How to get Yellow Strains Out of White Shoes – 5 Easy Techniques

I think we all can unanimously agree and say that we do not have peace until we remove the yellow from white shoes. If you are a person like me, who loves to wear white shoes everywhere because of the obsession with them, or if you are just someone who has not used their shoes in a while that has turned yellow, then here are a few essential tips and tricks that will run you through how to remove yellow stains out of white shoes.

This article will make the point clear about how to get yellow stains out of white shoes. We have also included brief information about getting bleach out of shoes and washing your favorite white shoes in a dryer.Enter your text here…

How To Get Yellow Out Of White Shoes?

How to get yellow out of white shoes

Coming to a basic answer for getting yellow stains out of white shoes, we are here with five best and easy methods for our readers to get yellow out of white shoes. Other methods can be used to remove yellow from white shoes. As there can be different reasons for your white shoes turning yellow, we have majorly focused on the most common causes. 

Did you clean your white sneakers with a bleaching agent, and instead of restoring their fresh exterior, they turned yellow? So now your central question is bound to be how to turn yellow shoes white again, or are their days over? Before you toss your favorite white shoes in the garbage, there are a few tricks you can try to remove the stains. Today, here we will answer the most common question about how to get yellow stains out of white shoes elaborating five basic and most easy techniques.


The first method needs explicit materials like soap, mild detergent, or shampoo readily available at home. This method is relatively easy as you are sure to find one or the other at your home. 

The steps in this method are:

  • Mix the soap or detergent powder of the 1/4th cup in two cups of warm water
  • Use the above solution as the principal cleaning agent
  • Take a piece of cloth and dip it in the cleaning solution
  • With the piece of cloth, scrub on the white shoes to remove yellow stains repeatedly and gently until the yellow tinge in the shoes are gone
  • Once the procedure is over, wash the shoes and keep them in a warm place to dry.


 The second method needs a magic eraser. This method is perfect for removing the yellowing stains on the fabric, such as cloth, and even on shoes made of leather material, and removes yellow stains out of white shoes, soles made of rubber, and plastic. It would be best to buy an eraser such as Mr. Clean’s magic eraser for this method.

This is known as one of the most effective methods because the magic erasers are made of something called melamine foam. When this melamine foam is rubbed with water, it becomes foam—the microstructures in the foam act as a kind of sandpaper that removes stains well.

The steps one needs to follow in this method to get yellow stains from shoes are:

  • Get your yellow shoes
  • Wet with the help of a magic eraser with warm water or some soap
  • Rub the yellow stained parts on the exterior surface of white shoes with the eraser till you can see the white in your shoe again clearly.


One can either use bleach or hydrogen peroxide in the third method. A bleaching agent can be used to clean the yellowish tinge in the shoes very quickly, but using a bleaching agent directly can cause more harm to the shoe than cleaning it; the bleach should be appropriately mixed with five parts water before using. On the other hand, hydrogen peroxide acts as a brightening and cleaning agent; being non-toxic, it is safe to use and apply. 

To remove yellow from white shoes, you need to:

You can either make a semi-solid paste of hydrogen peroxide with water or use bleach that is mixed in waterThen, use some amount of toothbrush or cloth to rub the bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the yellow shoeSince bleach is a potent cleaning agent, one should use gloves and even wear a maskRub over the yellow stained area and repeat so until the white shoe.


The cleaning agent that is used in this method does not require extra effort. One can make the yellow shoes completely white by using lemon juice at home. Lemon, being highly citric, acts as a type of bleach. It also acts as a disinfectant that will remove any kinds of bacteria on the shoe that might have been there because of prolonged usage. This helps avoid various infections. 

All one needs to do in this method to get yellow stains out of white shoes is-Squeeze some amount of lemon juice into a bowl and add a little water to itTake a piece of cloth or a sponge and dip it in the lemon juiceScrub the yellowish areas on the white shoes using the cloth or spongeOnce the shoe is turned white, make sure to clean it with water to remove any lemon juice left on the external surface of the shoe.


This method is said to be perfect if you are in too much of a hurry to use the above methods. Although toothpaste is not an excellent agent in cleaning, it is very effective as a covering agent. If one has to leave home in less than five minutes and is badly confused about how to remove yellow stains from white shoes, then this method is perfect for you.

