5 Best Wrestling Shoes For Boxing (Review + Buying Guide)

This article will discuss the five best wrestling shoes for boxing and give a little information about the difference and uses between boxing shoes and wrestling shoes.

In boxing, boxers must wear athletic and solid shoes that can help them generate power and maintain stability within the ring. Poor quality shoes can not ensure good movement. These shoes are not like regular shoes.

Boxing shoes support the feet, improve traction to avoid slippage, and make a boxer’s movements around the ring seamless. These shoes are lightweight, so they do not hinder a boxer’s footwork combinations.

Wrestling shoes are suitable for boxing if they are the correct type. While purchasing shoes, seek out shoes designed explicitly for boxers with an inner toe protector to avoid injuries.

Here are the top 5 Best Wrestling Shoes For Boxing

SHOES no 1:

Best Wrestling Shoes For Boxing

ASICS offers a complete line of performance-driven athletic shoes and technical active sports apparel and accessories that bring harmony to the body and soul.


  • Material:This shoe is made oftraditional upper. It is made of high-quality material.
  • Color available: 4
  • Dimensions:11 x 4 x 7 inches
  • Weight:10 Ounces
  • Sole:Aggressive Outsole
  • Department:Men
  • Brand:ASICS America Corporation
  • Size:According to the brand chat, it goes from 4 to 14.
  • Rating: 4.7/ 5


The ASICS Aggressor 2 Le Graffiti Wrestling Shoes is the most popular design that provides incredible performance.

The product is made up of high-quality material with extraordinary graphics that are pretty great.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT: These shoes are incredibly lightweight, andthe bottom has excellent traction. Making it perfect for boxing shoes.
  • FITNESS: It is very comfortable and perfectly fits the feet, just like a glove. They havestable ankle support and have a good grip on the soles.

USAGE: suitable for both wrestling shoes and boxing


  • It is very lightweight and has excellent traction.s
  • Asics Most Popular Design
  • The shoe fits perfectly
  • It has a unique design
  • have a good grip on the soles


  • It is not durable enough

SHOES no 2:

Best Wrestling Shoes For Boxing

Otomix has been manufacturing shoes since 1988. Performance workout shoes for specialized extreme sports. All designs are original and authentic. The Ninja Warrior is the latest design by Otomix.


  • Material:100% polyester
  • Color available: 2, Red and Black
  • Sole:Rubber sole
  • Department:Men
  • Brand:ATOMIX
  • Size: According to the brand chat, it goes from 7 to 15.
  • Rating: 4.6/ 5


This is a style update to the Stingray with a slightly wider toe box for those that need the extra room. All designs are original and authentic.

The Otomix Shoes work for combat sportslike boxing, MMA, weightlifting, or martial arts. The newest craze to hit the gym floor isn’t that new. Weightlifting shoes have been around since the ’80s. The first company to create them was Otomix. These shoes were popular when bodybuilders wore those big bright baggy workout pants.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: They are well-padded for comfort and light on the feet. It is lightweight and has extremely durable fabric.
  • SOLE FITNESS: Thin rubber sole that provides excellent grip.
  •  They have an updated Stingray with a broader toe box for those needing the extra room, ideal for wide feet.
  • It enhances extra ankle support.


Perfect for wrestling,wrestling shoes forMMA, martial arts, weightlifting, and bodybuilding.

Best Wrestling Shoes For Boxing
image source- amazon.com


  • It enhanced ankle support
  • Wide foot box
  • Rubber sole provides exceptional grip
  • Well-padded for enhanced comfort


  • Poor quality of the insole
  • shoe held on the tongue with only a single stitch and no reinforcement.

SHOES no 3:

Best Wrestling Shoes For Boxing

The Elite boxing shoe goal was not to offer ‘just’ another boxing shoe but the best product available on the market. The sole was one of the most intricate components to develop.

 While necessary to combine lightness, strength, stability, and grip characteristics, it had to provide explosive support to allow a boxer to move very quickly in any direction. While including these dynamic qualities, the Venum boxing shoe had to offer comfort and protection to the wearer.

