7 Best Shoes For Ladder Work In 2022 – Exclusive Collection

The best shoes for ladder work should primarily have the feature of safety while working on ladders. Ladder boots that come with a safety grip are the best as they provide your foot with a non-slip grip while you stand on the ladder.

It doesn’t matter if you step on a step or a platform ladder. Safety shoes help you protect yourself from minor accidents too. Also, check whether your ladder shoes have a complete toe box or not to provide you enough relaxation to your toes.

Top 3 Best Shoes For Ladder Work


What type of shoes should you wear when climbing a ladder?

Best Shoes for Ladder Work

The best shoes for ladder work are not the shoes you wear to work or go running. Working on a ladder need your feet to be balanced- So, to keep your feet balanced, your shoe should provide you-

  • Good Grip
  • Anti-Slip to prevent you from slipping from the rungs of ladder steps

Comfort is an essential factor that should be taken into consideration while working in an elevated position. A discomfort position can distract you from your task, which becomes very uneasy and unsafe. Some of the best types of climbing work boots are-

Steel Toed

Steel toed work boots have a toe protection shield that protects the toe from cuts of sharp equipment like a chain saw. The steel-toed boots are comparatively less flexible than the standard boots that help the toe area to stay stable while working on a ladder.     

The ladder wrung rests on the arch area of the foot while climbing, and hence the flexibility can cause immense pain when done repeatedly. The steel-toed boots do not have a flexible sole that helps make them one of the best work boots for ladders.

Short Topped

The short top boots have their laces on the top. As the height of the shoe increases, the laces begin to loosen up the shoe’s flexibility.

The heel of the boot is 90 degrees that provide excellent stability while working on a ladder. The heel catches on the wrung of the ladder and provides stability to the feet to reach up or down. As the wrung of the ladder rests on the heel of the boot, the pressure on the arch becomes less. A short top boot is the best one to go on a work that requires most of the time standing on a ladder.

Long Lace

Tall boots that go up three-thirds of the calf go longer than that of the shorter boots. As the laces go all the way to the toes, they tend to become flexible. So, taller boots become very flexible. The long-laced boots become very stiff, and thus the 90-degree heel is the best idea to wear for ladder boots. The boots provide a-   

  • Snug Fit
  • Provides great ankle support
  • Most of them come with a steel toe

Non-safety Toe

The sole of the non-safety toe boots is exceptionally comfortable, and they are designed for utmost comfort and heavy usage.

These boots provide an excellent level of traction that is highly required in ladder boots. As the ladder wrung becomes wet, it becomes slippery. One of the prime reasons these boots are so much in demand is the comfort of the best shoes for ladder work while walking and standing for long hours.

When the worker needs to work by standing at the wrung of the ladder, the comfort level gradually decreases. But the support required for climbing up and down is provided by the sole of the footwear.  Speaking of the same, the list below says some of the best shoes for ladder work. Have a check on some of the best shoes for ladder work–   

Top Rated 7 Best Shoes For Ladder WorkUser Guide

KEEN Utility Davenport Mid All Leather

Best Shoes for Ladder Work


BrandKeen Utility – US Shoes
Dimensions13.2 x 11.9 x 5 inches
Weight1.8 Pounds
ColorAvailable in 1 color 
Size7-15 ( Available for wide feet too)

KEEN Utility davenports are a great durable and comfortable boot that will hold up to what you need them for best. The soles are slip and oil resistant with a good tread. They also have a waterproof membrane so your feet will stay dry.

These are great durable and comfortable boots that will hold up to what you need them for best. They have more ankle support than other work boots of their kind, making this an easy choice when climbing ladders or looking at safety standards, etc.

These Keen Work Boots not only look good, but they allow your feet room enough even if worn all day long. They’re perfect for people who are on their feet all day!

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Left and Right Asymmetrical Composite Toes –

If you are looking for good non-steel toe work boots, then I highly recommend these shoes. These boots have several features that make them perfect for ladder work.

