Top 5 Best Shoes For Lymphedema In 2022 – Detailed Review

A Perfect Pair of best shoes for lymphedema can be so helpful, but finding one is a daunting task. But we have made it easy for you! Cheers!!

In this article, We’ll be showing top 5 lymphedema shoes with a detailed information and guide. You’ll find all the important aspects that an edema shoes must contain like breathability, softness, cushioning, and other factors.

Top 3 Best Shoes For Lymphedema

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What Is Lymphedema?

Best Shoes for Lymphedema

Lymphedema occurs when lymphatic fluids start to build up in the limbs. It starts with arms and legs for missing, damaged, weak or removed lymph nodes or lymph vessels. This condition is more common on older people, especially the ones having conditions like arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, peroneal tendonitis, obesity or heavy weight issue.

Causes of Lymphedema

The common causes of lymphedema are because of the damage caused to the lymph nodes or having lymphadenectomy (lymph node removal surgery). For making the immune system work properly, the lymph drainage needs to occur properly.

To make this happen one needs to involve the process of filtration of fluids through the lymph nodes for trapping the bacteria, virus and all harmful substances- all these are destroyed by lymphocytes (Special White blood cells).

When the fluid accommodation becomes huge it gets accumulated and hence affects the limbs and then lymphedema might develop.

Lymphedema might not shoe symptoms first but you should consult to a doctor for testing the condition using MRI scans, CT scans, or ultrasounds. Radionuclide’s injections can also be given for image scans and look for blockages in your lymph nodes.

Some helpful tips for people dealing with Lymphedema

  1. Try them before buying- If you are buying them online, them sure you try them and walk for some distance to ensure that your comfort and fit are proper. Or if you are buying online don’t hesitate to return and go for your right size.
  2. Moisture- Make sure that you go for the material that are made of breathable materials and absorbs moisture efficiently.
  3. Keep an alternative- Make sure to keep an alternate pair of shoes to wear for emergency, if you run out of shoe, or if it is running out of fit or size.
  4. Adjustable enough- The shoe should primarily have the feature of adjustment. The shoes are for people having lymphedema. So, swollen feet people should have the advantage of not keeping their packed.

Top rated 5 Best Shoes for Lymphedema

Women’s Extra wide orthopedic Sandals

Best Shoes for Lymphedema


DimensionTo be updated
WeightTo be updated
BrandSecret Slippers

The shoe is made of rubber sole that enhances the durability of the shoe. Also, the rubber sole protects the shoe from easily worn or tear. The sole provides great grip that provides the basic protection.

The shoes are extremely comfortable. The interior lining of the shoe has got great softness and that reduces the chances of bruises and shoe bite on shoes for swollen feet. There is foam padding on the inside to reduce the pressure.    

The shoes can be worn indoor and outdoor both and can be worn for work too. The shoes provide great comfort to the swollen feet and helps in treating foot conditions like lymphedema, diabetes, and arteritis.

The shoe has heel to toe padding that provides long lasting cushioning and great shock absorption. The midsole of the shoe is soft and responsive that bounces back the energy to the wearer while walking.

Closure Strap

The shoe has strap closure that provides adjustability to the wearer helping them to adjust as per their fit. The closure has got Velcro straps that does not dig inside the feet. The adjustments are provided keeping in mind the degree of swelling. The diabetic Velcro is best for everyone with swollen foot.    


The shoe soles are perfect for walking with swollen foot. The soles are sturdy and has good grip providing extreme safety and security that can be dealt in any situation. The slippers have got extra wide feature that provides good wrapping for your feet.  

Toe box

The toe box of the shoe is very wide providing extreme comfort and breathability to the wearer.  Also, the wearer gets to have soft and non-binding extra deep design that reduces the extra pressure on the toes.


The shoes are available in sizing ranging from 5-10. And is fit for all feet sizes and types. It is also an option for wide feet people too. Some prefer going for a size smaller but it is better to go for a size up for comfortable fit.

Specific features

  • The density foam insole makes the shoe flexible
  • The sole design has got maximum traction
  • Materials are of high-quality and breathable too  


  • Machine and hand washable both
  • Ultra-light in weight
  • Soft and warm both
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Slip resistant


  • Unpleasant odour

Note – Do you know that muck boots alternatives is available out there!