Although the performance was at the heart of the design, being a Venum product, style and design have not been forgotten.


  • Material:‎Polyurethane and Mesh Honeycomb
  • Color available: 7
  • Dimensions:16 x 12 x 8 inches
  • Weight:     ‎4 Pounds
  • Sole:Rubber outsole
  • Department:‎Unisex-adult
  • Brand:‎Venum
  • Size:4
  • Rating: 4.5/ 5


Venum Elite Evo Monogram Boxing Shoes. If you want to purchase boxing shoes, these are the best ones as they are fashionable designs but also you don’t need to compromise the comfort for the feet. And the best is available in many colors.


  • It has a rubber outsole that increases the shoe’s grip, durability, and stability.
  • The insole has been bounded to the rest of the shoe, preventing slipping.
  • Provides Optimized comfort with the anatomically designed insole.

USAGE: comfortable boxing shoes


  • Well-bonded insole to prevent slippage
  • Rubber outsole for enhanced grip and stability
  • Made of durable synthetic materials
  • lightness, strength, it had to provide explosive ankle support to allow a boxer to move very quickly in any direction
  • Comes in multiple colors


  • It is not durable enough
  • Poor appearance

SHOES no 4:

Best Wrestling Shoes For Boxing


  • Material:suede and leather
  • Color available: Black
  • Dimensions:11 x 4 x 7 inches
  • Weight:1.68 Pounds
  • Sole:gum rubber
  • Department:Men
  • Brand:Adidas
  • Size: According to the brand chat, it goes from 4 to 20.
  • Ratings:4.6/5


The Adidas brand has long been connected to sports and athletes, and these Adidas HVC men’s wrestling shoes are no different. They come in various colors, designs, and sizes, but they also provide you with excellent traction in the boxing ring.


  • The soles of these shoes are made with gum rubber to provide you with stability, control, and anti-slip.
  • The upper portion of the shoe is made of such a material that provides comfort, is lightweight to the feet, and is durable.
  • It also has a single-layer mesh for breathability and a lacing space built for a tailored fit and added speed.


  • The Adidas shoes come in a wide range and sizes; they are designed for the easy foot movement of the player to tackle and take the opponent.
  • It provides you with optimal performance while remaining within your budget.


  • No-slip grip for added traction
  • Lightweight, durable, and comfortable to use
  • High tops for heavy-duty ankle support
  • Comes in a range of stylish colors, designs, and sizes
  • Elastic lacing system for a tailored fit
  • Versatile and flexible usage for wrestlers with wide feet


  • You need to stretch out the shoes and break them in before training
  • Has a thinner outsole than most shoes.

SHOES no 5:

Best Wrestling Shoes For Boxing

These are pro boxing shoes built for the ring. The Hayabusa Pro boxing shoes combine traction, stability, and comfort for the ultimate shoe in the ring.

The lightweight design and custom outsole allow explosive agility with an anchored grip for pinpoint pivots. 


  • Material:Microfiber leather and mesh
  • Color available: 4
  • Dimensions:13.4 x 10.2 x 4.6 inches
  • Weight:2 Pounds
  • Sole:Flexible rubber outsole
  • Department:Unisex-adult
  • Brand:Hayabusa
  • Size: According to the US size, it goes from 6 to 13.
  • Ratings:4.6/5


The Hayabusa Pro Boxing shoes are specially crafted to allow wrestlers to move around more freely without restraint. These shoes are built for pro wrestlers and provide them with greater agility and superior performance through training and in the ring.


  • Absolute Control In The Ring: Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes are lightweight for explosive movement as you shuffle and slide around the ring with agility and precision.
  • Anchored Grip For Max Power: Flexible soles with angled grooves provide a stable, anchored grip in the ring with custom toe creases that provide traction for pinpoint pivots and maximum power transfer when you throw a punch.
  • Comfort & Fit: The Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes provide a secure fit with a mid-height build that supports your ankles. Its cushioned insole conforms to your foot with soft padding, while the mesh ventilation keeps you cool and comfortable as you train.


