Best Shoes For Surgeons :Reviews & Guide In 2021 (TOP Picks)

Today’s in this article we share with you best shoes for surgeons.

If you finding best shoes for surgeons then you are now at the right place.

If are you a surgeon, Then you must be too busy to spare some time to find your comfortable pair of shoes?

We understand how tough it is for you is to see to stand for such long operation hours, and if your shoes are not comfortable- the pain is just unexplainable.

While you are busy saving us, we find you some of the best shoes for surgeons that help you work without affecting your health comfortably.


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Why Do Surgeons Need Special Shoes?

best shoes for surgeons

There are some professions like cashier, security services that include surgeons too that need special shoes.

Just like construction workers need steel toe caps, electricians require protection from electrical hazards and many more.

So, there are few requirements that the best shoes for surgeons would also require-

  • Firstly, the shoes must protect the foot from dropped needles, scalpels, and syringes by ensuring that the upper foot and the toe are closed.Also, it will protect your feet from the patient’s body fluids getting on.
  • Secondly, the shoes are comfortable enough along with being supportive and slip-resistant, so that while standing for long hours, the legs, back, and foot should not pain. If the shoes are not slip-resistant, you might fall and hurt yourself on wet floors.
  • Finally, your shoes should be easily cleanable. Indeed, you won’t be allowed to keep bloodstains and other contaminated things stuck on your shoes.

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Shoes For Surgeons

best shoes for surgeons

There is always a rush in the lives of surgeons.

They need to stand long hours in the operation theater, run to the corridor, or need to take an emergency call. So, all these can take a toll.

The best shoe for surgeons helps you prevent nagging pain on your feet, back, and legs. This enables you to keep your focus stay on your job.

These are some of the features that one should look for in surgery shoes and clogs-

  • Comfort- This is the prime feature that you would look upon while choosing your surgery shoes.

Look forEVA cushioning or memory foam for the insoles or midsoles. Also, few doctors prefer sneakers while others prefer slip-ons.

  • Support-One of the best ways to prevent foot, leg, and back pain is to have shoes that provide you the best support. Make sure to check the arches to feel right.

Check for a good foundation EVA midsole, proper heel support, and a good rubber sole.

  • Traction-Having shoes that give complete contact with the floor with a good rubber sole is necessary to protect yourself from the wetfloor.

Look out for soles that are slip-resistant and can keep your feet grounded while the floor is slippery or running for a patient.

  • Protection-Your shoes should be enough to protect your feet from dropped needles, bloodstains, and many more. So, you would require a shoe that covers your forefoot and is made of material from leather or some other durable material.

  • Breathability-It is not at all comfortable to stay with hot, sweaty feet all day long. So, you need to ensure that the material of your shoe is made of leather or mesh that ensures your feet breathe and stay fresh all day long. It also helps to keep away from the bad smell.

  • Hassle-free cleaning-An operation theatre is undoubtedly a messy place. Look for a pair of shoes that is easy to clean and is water-resistant too.

  • Style-It is, of course, an additional benefit of liking the type of shoe that is equally beneficial for the feet. Also, you would always want to go with something easy to wear and take off.

  • Durability-Of Couse, you won’t trouble yourself by going for some cheap shoes that would give you trouble for the whole also when you remove them.

Also, they might not last long. So, when you buy yourself a good pair of shoes, that means they are durable, and they would last long.

There are chances that they are going to cost you a bit more. It is recommended to look for shoes with leather uppers, insoles are very comfortable, and outsoles are heavy-duty. That’s worth the money.

  • Cost-Cost is also a prime factor that needs to be considered while looking for the best shoes for surgeons, especially for people with flat feet and other foot conditions.

The cost for buying the shoes should compensate with that of the quality of the shoes.You do not need to get out of your budget to buy suitable footwear. The shoes as mentioned above are not so expensive and won’t hurt your pocket.

Let Us Look At Some Of The Best Shoes For Surgeons


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  • EVA Midsole
  • Leather uppers
  • Rubber outsole for traction
  • Secured lacing systems


  • It May gives a narrow fit for some

Many people prefer lace-up athletic shoes for the operating theatre, and for that, K-Swiss could be the best fit.

The shoes come both for.


  • Comes in 17 colors
  • Chili-pepper red and dark blue are the most preferred colors
  • Sizes come from 6.5 to 15
  • Also, can prefer to choose a regular or a wide fit


  • Comes in 14 colors
  • Available in sizes from 5 to 11

About the shoes

  • Has breathable leather upper
  • The lacing system holds it in its place
  • Foamy footbed and perfect cushioning
  • The midsole is made of EVA, providing more comfort and shock absorbency
  • Has rubber outsole

Merrell encore slip-on shoes (MEN)

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Merrell encore slip-on shoes (WOMEN)

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  • Upper is made of leather
  • Well-cushioned and supportive
  • Easy slip-on for styling
  • The lining is quite breathable


  • The grip on a slippery surface might be a little challenging
  • May face sizing issues

Merrell has been in this business for 30 years now. It is designed for both men and women.