What you have to do is –

  • Take an old toothbrush and apply some toothpaste over it
  • Rub the toothpaste wherever the shoe is stained yellow till it is covered and the toothpaste makes it look white
  • Once it is white, you are suitable to wear them.

 How to get bleach out of shoes?

Have you ever noticed that the bleaching agent has caused some harm and discoloration to your white shoes? Has your most favorite pair of white shoes turned yellow because of the bleaching agent? Do not worry, and the solution is here.

We’ve found you easy and moderately successful methods of removing yellowing bleach stains from your shoes. However, remember that it might not be possible to eradicate the blemishes—it depends on your shoe and the damage.


Material required-

  • ·       One cup of hot water 
  • ·       Old toothbrush.
  • ·       One tablespoon of salt.
  • ·       Cereal/soup-size bowl.

Here are the steps:

  1. Begin by filling a heat-safe bowl with one cup of hot water. The water should be boiling, but not boiling.
  2. Mix in one tablespoon of salt. Let it dissolve appropriately in the water by slightly stirring it.
  3. Then dip the toothbrush in the solution and proceed to scrub the yellow stains on your shoes. Re-saturate the bristles as needed. Work in circular motions with gentle pressure.
  4. When the stains begin to fade, stop scrubbing the solution and let the material air dry for approximately 20 to 25 minutes or until it’s dry to the touch.
  5. Re-saturate the brush and continue scrubbing for several more minutes until the stains don’t lighten any further. Then stop washing and leave the shoes to dry.


Material required-

  • Deep, clean sink.
  • Five tablespoons of laundry detergent.
  • Old toothbrush.
  • Washing machine.
  • 5 cups of white vinegar.
  • Pillowcase (optional).

Here are the how to-

  1. Start by removing the shoelaces of the shoes. Then head over to the sink and quickly clean it by wiping down the sides.
  2. Fill your sink with lukewarm water—to approximately one-third of the way.
  3. Add in 0.5 tablespoons of laundry detergent. Please give it a quick stir to ensure it’s well combined.
  4. Place both shoes in the sink and let them soak for a minute or so.
  5. Take the old toothbrush, wet the bristles, and proceed to scrub the yellowing stains. Work in vigorous vertical or horizontal motions until the yellow begins to fade. Repeat the same process with the other shoe. While working with one shoe, leave the other to soak in the solution.
  6. When the blemishes have faded, transfer the shoes to the washing machine. Please set it to a warm, low agitation cycle.
  7. Let the washer fill with water, and then add 0.5 cups of white vinegar.
  8. After the wash, take the shoes out to dry. Place your pair of shoes on a towel in a ventilated room, and you are finished.


Shoelaces tend to get tangled in the washer, so removing them before will prevent this. If they’re dirty, place them in a pillowcase and put them in the machine with the shoes.

If you don’t have a deep sink available, you can easily use a large bucket or basin.Avoid rinsing the shoes before placing them in the washing machine. The laundry detergent will only help the vinegar.Washing your footwear with white vinegar is also a fantastic solution to combat foul odors.


Material required-

  • ·       Large bucket or basin.
  • ·       Four cups of hot water.
  • ·       5 cups cream of tartar.

Here are the steps:

  1. Start by filling a bucket or basin with hot water. The water must be boiling, but not boiling.
  2. Mix in the 0.5 cups of cream of tartar—use a spoon to combine it.
  3. Grab your bleach-stained sneakers and place them in the water. Let them soak for roughly 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the damage. Ensure that they’re completely submerged, and check on them after 30 minutes.
  4. When the stains have faded or disappeared, rinse your shoes under cold running water. Leave them to air dry before wearing.


  • Don’t skip the cold-water rinse. A cream of tartar is an acid, which can cause damage to your shoes if left.



How to remove yellow stains from white shoes? You can use several methods for restoring the white canvas or sneaker on your shoes. We have specifically elaborated five easy ways to remove yellow stains out of white shoes, in which all the ingredients can be readily available at home.

Bleaching agents contain a yellow dye that transfers onto the surface if you don’t dilute it enough. Other causes of the yellowing of white shoes may also include a chemical reaction between leftover soap and sunlight, so do always remember to rinse the shoes thoroughly after cleaning them.


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