It is for pro wrestlers and pro boxers


  • Ideal for professional wrestlers
  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable
  • Adjustable leather upper for ankle support during training
  • Synthetic soles for pivoting and performance
  • Enhance rubber grip for better traction
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Affordable price for the features it provides


  • These shoes need a bit of time to break in and can be a bit snug at first
  • The shoe is not durable enough
  • Poor craftsmanship


 Best Wrestling Shoes For Boxing


 Comfort is essential when purchasing a pair of boxing shoes.A good pair should offer maximum comfort to the wearer.

 Any discomfort caused by your boxing shoes would create an unnecessary distraction, whether you are sparring in the gym or slugging it out with an opponent in a real fight.

Ankle support

Ankle protection and support should be prioritized. Boxing shoes with ankle straps perform well on this front, as the ankle strap provides added support to reduce the risk of injury.


The weight of your shoes can significantly impact your footwork speed, so opt for shoes that are the most lightweight.

They are some shoes that have ultra-lightweight, which makes them even more suitable for boxers looking to improve their agility.


It needs to be made so that it gives the boxer a solid grip to avoid slipping. The thinner the shoe’s sole, the more firm the shoe’s grip will be.


Breathable boxing shoes will reduce the temperature inside the shoes by allowing air to enter and leave. This will reduce sweating around the feet, offering a more comfortable experience.


 Investing in shoes that are a bit expensive, make sure that they will last you a long time, have a warranty, are breathable, lightweight, and sturdy.

Can You Use Wrestling Shoes for Boxing?

 Best Wrestling Shoes For Boxing

Every sports shoehas been designed in a unique way that meets the sport’s demands.

If you take boxing seriously, then you should take the time and money to invest in the best boxing shoes that are durable for a long time and is also comfortable for your feet.

Otherwise, wrestling shoes are always another option. The key is to choose wrestling shoes with features similar to boxing shoes.

For instance, instead of using low-cut wrestling shoes, opt for wrestling boots that offer more ankle height and support needed for boxing.

There are a lot of boxers, from amateur to professional level players, spotted using wrestling shoes during boxing training and matches.


Materials: Boxing shoes are often recommended with the same synthetic materials, lightweight leather, or suede boxing shoes with textured rubber soles.    Some brands incorporate mesh into the shoes’ design to prevent the boots from becoming heavy with sweat.Materials: Wrestling shoes are lightweight synthetics, often with mesh uppers, and have rubber soles to prevent slipping on the mat.   The shoes must be flexible to allow your feet to move into any position without pinching or discomfort while in a match.
Ankle support: Boxing shoes provide more support for the ankles to increase the fighter’s stability and reduce potential injuries.Ankle support: wrestling shoes are equipped with ankle support, but you need to find a good pair that provides enough support for one of the most used parts of your body in wrestling.
Soles: Boxing shoes have soles designed for forwarding and backward movements and not for moving sideways or all-around exercise.Soles: Wrestling shoes are designed for all-around movement because wrestlers don’t depend that much on just going forward and backward.  So, there is no real winner here – it’s just a matter of preference or choice.
Durability: Because of a specific design and the movements used in the sport, boxing shoes tend to be more durable than regular wrestling shoes.Durability: Wrestling shoes are not much durable compared to boxing shoes.
Flexibility and traction: Boxing shoes provide the right amount of traction to allow you to successfully move your feet and not lose speed while doing itFlexibility and traction: when comparing flexibility, we can conclude that wrestling shoes need to be more flexible than boxing shoes because of the nature of the sport itself, which demands such a specific design.

Frequently Asked Questions


The answer is YES. Boxing shoes will help you move faster in the ring. You may go with any other pair of shoes or your regular workout shoes, but you’ll be disadvantaged.


The best shoes for wide feet have ideal space in the toe-box. Make sure to measure your foot size before buying correctly.


High-top shoes provide boxers with more leg support. This support helps them stay on their feet for long periods.


Boxing shoes and wrestling shoes serve different functions to meet the specific demands of sports. They are designed to help athletes maximize their potential in their chosen sport and provide safety while playing and training.

To conclude, we have discussed the five best wrestling shoes for boxing. These shoes are not only lightweight and breathable but also comfortable for the feet. 


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