PU Midsole For Long-Lasting Comfort –

The PU Midsole will ensure that you have long-lasting comfort while wearing these boots. These boots are perfect for people who need to wear safety shoes at work but want comfort too!

Waterproof Breathable Membrane – 

The Waterproof Breathable Membrane is an excellent feature of these shoes. This membrane will ensure that your feet stay dry while wearing these boots. This is perfect for people who are working in wet or humid environments!

100% Non-Metallic Construction –

The 100% Non-Metallic Construction is perfect for people who need to wear safety shoes at work. These shoes will not set off metal detectors or interfere with other equipment.

Features –

  • Non-Marking Rubber Outsole
  • 100% Non-Metallic Construction
  • Slip and Oil Resistant Soles


  • Durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Cons
  • It May is not the best for cold weather climates
  • Mid-height boot might not be best for people who


  • No any cons

Thorogood American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Work

best shoes for ladder work


DimentionsTo be Updated
WeightTo be Updated
ColorAvailable in 4 colors
Size5-15 ( Available For Narrow & Wide feet too)

Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe Work Boots are something you should consider wearing while working on a ladder. They come in both brown and black, so if your outfit demands it, you can match perfectly with the color of your boot. This style comes with some unique features like oil-resistant outsoles that will help to keep them dry even when exposed to moisture or water.

The waterproof membrane allows breathability while keeping feet comfortable during long hours inside these best boots for construction workers. These non-metallic safety toes protect one’s toes from injuries due to bricks, bricks, stones, etc., which is a common issue faced by construction workers worldwide.

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These boots are made from full-grain leather that is tough and durable. The best part about this boot is its non-metallic safety toe, which keeps one safe, and the best boots for construction work are entirely compliant with all the OSHA standards.


This durable, full-grain leather construction is waterproof and features a slip-, oil- and abrasion-resistant outsole, making it the perfect choice for work.

MAXWear outsole – 

The MAXWear heel provides maximum shock absorption and energy return, so you can keep going all day. These climbing ladder shoes come with a safety toe and compression-molded midsole for maximum shock absorption.

Shoe height – 

It has the best shoes for ladder climbing and comes in the best height of six inches. These best safety toe shoes will make you feel confident while working on a ladder.


  • – Oil-resistant outsoles
  • – Waterproof membrane for best breathability in long hours of work.
  • – Non-metallic safety


  • – Comfortable
  • – Durable
  • – Safety toe compliant with all OSHA standards


  • They might be a little too bulky for some people.

Georgia Giant Men’s Romeo Slip-On ladder work shoes

Best Shoes for Ladder Work


Dimensions12 X 12 X 24
Weight2 Pounds
Size6.5-17 (Available for Wide feet)
Color2 Colors

The Georgia Giant Men’s Romeo Slip-On Work Shoe is the perfect work boots for ladders as the slip-on feature matches perfectly with your professionalism and style statement.   The shoe is of superior leather quality, and the rubber sole enhances durability and provides enough traction against slip-in wet surfaces.

The EVA midsole absorbs shock efficiently with every step. The arch support is enough to provide excellent safety to the wearer against accidents or emergencies. The shoe is made with Goodyear welt construction that ensures the shoe’s longevity along with the essential safety that ladder work boots required.

Material and Sole

The shoe is made of leather material that improves the durability of the shoe, and the rubber sole adds to the safety of the wearer, along with making the shoe long-lasting and a tough one.

Arch Support and Midsole

The shoe has a good arch height of approx. 5” from the arch that provides good arch support to the wearer. The shoe has EVA Midsole that reduces the stress on the heel while working on a ladder.

Bumper Guard

The shoe has an oil-resistant bumper guard that protects the feet from oil spillage and helps reduce fatigue while working on a ladder and stepping on and off the ladder steps.

Shoe height

The shoe is 3 inches in height and is made of full-grain leather material that protects the wearer’s feet from bend or accident. Also, it has Goodyear welt construction that increases the durability of the shoe.

What’s More?