Women’s Extra Wide Diabetic edema shoes

Best Shoes for Lymphedema


DimensionTo be updated
WeightTo be updated
BrandSecret Slippers

The sole of the shoe is made of Rubber material that makes the shoe durable enough to wear it for long time. Also, the shoe gets enhanced grip that makes it perfect to wear on slippery and plain surfaces.

The shoe has Velcro closures that promotes easy put on and off. The forefoot gets huge advantage of adjustability. The Velcro straps allows the wearer to wear the shoes as per their fit and not force the feet to fit inside the shoe.

The shoes are extremely comfortable providing instant relief to the pain. The feet gests surrounded by soft and super comfortable foam. The shoes are also a great fit for wide feet people.

The shoes are meant for people with swollen feet and severe foot conditions like lymphedema, edema, ulcer, sensitive skin, and help feet to recover from pain. It is also great to recover from foot pain.  

The shoes are best to wear for indoor, outdoor both. Speaking of the fit the shoe come with adjustable fit and also comes with shoe sizes from 5 to 8. The shoe can fit to standard, slim, wide or extra feet.

The shoe is made of great quality materials that only improves the shoe durable but also makes it ready to wear in every environment. The materials don’t only improve the build quality but also makes the shoe soft and warm.

Toe Box

The shoe has got a roomy toe box that provides enough room for the wearer to wiggle their feet inside the shoe. Also, the shoe does not make the wearer’s feet feel exhausted or tied up. The provide instant relief from the pain.


The shoe has a soft lining that has soft foam and non-binding upper providing extra depth to the wearer. Because of the wide toe box, the shoe eliminates extra pressure on the toe. The interior lining of the shoe has got soft padding that protects the wearer’s feet from abrasion or shoe bite from the shoe.

Shock Absorption

The shoe has great shock absorption and provides heel to toe padding that is great for long lasting cushioning and shock absorption. The midsole does its work greatly and is extremely responsive that bounces back the energy to the wearer’s feet.


The sole of the shoe is extremely sturdy and that provides great grip to the wearer. This protects the wearer from fall and minor accidents. Also, the sole grip is best for indoor and outdoor both.

Specific Features

  • The shoe is easy to wash with hands and machine both
  • Fully open and closed for good adjust
  • The anti-slip design provides protection against accidents


  • Adjustable Vamp
  • Anti-slip design
  • Great grip
  • Long lasting cushioning
  • Good shock absorption


  • Sizing Issue

Git-Up Women lymphedema shoes

Best Shoes for Lymphedema


DimensionTo be updated
WeightTo be updated

This shoes for lymphedema is made of rubber sole material that enhances the durability of the shoe. The rubber sole makes the shoe ready to wear for all seasons and also makes it wearable with immense comfort.

The heel of the shoe is about 2 centimetres that provides the wearer some height and also protects the wearers feet from getting injured or protecting the wearers feet from getting pain from standing for a long time.

The upper of the shoe is made of soft knitted material. That provides extra softness to the wearers feet and makes them wear for long time. Also, they are available with various colour coordinated upper material.

The shoe is made with sweat proofing technology. So, this absorbs the moisture of the feet and keeps them sweat proof. Also, there are no bad odour from the shoe after wearing for prolonged hours.

The slippers are easy to clean. They can be washed both with hands and machine too. Place them in the sun and let them dry naturally under sun. The shoe comes with a soft faux lining that provides a soft and a comfortable feel.


The shoe has a hook and loop design that makes the shoe easy to adjust and wear them as per their fit. This feature helps the wearer to get their perfect fit as per their feet width and their feet condition. This is great for wearers having arthritis and swollen feet.


The shoe comes with cushioned memory that helps the shoe to mould into the feet shape. This helps the wearer to have a comfortable feel and not have fit issue. This helps the wearer to retain their foot shape. This helps to have a healthy posture and maintain the foot shape. This relieves the foot pain and provides a healthy posture.


This lymphedema shoes is slip-resistant and provides safety to the wearer. The rubber sole is extremely durable and has anti-skid texture at the bottom that makes the shoe to wear it perfectly indoor and outdoor both.

