[5 Expert’s Tip] How to make shoes slippery for Dancing

Wondering how to make shoes slippery for Dancing? Shoes having slippery soles proves to be the best one for dancing. This helps you to glide effortlessly and you do not have to force yourself to cut through the friction.

If you are facing trouble while dancing with your current shoes then these are some of the ways that can help you to make your shoes slippery for dancing.

Let us check for ways about how to make shoes slippery for dancing

How To Make Shoes Slippery For Dancing

Rubbing Sandpaper

The sandpaper method is the mostly used method and is known to be the most effective one.

The principle behind using this method is to reduce the friction between the floor and the feet. This method works the best on hard sole and specially the new one.

Follow these steps for most effective results-

  • Step 1-The shoe needs to be cleaned with a damp towel making sure that there is no dirt, sand, and other particles stuck in the sole.
  • Step 2-Scrub the sole gently with sandpaper and do it continuously as it leaves air spacein the sole.
  • Step 3- Then step onto a sandy terrain wearing the shoes. This needs to be done thoroughly. If you do not find a sandy terrain, try going for a rough surface where you can rub your shoes against.

At the end you will find that your shoes will have less friction but would slide better on the dance floor.

Using Olive Oil

The olive oil method is very simple is very effective for rubber shoes also. To follow this method, one needs few-

You need to follow these steps to get best results-

  • Step 1-Clean the shoes to make sure that there are no stones or debris stuck in the sole of the shoe.
  • Step 2-Rub the sandpaper on the sole firmly in small concentric circle pattern. This needs to be done carefully as you will be making a pattern on the sole.
  • Step 3- After the creation of circles are done using the sandpaper, put a small amount of olive oil for cleaning the shaving dusts from the shoe.
  • Step 4- Now it’s time for the final move. Use a clean paper towel to make the air spaces of the sole clean. Now, rub olive oil properly to reach into the air spaces of circles made.

This will help the shoes to make slippery and helps to dance better.

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Stick-on Suede Soles

This is a very easy and go to method. You need to buy a stick-on suede from any supply store or you can get it from your local cobbler shop.

The Stick-onSuede sole is also popularly known as low-friction sole and it can be ordered online too.

It would be of your great help if the sole comes cut into the size. If it comes in bigger size then you need to cut it according to the size.

Now, clean off all the dirt and stick the sole to your readymade soles.And you have your shoes ready for dancing.

Using a Moleskin

This method is similar to what has been discussed above.If you not in favor of using a stick-on suede sole, buying a moleskin from a pharmacy store would be a great alternative.

Using a moleskin is great for use and would reduce the friction and helps you to keep your shoes slippery for dancing.

Putting a Gaffer Tape

The gaffer tape is an adhesive made out of heavy cotton cloth. The purpose of this cloth is huge but it is also used for making shoes slippery for dancing and thankfully it is one of the best uses for a dancer.

This is a tape roller and you need to stick the tape onto the sole of your shoe covering the whole sole surface.

Do not use excess of it and remember to cut off the additional one (if used).


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