  • Sizes available from 5 to 11 for women
  • Sizes available from 7.5 to 15 for men 
  • Has two variety of fitting- medium and wide
  • Has M-select grip for slip-resistance and stability
  • Has moisture-licking mesh lining
  • Has air cushion in the heels that absorb shock
  • Grip technology is quite well but makes sure to be a little conscious

Crocs Specialist Clogs (Men & Women)

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  • Croslite foam construction
  • Enhanced arch support
  • Has a pivoting strap for a secured fit
  • Thick area in the metatarsal area


  • It can make feet sweaty
  • No half size available

These footwears are specially designed for the workplace, and the crocs have high heels that would protect your feet.

The size for women varies from 6 to 17, and for men, it is 4 to 15. There are two colors available, black and navy.

The shoes are lightweight and have non-marking soles that enhance and support your arches. The area beneath the metatarsals is also thicker.

The shoes are made of proprietary croslite foam that provides good cushioning and support to the feet. The heels strap in the critical area has a more secure fit.  

The shoes are easy to clean and do not have holes in the upper, unlike the everyday crocs. Also, the absence of airflow can make your feet feel sweaty.


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  • Anti-slip soles
  • Protects against electrical hazards
  • EVA cushioning and memory foam
  • Uppers are water and stain proof


  • Soles might be prone to early wear
  • Might run large

These shoes are suitable for male doctors who are in the operation theatres spending hours. The design offers a sporty look and has features that are great to go for all day long.

Thesizes are available from a7 to a15, including the comprehensive and extra-wide option for the same.

The shoe has a synthetic intricate upper, which water and stain-resistant.

Also, they have a diamond-patterned mesh panel that allows your feet to breathe. Also, the elastic panel makes the shoe easy to put on and take off.

At the bottom are the lightweight FlexSoles that are a combo of memory foam insoles that provide excellent support and good cushioning to your feet.

They are very roomy and provide plenty of wiggle rooms for your toes.

But there are cons too. While one finds the shoes comfortable, the longevity might be questionable.

The sole might come out after using within a year. Also, it can happen that you would find the shoes a size larger. So, check your shoe size properly before buying.

Algeria women’s Paloma Flats (Men & Women)

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  • Leather uppers and Linings
  • Rocker sole
  • Good range of color choices
  • Removable contour forming footbed


  • Might go for a small size
  • Might squeak

Female surgeons looking for something a bit stylish but more than a clog or lace-up still want comfort.

These shoes are for you.

These Mary Jane shoes are available in various colors if you want a different color other than black.

There are a whopping 76 different choices, and some are pretty bold that includes a snake print, heart print, and many more.

The uppers and linings are of leather, allow feet to breathe, and also keeps it dry and fresh.

The shoes make it secure along with adjustable straps, and the loop allows to adjust soon. The size ranges from 4 to 14 and offers a wide fitting as well. 

It has removal memory foam, cork, and polyurethane footbeds that mold firmly to your feet’ natural contours.

The rocker style is effortless for movement while walking and has a heel height of 1.5 inches. The overall measurement of the platform is around 1 inch.

The shoes have good arch support and a roomy toe box also it is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

The shoes might run on a small side, so be prepared for ordering a half size up or try for a wide fit. Also, the boots might tend to squeak.


  • Which type of shoes is best for surgeons?

The footwear that a surgeon wears needs to be very comfortable, protective, and supportive. Many surgeons prefer clog-style shoes that can quickly be slipped on, worn, and moved up, but these features are still required.

Some shoes are dedicated solely for surgery and can only be used for the same purpose, easily changeable for other hospital duties. For these cases, you can choose two different styles.

  • Do surgeons favor crocs?

Crocs are the favorite go-to shoe for every surgeon. They are very light in weight yet straightforward and supportive. They are also specific to clean as it is a must-to-do in a messy operating room.

  • Are there some official guidelines for surgeon shoes?

Indeed, some recommendations need to be considered while you choose your shoes for surgery.

Shoes made of soft materials and are open-toed are not suitable to go, and neither are heels for ladies.

Rubber or leather shoes are a good option as they protect the feet. When you wear shoes without cover, you should avoid wearing them inside the operating room.

Also, it would be best if you cleared your shoes no sooner you step out of the operating room to avoid contamination from blood, feces, or other contaminated body fluids.

  • Can surgeons put insoles in their shoes for added comfort?

Yes, surely you can put insoles inside your shoes if the existing ones are not that comfortable. If you want to change them for your support and comfort, you can.

Also, you can find out more in our article that would help you defeat the day.

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It is a fact that as surgeons, your job is at times insensitive and stressful, and along with that, if your shoes do not stand for you, you stand in an actual painful situation.

 When you have the best pair of shoes, they ensure that you will have comfortable, stable yet supportive feet.

All the shoes that have been mentioned above can cope up with the rigors of the operating room.

I hope you like our article about best shoes for surgeons.


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