Specific Features

  • The memory foam cushion adds extra support and comfort to the wearer
  • The Velcro closure makes the shoe convenient for the wearer to put on and off
  • The bottom provides good grip from slip or slide


  • Comfortable
  • Non-sweaty
  • Snug fit
  • Durable
  • Easy to put on and off


  • Fit issue

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Zizor Men’s Adjustable Slipper

Best Shoes for Lymphedema


DimensionTo be updated
WeightTo be updated

The shoe’s sole is made up of rubber material. It is highly durable and makes the shoe perfect to use in every situation. The sole is extremely sturdy and makes it the best to use for foot conditions like lymphedema.

The straps are adjustable and provides enhanced security. The straps can be adjusted as per the fit of the wearer. If the wearer feels pain and want to adjust them, they can with secured fit.

The shoe comes with easy touch hook and loop. This helps the wearer to get a secure fit that helps in easy and adjustable fit. The fit extremely secure and does not give a loose fit to the wearer.

The shoe has fleece lining that protects the wearer’s feet from shoe bite or abrasion. The shoe provides a soft protective layer for the wearer. This helps the wearer to get a comfortable feel with swollen feet.

The shoe has got cushy memory foam insole that adds up a layer to the shoe. The midsole protects the wearer from shock. Because of the midsole’s responsive nature, the shoe bounces back the energy to the wearer’s feet.

The shoe has got various layers of midsole that makes the shoe extremely responsive and soft. Also, the shoe has got warmth that protects the wearers feet from getting cold and keeps them warm.

The sole has got tire- like rubber that protects the wearers feet from skid and provides great anti-skid experience. The sole also helps the wearers reduce the risk of fall and slip especially for elderly people. Hence, making it fit to wear for and outdoor both.

The sizing of the shoe needs to be chosen wisely. The shoe runs small than the usual size. So, when you buy them ensure to choose one size larger than your usual size. Also, if the shoe is one size bigger than it will perfectly fit to the swollen or wide feet.          


This shoes for lymphedema have got closed back design. The back design supports the wearer and provides them the snug fit and enhances the comfort. This design of the shoe makes them the perfect wear for diabetes patients.


This shoes for lymphedema is highly comfortable and has comfy suede upper material. The material is extremely soft and does not give an uncomfortable feel while walking or climbing stairs. This makes the shoes an ideal one for lymphedema.


The upper of the shoe is made of comfortable suede material. The material provides a comfortable experience while walking. The upper material makes the shoe look shiny and perfect to wear for both indoor and outdoor.

Specific Features

  • A great shoe for warm and wearing in winters  
  • The upper material is extremely breathable that prevents formation of sweat
  • The Velcro closure keeps the feet warm


  • Fur lining
  • Vegan-friendly material
  • Breathable material
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Snug fit
  • Easy to clean  


  • Size runs small
  • Requires break in period

Propet Men’s Cush N Foot Slipper

Best Shoes for Lymphedema


Dimension12.5 X 8.3 X 5.1 inch
Weight12.96 Ounces
Size7-16-XX Wide

The shoe is 100% man made. Hence, the stiches are done with hands and there are very less chances of the shoe tear and wear. The shoe has extreme level of toughness and because of man made feature the shoe is tough enough.

The sole of the shoe is made of synthetic material that enhances the durability of the shoe. Also, the sole of the shoe provides the basic safety against fall and slip because of the synthetic material.

The arch height of the shoe is approximately low-top. The shoe has got shaft height that is low-top. It helps the wearer to protect their feet from the twists and fall. The basic safety to the wearer is provided through the shoe.

The heel of the shoe and its height is an important factor. So, the heel height of the shoe is 1.25” and hence it provides some height to the wearer along with some protection to the wearer against shock and bang.


The cushioning of the shoe is extremely soft and provides enhanced softness. The cushioning of the shoe makes wearer cut off extra pressure from the feet and toe. The shoe provides improvised softness.


The shoe provides adequate support whenever required. So, it comes with stretchy openings that do not put pressure on swollen feet and is also great for wide feet people. The stretchable upper provides comfort and support.

Diabetic Shoe

The shoe is perfect for diabetic patients as they posses all the qualities that diabetic patient or lymphedema patients look for. The shoes do not put extra weight on the wearers feet and is also the one dealing with swollen feet.

Specific Features

  • The shoe has removable insoles
  • Velcro provides easy pull on and off
  • The toe area is round


  • Instant relief from pain
  • Velcro closure saves time
  • Adjustable
  • The toe area is roomy
  • Wide toe area


  • Fit issue

Note – There various shoe protector available in the market? Are they worth buying?

