Can you Dye your Hair When it’s Greasy:Experts Guide in 2020

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Before going through the solution or Correct answer for “Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy”. Let us know first about :- Why does hair get greasy?

Why does hair get greasy

Can you dye your hair when it's greasy

Greasy hair is caused due to the presence of excess sebum on your scalp. Since scalp is an extension of your skin, so it also has pores, and natural oil secretion, which is called sebum.

Sebum or your natural oils are secreted to keep the scalp moisturised and roots healthy. However, when the oil or sebaceous glands along your roots go on an over drive, they excrete excess sebum which makes your scalp and hair greasy.

Greasy scalp and hair is caused often due to hormonal imbalance, improper hair care, using too many silicone-based styling products and not washing them off. Greasy hair can also be due to your genetic makeup. Most people with oily skin type also have greasy scalp and hair.

To control this, avoid excessive shampooing as it can aggravate the case. If your scalp is made too dry, the sebaceous glands will try to produce more oils to balance the dryness.

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Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy

Greasy hair can be dyed, but it will not give the required and desired result to the roots and the grey hair. If someone has really a dry scalp which results in producing dandruff then mild shampoo should be used to remove the oils from the scalp and then follow the dying procedure.

Usually the hair experts recommend to shampoo a day before dying , but if it’s urgent then a mild baby shampoo as mentioned will be helpful.

Scientific explanation on why hair dye works better on dirty hair

Can you dye your hair when it's greasy

Hair dye doesn’t actually work better on dirty hair than clean hair.

With the dye-at-home kits you may often read that you should wait for 24 hours to elapse from your last shampoo to when you dye your hair.

This is because most commercial hair dye contains all sorts of chemicals like peroxide or ammonia that can damage the delicate skin of your scalp.

While it may sound gross, letting your hair “get dirty” before you dye it allows a protective barrier of natural oils and dead skin cells to build up. This protects your scalp from some of the damage caused by the hair dye.Know more about Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy!

·         Scientific Explanation

Human skin is considered as the largest organ of the human body. The average person sheds over a million skin cells a day. And that’s on average, which means some will shed more, some less.

All skin cells produce an oily substance called sebum from sebaceous glands located next to the hair folicles. Sebum is a waxy-oily substance that allows skin to be waterproof and protects it from bacteria and fungus as well.

The body creates it wether or not it has been cleaned. The longer a person goes without washing their hair the more sebum is on it, the more oily the hair. Even people who have dry skin lose skin cells and create sebum.

Human hair is primarily made of a substance called keratin which forms an armor called a cuticle around the central shaft of the hair.

In order to change the color of the hair one needs to break through that outer layer to get to the pigment inside.Know more about Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy!

How does Permanent Color Works-Permanent Hair-color works by using ammonia to open-up the cuticle. Then peroxide removes the natural color in the hair shaft. Then the developer creates the new shade.

The longer the developer sits on the hair, the more damage it does. By choosing to color hair that has sebum (natural oils) on the cuticle it lessens the damage to the hair. Also the scalp.

Ammonia and Peroxide both can have violent chemical reactions with skin and blood.

Peroxide when combined with human blood catalase, for example, causes a massive reaction which produces water and oxygen gas.

Ammonia causes contact dermatitis which is a red inflammation of the skin.

Ammonia and Peroxide are water soluble. They directly dis-solve in water.

Sebum is not water soluble, because it protects the skin and hair from water.

Therefore: skin and hair covered with more sebum, which isn’t water soluble, is better protected from the chemical side effects of ammonia and peroxide than hair and skin that has been recently washed to rid it of said sebum.

Know more about Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy!

Important Things to Consider Before Coloring/Dying Hair

Can you dye your hair when it's greasy

Well, using a hair dye, either natural – Henna and Indigo – or a chemically enhanced product, you will need to check out these points:

  • is your hair in a healthy condition to support a color change
  • is it permanent and can you ‘change’ it if you decide you don’t like it
  • is it cost effective for your budget
  • what are the options – natural or chemically produced dye
  • what are the maintenance routines after the hair is dyed

I think once you go through all those pointers and be honest with yourself, then you should be able to make an informed decision. I don’t think it matters if you hair is greasy or not – you can cleanse your hair and then do the dye process.Know more about Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy!

Best Dye For Hair

[wptb id=2004]

Remember, as with any process, to moisturize your hair after.

Can you dye freshly washed hair

Can you dye your hair when it's greasy

The general advice is to color on dry hair. There are certain hairdressing cultures wash the hair before coloring.

