you are not sure about using hairbrush.

Using your hands to dye your hands can cover it wholly. It also completes the dyeing process leaving it less patchy.

Prefer changing your gloves once your one side of the hair dyeing is done to avoid mixing up the colors.You can also wash them if you want and feels okay.

Repeat the same process on the other side of your hair, clip up and rest it until it is dry, or the color has taken.

A pro tip as you wait for the colors to take- You can clean up your bathroom. Then wash your hair after 30 mins.

Do not panic as the color’s bleeds into one another as by now both the colors have taken so, it won’t gets mixed up.

It better to use cold water as you wash off your hairs.

Go for a conditioner or a hair mask after you have washed your hairs completely. That makes your hair super soft and helps it to detangle well. Also, it doesn’t allow your hair to get dry. 

Wanna dye at home?

Split Dyed Hair

It is recommended to get your split dyed hair done in a professional salon. But if you still want to get it done at home make sure that you are confident enough about the process.

You should ensure that you know the process well and you are confident about doing it yourself.

Look up for you do not make the area messy where you dye your hairs and do proper partitioning of your hairs before your start dyeing.

Be very careful while bleaching your hairs and make sure that you are not very rough on your hairs.

Properly detangle your hair and make sure that your hairs are not overly moisturized as the colors would not stick properly then.

Take care about changing or washing your gloves properly as you may mix up both the colors and give result to the third color.

Take care about the water that you are using to wash your hairs as it should be cool or else the color would come off no sooner you apply hot shower.

Keep your forehead, neck, earlobes and all the surrounding areas properly lubricated so as the dye should not gets stick to the skin.

Some Challenges that you might face

Want to get your hair dye done within minutes and extra effort can be put? Then surely its not for you.

Split dyed hair takes twice the dye and twice the time to give the complete look.

You need to be patient as the whole job is done and mind that your hairs will be tricolored as new roots starts to grow.

Keep your work and home environment in your mind. If you belong from a conservative family or does work in a conservative environment, then your dye can be made fun of.

Keep a check about your upcoming job interview (if any) or any family gathering that would restrict you from having this split hair color look.

Some after care tips for happy hairs and you

Split Dyed Hair

Once you are happy with the split dyed hair results that your hair would be giving out, do ensure to use a shampoo and a conditioner that helps to lock the colors.

Try to avoid hot shower and prefer for a cool one as more the water is hot, the more the colors would run out while washing.

Do not worry you don’t need to take an ice shower, just make sure that the water is warm, and your hairs are well conditioned.

Some of the after-care tips that you can follow to maintain your hair dye last longer.

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How do you wash Split dyed hair?

  • Washing hairs carefully-Avoid pilling up your hair on the top as you wash and let the water run from the root to the tip without bunching them together.
  • Wash some areas differently- Prevent washing your hair altogether. Try to clip one side of your hair while you wash the other side to prevent color rinsing and getting discolored.
  • Use cold water to wash- The colder the better. As cold water locks the hair cuticles so it is recommended to use as less dye escapes.
  • Use conditioner-This seals the hair color and avoids running off while washing.

Can you dye hair if it’s already dyed?

Yes, you can dye your hair over your already dyed hair. But there is a choice, you can only go for a dark color dye. As you cannot lighten the shade of your hair color you can go for a darker shade.

If your hair is dyed with a dark shade like red, violet, indigo, or any darker shade of copper, ensure to remove the color as much as possible. Make sure to remove the color with a color removal.

Once, this process is done you can go for a darker shade or if you wish to get a lighter shade done, prefer choosing a 5 vol developer. 

Is stripping your hair color damaging?

Using hair color strippers is damaging but applying them to your hair is less damaging than applying bleach or ammonia based products.

When you overuse the color stripping products, you tend to leave your hairs drier, porous and more prone to breakage. This happens so because the hair color extractors forms a raised cuticle layer and henceforth you might face fading your hair color faster after stripping your hair.

How to Color Your Hair at Home Like a Pro


You can follow the split dyed hair trend to stand out of the que and make a bold fashion statement. 

Dyeing your hairs with two different colors by making a symmetrical middle or side partition of your choice.

Make sure you have the basic essentialities like towel, hairbrush, gloves, etc. before you start dyeing your hair.

The base needs to be perfectly done before applying the color. So, make sure your hair bleaching is done properly.

Follow the do’s and don’ts while your split hair is being done.

You can use some of the following trends to ease your confusion about choosing your colors.

If you prefer dyeing your hair at home, make sure that you have done dyeing before and you are confident about it.

Some challenges that you might face as you make yourself the talk of the town, so carefully choose your timings to dye.

Follow the basic after care tips like choosing best shampoo and conditioner that locks hair color and keep your hair moisturized. Avoid hot shower and instead use cool water to wash your hairs.

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