Exercises For Lymphedema

Lifestyle Changes recommended for Lymphedema 2022

Many doctors have recently recommended lifestyle changes for lymphedema patients to ease the symptoms of lymphedema, a chronic condition. These lifestyle changes can help reduce your risk of infection and fluid buildup and prevent symptoms from worsening. In this article about the best shoes for lymphedema 2022, we have provided our readers with some additional information regarding some of the most straightforward and day-to-day lifestyle changes.

Avoid any Skin Infection.

Proper skin care and hygiene are essential for lymphedema because any skin infection can worsen lymphedema symptoms. Any doctor would recommend applying an antiseptic lotion, which kills bacteria, on minor cuts to avoid infection. They may also advise moisturizing your skin at least once daily, especially on the affected limb. A lotion with a low pH level can reduce bacteria and soothe dry, cracked skin.

Additional recommendations may include wearing gloves when doing routine chores like gardening, cooking, and any housework. If any of the patients have lymphedema in a leg or foot, they should never walk barefoot, especially in outdoor areas. 

Special care should be taken when a patient needs blood drawn or the blood pressure measured, make sure the healthcare professionals know to avoid using the affected limb.

Do you guys even know that using an electric razor or manual razor when shaving underarms or legs reduces the risk of cuts and infection in the area of swelling? When sewing, one should use a thimble and be careful not to cut cuticles during manicures; gently push them back instead. Because the high temperatures can promote swelling in your limbs, avoid hot baths, saunas, and steam rooms.

Avoid tight-fitting apparel and Shoes.

Any doctor will also recommend not choosing or wearing anything that feels too restrictive and tight unless prescribed. The close-fitting garments include tight shoes and lower ones as they can worsen symptoms by constricting your arm or leg. 

It is also essential and takes a subtle note about not wearing jewelry that restricts your wrists or fingers. Women should take special care of their innerwear that it should be supportive but not tight, and one should use the unaffected arm to carry your handbag.

Special note-taking about choosing the perfect fitting and best shoes for lymphedema, as tight or loose-fitting choices may worsen the symptoms and cause discomfort.

Weight maintenance

Obesity, defined as a significant disease characterized as having a body mass index of 30 or greater, can worsen the swelling and other symptoms associated with lymphedema, particularly in the legs. Excess weight in any body region can put pressure on lymph nodes in the groin, contributing to a backup of fluid.

Obesity which is quite common these days, can also increase the risk of cellulitis, any skin infection that occurs when bacteria and virus spread to deep skin tissues, causing flu-like symptoms—fever, chills, and muscle aches—requiring antibiotics. When such infections and pains are left untreated, they can progress to a dangerous condition that affects the entire body.

Reduction in salt intake

Salt or sodium reaches food causes the body to retain fluid, and consuming too much can worsen lymphedema symptoms. This excess salt intake can affect the healing and cause more discomfort.

Elevation of affected limbs

Raising or elevation of the affected limbs can help reduce swelling. Any doctor will also recommend that one take proper rest the affected arm on a pillow above the heart level or elevate your legs when you sleep. 

If you are sitting on a lounge or couch, make sure you adjust your affected leg so that the position keeps good circulation in the area of swelling. One should avoid crossing the legs and change the sitting position every 20 to 30 minutes.

  1. What shoes are suitable for swollen ankles?

    Ans:- We would always recommend shopping for leather wide-fit shoes. Leather is breathable, durable, flexible, and soft. When the weather heats up and your feet swell more than usual, leather shoes and boots will rub your swollen feet much less than synthetic materials.

  2. Does lymphedema affect toes?

    Ans:- Primary lymphoedema of the foot with toe swelling and increased creasing of the toes, especially the second toe. Figure 5b – Mild primary lymphoedema of the foot / lower leg.

  3. Do you elevate for lymphedema?

    Ans:- Raising and elevating the affected limbs can help reduce swelling and discomfort. Any doctor may also recommend that you rest the affected arm on a pillow above the heart level or elevate the affected legs when you lie down.

Final Words

Best Shoes for Lymphedema

Lymphedema is a foot condition that occurs because of medical issues in lymph nodes. Treating them with doctor consultation is a must. Above article discusses about the best shoes for lymphedema. The shoes have all the important aspects like breathability, softness, cushioning, and other factors. Let us know how much these shoes helped you.        

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