  • The shoes have a lighter upper
  • The shoes have a lightly padded collar
  • The insoles are thickly padded  


  • Provides excellent traction against slip
  • The steel toe prevents injury
  • Upper material is highly durable
  • The mesh lining absorbs sweat
  • EVA midsole and oil resistance bumper guard reduce fatigue
  • Rubber sole provides traction and support


  • The insoles are non-removable

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Carhartt Women’s Rugged Flex

Best Shoes for Ladder Work


Dimensions12.91 X 11.38 X 5.04
Weight2.3 Pounds
ColorOne Color

The Carhartt Women’s Rugged Flex is one of the finest choices as ladder climbing boots. The most significant gift is that it does not have a break-in period, which is true to size.

The shoe provides a snug bite, and there is zero shoe bite. Extremely light in weight, the boots do not give any extra pressure. The shoe is sturdy in most weather conditions and is ready for heavy usage. The laces are thin yet durable.   

Material and Sole

The shoe is made of 100% Leather that makes it ready for all challenging conditions and weather. The rubber sole protects the wearer from slip and accidents.


The shoe has removable insoles that allow the wearer to replace the insoles with that theirs.

Toe composition

The toe composition of the shoe is military-grade that keeps the feet safe from falling objects while standing on the ladder.

Shaft Height

The shoe height is 6 inches from the shaft, ensuring the wearer’s safety and preventing the feet strain for extreme pain.

What’s More?

  • The outsole of the oil and spill-resistant
  • The rubber outsole prevents the shoe from clogging debris and dirt
  • It has steel toe enhancing the wearer’s safety  


  • Rubber sole provides traction
  • The Upper of the shoe is breathable
  • The toe composition is exceptionally safe
  • Durable


  • No cons yet

Rock rooster Ladder work boots


Dimensions11.81 X 11.02 X 4.72
Weight2.65 Pounds
Size4X-15X (Available for Wide Feet)

For men, the Rockrooster work boots are one of the best work boots for ladders as it has the best quality TPU outsole. Not only that, but the shoe also has got a quality digital outsole that absorbs shock and impact efficiently.

The shoe has a rubber outsole that provides a non-slip grip that helps to keep the feet stable on the ladder. The ROCKROOSTER soles protect the wearer from electric hazards and support easy cleaning.

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Fabric and Sole

The Fabric is made with COOLMAX technology to keep the moisture away from the shoe.

The sole is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane for advanced protection. The FabricFabric provides insulation on winter days and dries on summer days.

Protection and Comfort

The FabricFabric of the shoe has got PORON Xrd repeated impact protection that protects the wearer’s feet. The shoe is highly comfortable along with being breathable. It is not very bulky and has got lightweight and high endurance.


This ladder work bootie has a non-slip TPU outsole that releases static electricity into the ground while wearing and working on a ladder. The outsoles are slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and have a ROCKROOSTER TPU outsole.    


The shoe has a contoured footbed that cradles the foot and provides extreme support and comfort while working. The Anti-Fatigue Comfort technology footbeds have Coolmax technology to cool the feet.   

What’s More?

  • The rubber outsole provides a non-grip technology.
  • The full-grain leather upper technology enhances durability and ease of cleaning.
  • The shoe has excellent shock-absorbing efficiency.


  • Steel Safety Toe
  • Upper is of leather material
  • Collar has soft foam
  • The shoe has 6-inches height


  • The toe is area is soft, providing flexibility

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Sketchers professional painter shoes

Best Shoes for Ladder Work


Dimensions10 X 15 X 6
Weight14.6 Ounces

The Sketchers for work shoes can also worn by waiters asprovide a snug fit as they come with an adjustable lace-up front. The shoe gives a relaxed fit to the wearer that offers the quality of slip resistance and safety all day long.

The low-profile rubber outsole has multidirectional tread pattering and reinforced stitching at the high-stress area to enhance durability. There is a memory foam pad that absorbs shock efficiently while performing complex tasks.    