If you are talking about oxidation dyes on damp hair, tone on tone is ok, however, if you are lifting the shades with a higher strength developer, you may not accurately achieve the desired lift.

For coloring requiring lifting in shades, dry the hair first.

Another thing to consider is the stripping away of our natural oils that protect our scalp when coloring.

Increased skin irritation may occur, especially if you scratched it while washing.

Also,without natural oil protecting, the visible hairline is more susceptible to staining.

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Dyeing greasy unwashed hair

I don’t always agree with dirty hair/unwashed being the best option for coloring hair but a dirty scalp is significantly important. The hair and the scalp absorbs color differently making a colorist keenly aware of reactions and results.

Yes, an oily scalps is a natural means of safety for our scalps against dangerous chemicals. The layer of oil that some attempt to quickly rid of is good. Our sebaceous glands beneath the scalp are working to protect, protect and yes, protect.

Since permanent hair color and hair lightners are significantly higher than the pH (potential hydrogen) of skin, a dirty scalp helps to be a protective barrier. Natural oils are not an insurance policy from burns or irritations. Hair color is to be taken seriously.

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Which are the best organic hair dyes

Henna is the best product. Because it feels good in summer . No side effects. It’s also very cheap. It’ll good brownish kinda colour. If you want black color you can add dried Amla powder to it. It’ll also strengthen your hair.

Adding Amla to your diet will work much better as it’ll stop your hair from greying. And one day there’ll be no need to dye your hair. But you’ll have to take Amla continuously for years. After that when you’ll get older you’ll not lose hair like other men do.

When Coloring hair should it be clean?

Can you dye your hair when it's greasy

If hair is to clean I often will ruff it up with some product it only helps with slip factors when foiling. If the hair calls for build up removal before a color service the stylist will take care of all your needs in the salon.

Always show up with dry unwashed hair. It saves your investment on unnecessary product use and wet hair deposits differnty than dry.

It’s always best to ask but going in dirty just means your at the right spot to get it all cared for properly;)

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Solution of greasy Hair(How to get rid of greasy hair)

Can you dye your hair when it's greasy

Oily hair can definitely be challenging.

Luckily there are many great tips and tricks to help with the challenge. These include, but aren’t limited to the following: Know more about Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy!

·        Wet Wash As Often As You Wish

Shampoo as often as needed and on a schedule which works best for you and your hair type and texture.

There are different types of oily hair and depending on your type, you may or may not benefit from daily washing.

Find a shampoo product designed for oily hair which works best for your type, texture and condition of hair.

·        Avoid The Heat

Always wet wash hair in lukewarm to cool water. Never shampoo in hot, water. Washing in hot water can trigger oil production in the scalp.

·        Read The Labels

Avoid shampoo products which are advertised as hydrating, moisturizing, smoothing or conditioning, which means they will most likely add oils to our hair.

·        Find The Balance

Utilize shampoo formulas which advertise balancing, oil control, oil detox or similar. Balance is the key.Know more about Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy!

·        Limit Detoxing

Avoid heavy detox or clarifying formulas which may potentially dry out your strands and leave the more prone to breakage or long term damage.

If you must use a detox shampoo to remove oils and/or product build-up, limit it to once a month.

Minimize Use Of Rinse Out Conditioners

Avoid using rinse-out conditioners during your wet wash cycle. If you must use them, limit their use to only the areas of your hair which need the conditioning. Avoid using on your scalp.

·        Remove Residues

Rinse your hair well to remove all shampoo residue. Any time shampoo or similar products is not probably removed, it may built up on the hair and cause oils to form.

·        Cool Finale

Always finish with a cool or cold final rinse. It helps to close the cuticle and will help with oil control.

Know more about Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy!

Gently accordion finger squeeze excess water from hair. Then use a 100% clean cotton t-shirt to soak up additional water. Avoid using unwashed t-shirts or towels to avoid accidental oil transfer.

Do not use a rough towel which can damage delicate strands. Always use 100% clean t-shirts or towels to avoid previous oil transfers.

·        Avoid Oil Producing Styling Products

Utilize an anti-oil styling cocktail to prepare your hair so it doesn’t get oily easily.

This means avoiding heavy leave-in conditioners, gels or styling products, which add moisture or oils.This is another a related query of Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy!

If you need conditioning products for tangles, use them only on the areas of your hair which need them most.

Since oiliness is an issue, you may benefit from much lighter products such as mousse or styling spray.Know more about Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy!

