[100% Comfortable] Top 7 Best Shoes For Swing Dancing – 2021

So you’ve decided to try swing dancing? Kudos! Now it’s time to get the best shoes for swing dancing.

No matter you’re a professional or a beginner, you’ll need a good pair of shoes in order to avoid any injury.

We’ve come up with a definitive guide & our experts recommended list of Best Shoes for Swing Dancing in 2021!

Swing dancing requires an intense level of physical energy, fast movements, instant turns, spinning & swifts.

Here Is The List Of Best Shoes For Swing Dancing

Such dance require a shoe that allows you to freely perform the swift turns, spins, dips!

Avoid These Mistakes Before Buying The Best Shoes for Swing dancing

best shoes for swing dancing

If you are a beginner in swing dancing, I hope following these tips can be useful for you. I try to keep the things simple and easy to understand.

  • Avoid Spikey or High heels – Choose a shoes with flat sole or a thick medium heel in order to enhance your performance or to avoid any blister or Injury.
  • Avoid Slippers / Sandals – Never try swing dancing with sandals or slippers, could be so dangerous.
  • Avoid Gaudy or Sparkly Shoes – These type of shoes are primarily suitable for ballroom dance rather than pulling it off in swing.
  • Avoid Salsa Shoes – Salsa shoes do have thin high heels which won’t work in swing dancing and may lead to falling or injury!

Best Shoes for Swing Dancing (For Men)

Men while Swing Dancing generally prefer to wear an Oxford or balmoral Style lace-up shoes. People who love the traditional style swing dance like Lindy Hop prefer Captoe or Wingtip Oxford shoes.

DanceNwear Very Fine Shoes Men’s Swing shoes

best shoes for swing dancing

The pair of shoes are perfect as they have leather uppers and a suede sole making it easy to spin and slide.

The outer sole is ultra-soft, and the insole has got cushion for efficient shock absorption and comfort making them a great choice for swing dance, smooth dance, and ballroom.

Special Feature

  • Cushioned insoles for good shock absorption
  • Great Comfort
  • Can Slide and Spin safely and effortlessly


  • Comfortable
  • True to size
  • Provides a snug and perfect fit
  • Leather uppers and suede soles


  • No cons yet

Best Swing dance Shoes for Women

There are variety of option while choosing women’s swing shoes. There are personal preferences that work while in case of women shoes. Whether they choose to wear flats or heels, or some lace-ups, or strappy ones.

Men and women become very choosey in terms of looks of their shoes as prefer to choose shoe that matches with the era of fashion when their dance style was originated.

For example, a woman would prefer to choose 1930s or 1940s shoes if she is performing on St. Louis Shag or the Balboa on the contrary, a woman dancing Rock and Roll or the Skip Jive would prefer to wear something from 1950s or 1960s.

Ollio Women’s Shoe Classic

best shoes for swing dancing

Ollio’s Women’s Classic Lace Up Oxfords are one of the most recommended shoes out in terms of style and comfort.

The material used in the shoe are made of synthetic, making it stain-resistant, waterproof, and light in weight. One can also use a piece of cloth to wipe the shoe for cleaning.

Special Feature

  • Sole is made of synthetic rubber making it abrasion resistant
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Adequate cushioning for proper shock absorbs
  • Good grip along with proper traction


  • Pretty look
  • Snug Fit
  • Heels are secured against injuries


  • Rubber sole can hinder quick movements

Other Swing dance shoes based on heel type and height

Flat Heel (0.5” or below)

Crazy about the vintage look that would perfectly match your swing dance but do not want to garb on to some high heels? The Wing tip Oxfords are perfect combo of class and comfort.

Flat heels are generally preferred for a particular era’s swing dance’s fashion to match with. Also, some swing dancers prefer choosing flat heels over some high one.

OllioWomen’s Classic Lace Up

best shoes for swing dancing

The shoes are light in weight and is made of heavy durable material that do not scuff with the time passing by. The most worrying thought of a swing dancer has been taken care of and that is the cleaning; one can wipe their shoe with a clean cloth when required or daily.

The shoes are true to size only if not used a high arch or an insole. It fits perfectly to the feet and gives you true confidence.

Special Feature-

  • Sole material is of rubber
  • Has little traction for quick movement
  • Have Suede Soles


  • Secure and Comfortable
  • Gives cute vintage look
  • Small Flat heel


  • Rubber sole can hinder fast movements

Medium Heel (1” or more)

Before or can say traditionally women used to wear any shoe of their choice and perform swing dance. So, ladies did prefer wearing shoes having little heel.

And the legacy continues, not all dancers prefer wearing flat shoes but some wear swing dance shoe with little heel.

Jig Foo Practice swing dancing shoes

best shoes for swing dancing

The pair of shoes is quite cheap but does not compromises with the quality. The shoes are comfortable along with a little heel.

The heels are perfect for swing dancers as they have very little height and is wider in diameter giving stability to the feet.

Special Feature-

  • Has Ankle Straps keeping it tight
  • Metal shank from the heel protects the arches
  • Suede sole


  • Budget Oriented
  • Small Heel provides immense comfort
  • The color and design match the swing dancing outfit


  • One can feel problem while taking off the shoes or wear it immediately

High Heel (1” or more)

Tic-Tac-Toes Women’s Swing Dancing Shoes

best shoes for swing dancing

These shoes happen to be one of the highly demanded shoes that one can buy online.These pair of shoes are very stylish and made of real leather.

