How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair: Expert’s Ultimate Advice !!

Hey, do you know How long to leave purple shampoo on dry hair? 

Purple shampoo is usually recommended to properly maintain your lightened bleached hair since it cancels out yellow tones.

The struggle with the yellow tones and the brassiness is irritating that appears after dyeing the hair.

The best way is to use purple shampoo.

Now some question arrives. How long to leave purple shampoo on dry hair?

Leaving purple shampoo in hair for an hour – Is sufficient?

Stop !!

Here’s an Expert’s Guide for every issue related to Purple Shampoo.

Let us know everything about purple shampoo!!

What Is Purple Shampoo?

How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair

The purple shampoo helps amazingly remove the brassiness and yellow color tones that arrive after a few washes of dyed hair.

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In other words, purple shampoo is manufactured explicitly to targeted people with blond hair. It is the best way to improve the brassiness or to remove the unwanted yellowness of the hair.

How Does Purple Shampoo Works?

Purple Shampoo contains small purple pigments, which cancels out the hair’s yellowish-ness when applied to Lil yellow brassy hair. And brings hair to the usual cold blond undertone.

Take a look at this picture.

The yellow color is directly opposite to purple, which means they cancel out each other. Scroll down for How long to leave purple shampoo on dry hair.

Who Should Use Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is for those who have light-colored hair, whether it is natural or highlighted or achieved in the salon.

Purple Shampoo will cancel out your light-colored hair’s yellowish shade and bring a bright and beautiful look. Scroll down forHow long to leave purple shampoo on dry hair.

Light-colored hair refers to these colors.

  • 1. Platinum
  • 2. Blonde
  • 3. Light brown
  • 4. Silver
  • 5. Gray
  • 6. White
  • 7. Ash-blonde
  • 8. Pastel 

Purple shampoo only works on light shaded hair. Suppose, if you’re brunette, then this shampoo is useless for you. Purple shampoo won’t affect dark hair. Scroll down forHow long to leave purple shampoo on dry hair.

My Hair Color Becomes Purple If Purple Shampoo Left Too Long On Hair?

Not at one go. The purple shampoo leaves deposits that help to counteract brassy tones. Purple is the opposite of yellow color on the color chart, and so it merely neutralizes color. 

Depending on your hair color, the frequency of use, and time left on hair, it will work at different rates. However, you can easily “wash out” blonde and go silver, and then from there, gain an ordinary purple tint.

However, every shampoo left on for too long won’t be better for your hair, so follow the manufacturer’s directions. Scroll down forHow long to leave purple shampoo on dry hair.

Now see, if it says to leave it on for 2 minutes and you did 5 minutes, that is not a big deal, but I would never suggest you leave the shampoo on for half an hour, or worse, overnight. The same goes for the purple conditioner. More is not better for hair.

Can I Use Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair?

How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair

One word answer is Yes, putting it on blonde hair to remove brassiness works exactly like putting it on wet hair.

However, some people claim that applying purple shampoo on dry hair works far better than applying it on wet hair. Scroll down forHow long to leave purple shampoo on dry hair.

Using purple shampoo on dry hair makes it drier, So a purple conditioner would be recommended after shampoo. Or using a purple hair mask would be even much better. Scroll down forHow long to leave purple shampoo on dry hair.

How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair?

Leaving the shampoo for up to 10-15 minutes on brassy or color-treated hair is considered as Ideal. 

If your hair is significantly lightened colored or you have recently dyed your hair blonde, then leave the shampoo in for 5 to 15 minutes. Your hair may need extra time to absorb it fully.

Purple shampoo neutralizes warm tones in blonde/light hair by depositing cool, violet pigment.

Purple shampoo can be used as a regular shampoo(Not recommended), or as an intense treatment by applying it generously to dry hair. It would not damage or affect your brunette hair, but it can leave a pure lilac tint on light hair if left on too long.

Best Purple Shampoos

How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair

1. Budget-Friendly – Clairol’s Shimmer Lights

How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair

Keeps blondes bright. Takes away all the yellowing/brassy color that happens over time again and again, especially for dyed blonde hair.

If you can’t afford to go to the salon consistently, this is an excellent way to keep your hair light and bright in-between visits.

It can be a little drying though(as others), so you should only be used weekly or twice a week, for about 5 mins each time. The purple color can also stain things that are not hair, so you need to be careful when using.

