Crep Shoe Protector Review – How To Use Crep Spray In 2021

Worried about your new canvas shoes? Do you maintain your shoe hygiene? Here I’m sharing best Crep shoe Protector to protect your shoes. However, it always looks inevitable that you return home looking more ‘unimpressive’ after an eventful night of spilling more drinks than you drink!

The old days are gone to worry about your new shoes, which trainers have been ruined and are the only ones for your style. With the help of some supreme revolutionary shoe cleaners and protectors, be assured about your new shoe’s hygiene. Now dress to impress with the most recent trendy leather shoes without worrying. 

The current comparative article is all about introducing and comparing both the most revolutionized and premium shoe protectors- Crep shoe protector and reshoevn8r shoe cleaner. The recent report also provides basic information about crep spray for shoes, which is ideally a sneaker shoe cleaner, and on the other side, reshoervn8r shoe cleaner is an ideal product for your all type leather shoes.

Crep shoe Protector Vs Reshoevn8r shoe cleaner- a comparative review

Let’s start digging into detail about the two most premium shoe protectors and cleaners as well. The current content for the comparison includes basic information about both the products with additional information about how to apply the product, their functions and pros, and cons. Let’s first start with the Crep protect spray for shoes and crep protect review.

Crep spray for shoesCrep shoe Protector Reviews

Saving the current generation from the frightful thought of stained new shoes comes ‘Crep shoe Protector,’ a specific product designed with a unique blend of ingredients. Whether your shoes are leather, suede, nubuck, or canvas, Crep sneaker Protector will repel liquids, preventing any stains from spoiling your new boxed footwear with an invisible coat. This product is known as the future of the footwear industry.

Crep Protect spray is an ultimate solution with revolutionary nanotechnology to create an invisible protective. The Ultimate Rain & Stain Resistant Barrier prevents your shoes from getting spoiled by rain or stains.

200ml Aerosol can be easily sprayed on an invisible protective coat, which dries quickly and holds up to two weeks depending on the stress.

Additional features-

  • 100% Fabric
  • Made in the US
  • Fabric sole
  • Easy-use aerosol spray bottle
  • Works on suede, canvas, or nubuck
  • Protects footwear with an invisible barrier
  • Repels liquids and prevents stains


  • Unique nanotechnology of the crep shoe protector ensures that water rolls off the fabric without affecting the material. 
  • The spray lasts for approximately two weeks.


  • If the method of application is not followed stepwise, a protector can lead to a significant mishap.

How to use Crep product?

The 200ml super-hydrophobic Crep spray for shoes creates an invisible coating that repels liquids and prevents stains. The spray is ideal to use on suede, nubuck, linen shoes, and canvas footwear. Many people think about how to use the crep shoe protector. The answer to this is straightforward and with few simple steps. The exact method of application is provided under the next heading. The Crep shoe protector is ideal for the white canvas and sneaker shoe cleaner with an amalgamation of essential organic liquids. As per the professional’s guidance, only two coats are sufficient for approximately six months to keep your white canvas shoes clean and hygenic.

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How to apply Crep product on shoes?

Crep shoe Protector

The proper steps and methods to apply the crep sneaker protector are illustrated as follows. There are a few simple steps to be followed properly to make your magical crep shoe protector work efficiently. 

Step One – Brush Excess Dirt out

  • Before using the spray on your footwear, it’s essential to clean the excess dirt from the outer surface of the shoe.
  • Using the specific Crep Protect Brush, gently brush along the upper of the shoe in a circular motion moving towards the midsole.

Step Two – Shake well the Crep Protect Spray before using

  • As it is an aerosol, shaking before utilizing the can is essential. 
  • This is because shaking mixes all of the products together
  • Shaking the Crep Protect Spray ensures the uses that all elements come
  • together to create an effective barrier against rain and stains. 

Step Three – Applying the First Coat gently.

  • Holding the Crep Protect Spray about 20cm from the shoe, press down on the spray bottle’s nozzle and coat the sneaker shoes using a continuous motion. 
  • Starting from the top of the laces of the shoes, move down towards the toe box, and then make sure not to leave down the sides.
  • Now apply the Crep Protect Spray from the heel section back towards the toe box.

Step Four – Letting the Shoe Dry

  • For the first coat of the Crep sneaker protector to take effect, you will need to leave the sneaker for a minimum of 10 minutes in direct sunlight. 

Step Five – Apply the second coat.

The second coat of Crep Protect Spray is applied on the sneaker shoes, in the same manner you spread the first coat. 

Step Six – Let the Shoe Dry again.

After applying the second coat, let your sneaker shoes dry again for approximately 10 minutes in the direct sunlight.