It also has an asymmetrical strap top having a side buckle through which the feet can be glided easily for making adjustments.

Also, the shoe has got perfect sizing for extra narrow feet or extra wide feet to fit properly.

Special Features-

  • The Sole are made of real leather
  • Provides good traction
  • Thick suede
  • Soft cushioning


  • Huge color and size availability
  • Buckle and strap are provided for additional support 
  • Strap Design has got a different uniqueness


  • Strap adjustments becomes difficult as the strap widens

Editor’s choice

Our team has tested many of the shoes through professional swing dancers. As per the reviews provided by the professionals this pair of shoes has stood out to be the one.

Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoes Dance Standard & Smooth

best shoes for swing dancing

This pair of shoes comes withleather uppers and suede soles. The shoes also come with items like dance shoes, shoe brush, pouch bag, shoe freshener, and carry-along shoe bag.

The shoes are extreme versatile, and the cushioned insole has great shock absorption and is very comfortable. 

Special Features

  • Lightweight
  • Suede Sole has got good grip


  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Leather uppers are available in various color options
  • Suede soles and cushioned insole
  • Comes with huge accessories


  • No cons yet

Keds Women’s Champion Eyelets Sneaker

best shoes for swing dancing

The sneakers are one of the most preferred shoes by swing dancers. They are highly comfortable and easy to carry with perfect fit.

Keds has prepared the shoe keeping in mind the comfort that the shoe needs to have for wearing for long hours.

Special Feature

  • Comfortable canvas material is used
  • The cushioned foam technology used for comfort
  • Rubber soles
  • Fine traction


  • Comfort-Cushioned dream foam technology
  • Arch support from insoles provides support
  • Protects with the help of thick outsoles
  • Lightweight
  • Good to go with every costume
  • Fits perfectly with adjustable lace-up design


  • Rubber soles hinders spinning movements

Considerable things before buying the best shoes for Swing Dancing!

best shoes for swing dancing

There are many factors which comes in mind before buying any shoe like it’s durable or not? Well fitted or not?

So, we made buying easy for you – Just keep these factors in your mind!


Sole selection depends on the type of floor ( pavement or wooden waxed floor) or the type of styles of swing dancing you’re doing.

Swing shoes are primarily designed with two types of sole

Rubber Sole

1. These soles are sticky soles that offer firm grip on the floor.

2. These soles mainly helps in fast movement because of its perfect grip to the surface.

3. These soles are best for styles such as Lindy pop or street dances.

4. Also, it is become to eventually spin or slow down the movement in these soles.

Leather Sole

1. These soles allows you to slide or spin across the surface where you’veno fear of falling.

2. These soles are primarily meant for smooth swing dance.

3. These soles are prefect for styles like Balboa.

Size ( fitting )

It’s always uncomfortable if you’re wearing a loose or a tight pair of shoes. Wearing a perfect fitting shoe is necessary in swing dance to perform a smooth dance.

Perfect Size also boost one’s confidence, as he/she don’t have to worry about his shoe slippering off the feet during the swing dance performance.

Also, a perfect fitting shoe avoids injuries and blisters. In order to get a perfect size, but a strappy or lace – up shoe with an adjustable buckle.


To enhance your performance or to entertain your audience, you need to be comfortable with the pair of shoes you’re wearing.

A perfect Comfortable shoe should have a foam padded insole, smooth cushioned lining, cushioned footbed.

These qualities helps in shock absorption by fast movements and ease your movement and improve the longevity of your performance and won’t let you tired wearing them for hours.

Proper Support

Support plays a crucial role in one’s dance performance but is the most underrated criteria often ignored by people.

To get a perfect support, shoe must have a cushioned footbed, thick cushioned sole and metal shrank arch that support one’s knee to provide stability.

Generally, Shoes with straps, buckle & laces provide a good support.

Heel height

Heel height depends on comfort and choices of a person as some like flats, some like heighty heel to improve the spin durability.

Flat shoes are likely to be more popular in swing dancing. They’re perfect to dance outside, provide perfect support and are so comfortable.

Whereas shoes with heel are used by women’s in order to gain more attention. Also it allows you to glide across the floor with ease.


Swing dancing contains a lot of fast foot movements. For example – Balboa is quite fast style of swing dancing.

In order to avoid injury while dancing, a supportive and a flexible shoe is required.

A shoe with enough flexibility to let you move faster with the pace through the full range of motion.

Shoes with leather sole offers perfect flexibility, also high heel shoes with short arch support also provides a good flexibility.

What do Swing Dancers Wear?

best shoes for swing dancing

There is nothing special professional swing dancers wear. Just wear something that doesn’t discomfort you while moving in around.

As of shoes, any flat shoes with soft sole will be fine which allows you to jump, move, slide, kick easily.

As of dress, for casual swing dance training, wear a light & loose fitting clothes and as for a formal clothing, wear suits & dresses.

When was Swing dance popular?

Swing dance is fun, energetic dance form thatalways enjoyed by the audience.

In 1930s & 1940s, it went so crazily popular. Though even nowadays it is popular because of it’s energetic dance moves.


Final Words

I hope after going through my article you won’t trouble choosing the Best shoes for Swing dancing anymore! I hope you likes our information!


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