2. Best Purple Shampoo for Silver & White Hair – Loreal Serie Expert Magnesium Silver Neutralising Shampoo

How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair

Salon quality at home, strong-colored purple shampoo with a gorgeous hint of metallic appearance.

Will stain your fingers or other things purple, so beware while using it. Takes all the nasty unwanted orange, brass, color out of hair for quite a long time.

Powerful results, especially if you let it absorb for some time. Using a conditioner after the shampoo is a must, as it is drying (expected of a purple shampoo).

One of the best shampoo or gray, silver, white hair.

3. Best Purple Shampoo for Brunettes with lightened hair – Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo

How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair

It will get rid of the orange tones, and it will last for quite some time. After the initial works, you can wash with the shampoo. It does leave your hair pretty dry, so please moisturize after using this shampoo.

If you want your hair to be silky smooth and smelling amazing, this one is for you.

It applies with a blue tint, with leaves almost in town staying asleep. But if you will use this shampoo routinely, your hair will undoubtedly go through a fantastic transformation, leaving it smooth and radiant.

4. Best Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair – Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by Bold Uniq

How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair

Most purple shampoos had somewhat toxic ingredients when I did a brief search recently, but this one seems to have better ingredients(Less toxic) and is super potent, so you need only a tiny portion on occasion.

The ingredients are high, and actually, it does get the yellow/orange/brass out of your hair, and the longer you leave it on hair, the better it works.

Conditioning hair after shampoo would be recommended since every purple shampoo make your hair Super Dry.

5. Best Natural Purple shampoo for Natural shampoo lover – Blue Malva Color Shampoo by Aveda – Chemical free 

How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair

Even though the shampoo is considered purple, it lathers white, so not only will your hands be stain-free, but your shower won’t look like you murdered Barney HAHA.

Aveda is known for its quality products, which they make via using plants and organic things.

Best Purple shampoo for those who always use organic products.

How To Use Purple Shampoo To Tone Hair

How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair

1. STARTING – Always start from where you want your hair the most neutral and or brightened – like some prefer putting this on the top of my hair where it’s most brassy and then slowly worked their way down to the rest of hair.

That was the first time. For the second time, you need to just put it on the strip of your hair that was still kind of warm/goldish and wait 15 minutes with a shower cap on and then got in the shower after 15 minutes, then lathered the shampoo up and all into the rest of hair – then wait for 5 minutes before rinsing it off.

2. READ the given instructions – DO NOT use this on your hair if you just got your hair highlighted, You need to wait for almost two weeks to use this on your newly highlighted hair

It is beautiful, but your hair may be too porous/vulnerable to use it right away on newly colored or highlighted hair.

3. USE conditioner AFTER Shampoo NOT before – 
Yes, purple shampoo dries your hair but not to such a degree that its straw – but yes, it is a bit harsh; just put any regular conditioner on for 5 minutes after and your hair will be very silky and soft right after.

4. Wear gloves – Since it can leave a strain, So do not wear anything you like in terms of clothing because it will get purple on it, be more careful when using this shampoo because it can get messy – though Nothing will permanently turn purple.

5. BE PATIENT – Not everyone’s hair is the same, so it’s apparent results Will be different, for some noticeable results seem in one week, and for some, it took a month.

6. Use a Clarifying Shampoo – Before you use purple shampoo and or put some tea tree oil into your regular shampoo – you wanted your hair to be a clean slate. The purple shampoo can easily attach to your hair as thoroughly as possible.

7. If you feel 
that your hair is too lavender or too gray or too beige, get back in the shower and wash it a few times – it will quickly come out – that’s the AWESOME part about purple shampoo! It’s not permanent( Not all).


Q. Purple Shampoo is dark purple, will it dye my hair?

 Purple shampoo isn’t a dye, so that it won’t turn your hair purple. However, if you left it on for too long, maybe you’ll experience a lilac tint or any strains in your hair, easily removed by a Clarifying Shampoo.

Q. Should I apply purple shampoo on wet hair or dry hair?

A. It depends, Applies it on dry hair if you want intensive color correction ( Considering your hair to be light hair like platinum, white, gray)

While if you want just lightly to tone your hair daily, then apply it on wet hair.

 How often to use purple shampoo?

A. It depends on your hair ( how fast your hair is getting discolored ). If you’re finding your hair getting discolored, you may use it very often.

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