The function of the Crep sneaker protector

  • Crep sneaker Protector is mainly used on canvas, nubuck, and suede shoes with sporting brands such as Jordan, Air Max, And Adidas. 
  • This protective spray will effectively cover Primeknit and mesh. 
  • It is an ideal choice for a dirt barrier.
  • The crep shoe protector builds a covering of the essential amalgamated aerosols that prevent dirt, dust, and mud from sticking on the shoe surface.
  • Crep Protect further provides for traveling wipes too, which you can use for random stains. 

Now let’s talk about our second product of the comparison, which is Reshoevn8r shoe cleaner which is also an effective solution to keep your leather and canvas shoes clean and healthy.

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Reshoevn8r Leather Shoe Cleaner-

The reshoevn8r is the best known natural solution and conditioner For Whites, Leather, Suede, and Canvas shoes. Reshoevn8r’s

Advanced Shoe Cleaner and Conditioner is a 100% all-natural and Eco-friendly solution, which cleans and conditions all materials. The premium all-natural shoe cleaner solution is made from Coconut, Jojoba, and other natural oils.

The branded shoe cleaner is available in coconut scents with all organic essential oils, which harm your shoe fabric at a minor count.

The all-natural formula of the advanced shoe cleaner is made from coconut and jojoba. A concentrated solution & 8oz bottle help make little go a long way for about 100 pairs.

Additional features-

  • Easy to use bottle
  • Made in the USA


  • The premium shoe cleaner is versatile for suedes, leather, canvas as well as Jordan shoes.
  • Easy to use bottle.
  • 100 % organic content in the aerosol


  • Technique sensitive
  • Pre-treatment is required for the shoes before applying the spray.

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How to clean Suedes with Reshoevn8r?

The easy steps to apply the Reshoevn8r suedes cleaner are enlisted as below-

  • Remove the laces of the suedes and set them aside to clean later. 
  • Reshoevn8r’s all-natural oil-based sneaker cleaning solution adds two small squirts to the collapsible cleaning bowl filled with water. 
  • To mix the solution evenly, take the Reshoevn8r soft bristle brush and lightly stir the solution using the bristles.
  • Once the solution is mixed, you can begin the pre-treatment using the soft brush in circular motions over the entire uppers. 
  • When cleaning suede or nubuck, it’s essential to clean the shoe evenly to ensure that you don’t leave watermarks when the shoe is dry. 
  • Be extra careful with coloured suedes, as if you get it too wet, the dye may bleed and end up with a mishap. 
  • Once the entire upper surface has been cleaned, you can move on to the soles, cleaning them with the stiff bristle brush. 
  • The soles of the shoes are likely to have the most dirt and grime, which gets trapped in the grooves of the midsole; you need to use a brush with tough bristles. 
  • Lastly, using the microfiber towel, pat the entire shoe down, and let air dry.


  1. Crep Protect good?

    Answering this, it is evident that the Crep protect sneaker cleaner is fabulous due to its various properties. It is most suitable for your white sneakers and canvas shoes as well. 

  2. What is the Reshoevn8r solution made of?

    Reshoevn8r Cleaning Solution is a 100% all-natural formula made with Coconut, Jojoba, and other natural oils that effectively cleans, conditions, and is safe to use on most materials. (60-100) uses.

  3. How long do Reshoevn8r water and stain repellent last?

    The aerosol repellent has a shelf life of five years, and the water-based spray repellent can last up to 2 years.

  4. How do you mix Reshoevn8r with water?

    Reshoevn8r’s all-natural oil-based sneaker cleaning solution adds two small squirts to the collapsible cleaning bowl filled with water. To integrate the solution, take the Reshoevn8r soft bristle brush and lightly stir the solution using the bristles. 

  5. CREP for shoe Reddit– Do CREP work? Is CREP a scam?

    On a frank note, CREP is not a scam. CREP works on shoes. As per the CREP for shoe REDDIT reviews, CREP is known one of the finest CREP sprays for white shoes. One must keep in mind that the spray should be used on the correct sight.

  6. How long does CREP protect for shoes last on shoes?

    The spray will last up to approximately four weeks if you wear the shoes every day. If you spray your new white shoes and leave them in a wardrobe for a month, they will still have another four weeks of wear left in them. If you only wear your shoes a few times a week, the spray will last up to 8 weeks.

  7. What happens if you inhale CREP protection for shoes?

    When sprayed indoors or in poorly ventilated areas, animal companions and humans are more apt to inhale the spray. After breathing in the spray, the hydrocarbons in these products interfere with oxygen exchange in the lungs, and acute lung injury can result.

  8. Does CREP for shoes expire?

    How long does the protection last? This barrier lasts up to 6 months.


Ending up with the article about Crep protect Vs. Reshoevn8r cleaner with a conclusion, both the products are specific and are most recommended by many people. The crep shoe protector is typical for the white sneakers, while the reshoevn8r is characteristic of leather and suedes. Please read the below comparative article on crep protect review and conclude which supreme shoe protector and cleaner is essential for our shoes to keep them healthy and shiny.

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