Products with alcohol may actually help to control oil formation in your hair since they tend to be drying. You’ll need to experiment to test the results.

Always avoid applying any type of product directly to your scalp to minimize the possibility of oil production.

·        Utilize Cool Air

If you can’t air dry your hair, use a blow dryer with a cool or cold setting. Avoid using hot air on your hair.

·        Minimize Use Of Hot Iron Or Rollers

If you wish to add texture, and must use irons or rollers, avoid as much contact with the roots and scalp as possible.

Common Mistakes which Promotes Greasy hair

Reasons are many, some common ones are:

  1. Touching often your hair leads oil transfer to the hair strands of your hair stimulating your oil glands.
  1. Washing hair too many times strips your scalp of its natural oils – so it produces more to replace them.
  1. Brushing your hair too much can increase oil production in your scalp, making it look greasy.
  1. Using wrong hair products. Products that claim to smooth, nourish, and condition the hair may make the greasiness worse
  1. Regular Oiling hair : As your scalp is producing its own natural oils( sebum), adding oils regularly to the scalp can really just create a buildup and, therefore, greasiness.

Does Conditioner make your hair greasy

Can you dye your hair when it's greasy

Listed below are some conditions when conditioner may make hair greasy:

Best Conditioner’s for your hair

[wptb id=2003]

  1. The wrong type of conditioner is used.

    As an example, rinse out conditioners used in the shower after a shampoo but before the final rinse should address the specific hair type and texture needs.

    If hair is fine and thin, rinse out conditioner may not be required.

    When hair is naturally dry, textured or damaged, super hydrating conditioners may be the best option.

    If the wrong type of conditioner is used on an incompatible hair type and texture, the result may be greasy hair.
  • Condition is applied improperly.

    For some hair types and textures, full strength conditioner should be applied from the roots to the ends.

    In fact, when hair is naturally dry, textured or damage, a hydrating conditioner should be slathered onto the hair and raked through the strands for optimal integration.

    If hair is fine, thin or even medium to straight, only a very light rinse out conditioners should be used, if any is appropriate.
    Know more about Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy!

    If too much rinse out conditioner or the wrong type is applied, it can make hair greasy and oily.
  • Rinse out and leave-in conditioners are not used in perfect harmony.

    Some types and textures of hair require both a rinse-out and a leave-in conditioning system.

    Other types of hair do best with one or the other, but not both.

    If rinse out and leave-in conditioners are not used properly in harmony, they can leave hair greasy and oily.
  • Deep conditioners may or may not be necessary for all hair types and textures.

    Some types of hair such as naturally dry, textured or damaged may benefit from occasional deep conditioning treatments, masks and packs.

    They may offer great benefits for the long term.

    However, there is a danger of thinking that you can never get too much of a good thing.

    If you use too much conditioner or use it too frequently, you may actually over-saturate hair and may it oily, greasy or limp.

When in doubt do your research, experiment and consult with your trusted hair professional for advice.

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When it comes to hair conditioners, whether pre-shampoo, rinse-out, leave-in or deep conditioner, too much of a good thing is definitely a possibility for causing greasy hair.

Top 3 Conditioners for greasy hair

Best Shampoo for Greasy Hair

Can you dye your hair when it's greasy

What to Look for When Shopping for a Greasy Hair Shampoo?

Before buying one of these products, you’ll want to look for a few things.

  • Tea Tree Oil?
  • If It’s Free From Chemicals?
  • If It Gives Your Hair Volume?
  • Jojoba Oil
  • If It’s Anti-Bacterial: Oily hair can sometimes harbor bacteria, especially if it’s built up over time. An anti-bacterial shampoo will help to stop this bacteria from forming giving you a healthy and happy scalp. Some ideal antibacterial ingredients to look for are rosemary oil, lemon oil, and coconut oil.

Our top 3 Shampoos for greasy hair

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  1. Degrease shampoo by Maple Holistics
  2. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-balancing Shampoo
  3. Biolage Cooling mint Scalp-sync Shampoo

Summary :- The short summary of this article about “Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy” is shown below:

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  • ii.Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy
  • iii.Scientific explanation on why hair dye works better on dirty hair
  • iv.Important Things to Consider Before Coloring/Dying Hair
  • v.Can you dye freshly washed hair
  • vi.Dyeing greasy unwashed hair
  • vii.How to get rid of greasy hair
  • viii.Common Mistakes which Promotes Greasy hair
  • ix.Best Conditioner for Greasy Hair
  • x.Best Shampoo for greasy hair


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