Material and Sole

The shoe is made of 100% Synthetic material that improves the shoe’s longevity, and the rubber sole provides excellent traction to the wearer. These help the wearer to get protection against slips and accidents.

Tongue and Collar

These professional painter shoes has got padded collar and tongue that provides the wearer a feeling of softness while they walk or work. The padding in the collar prevents the wearer’s feet from getting bruised or having a shoe bite.


The shoe has a regular fit and provides enough space for the wearer to fit into the shoe comfortably and not feel exhausted. The toe box is roomy enough to allow the wearer to wiggle their toe inside the shoe.

Shock Absorption

The shoe has a memory foam padded insole that gives an incredible feeling of softness. A soft fabric shoe lining inside the shoe absorbs shock efficiently and prevents the wearer’s feet from getting extra pressure.

What’s More?

  • The rubber sole makes the shoe extremely durable
  • The lace-up fronts are highly adjustable
  • The hook and loop closure system provides an excellent fit


  • TR outsole provides a secure surface for the feet to keep
  • The Insoles have to cushion soft foam, which is removable
  • The shoe has a padded collar and tongue
  • Midsoles are highly supportive


  • It does not provide enough protection

Suadex Steel Shank Climbing boots

Best Shoes for Ladder Work


Dimension To be updated
Weight To be updated
ColorSeven Colors

The Suadex steel shank climbing boots are one of the best shoes for ladder work as it is slip-resistant, has a relaxed fit, soft on feet, and are designed keeping in mind the necessities of the wearer who stand on a ladder for hours.

The lace-up sneaker provides all-day-long comfort. The shoes provide comfortable cushioning that is best for the work. The memory foam pad inserts are removable, too, and the fabric lining of the shoe offers excellent shock absorption.

Material and Sole

The shoe is made of high-quality mesh material that provides excellent breathability preventing the wearer’s feet from exhausting inside the shoe. The sole is made of non-slip rubber that prevents the wearer from slipping and accidents.


The shoe provides safety with an ASTM steel toe cap that protects the wearer’s toe from the impact of falling objects. The midsole is puncture-proof that protects the feet from rolling or sharp objects.

Inner material

The inner of the shoe is incredibly soft and comfortable and can absorb sweat keeping the feet moisture-free.

Shock Absorption

The shoe has an excellent shock absorption feature that protects the wearer’s feet from fall and impact while working. The thick rubber outsole protects the feet from shock and fall.       

What’s More?

  • The lace-up front provides a snug and adjustable fit
  • Padded tongue and collar give stress-free feet with no shoe bite
  • The 100% synthetic material is best for the shoe’s longevity 


  • TR outsole provides security to footsteps
  • Removable insoles
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Flexible rubber midsole


  • The protection is not up to the mark

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Detailed Buying guide for Ladder Shoes

There are many factors apart from being durable that best shoes for ladder work do require. Consider these factors before selecting your pair of climbing work boots.

The list below shows features and specifications that will help you get the best pair of ladder climbing boots. Look for the list above to find your best pair of shoes. Let’s start with the factors-


Stability is an essential factor that needs to be looked upon while choosing ladder climbing boots. The shoe that comes with a rubber sole while standing on a ladder provides excellent stability. Make sure that your boots with rubber soles provide you safety against slip and slip during rain and wet weather.


Standing on a ladder requires patience and determination both. Considering shoe having mesh upper provides you safe stepping on the ladder and giving access to fresh air. Best shoes for ladder work with good quality mesh uppers that are highly breathable and prevent the feet from fungal and bacterial attacks.  

Toe Composition

While working on a ladder, you will require to have working tools. The boots or shoes should have composite toes technology. Composite toe design makes sure that your feet are highly protected from damage by falling objects. The boots offering perfect toe composition make the feet easy for narrow feet people to enjoy a comfortable foot too.

Detailed Shoe Buying Guide


  1. Why do my feet hurt after standing on a ladder?

    Ans:- The Achilles Tendons that run from the heel to the calf muscles help the feet lift your heel. So, these tendons get inflamed due to overuse or get torn, and then they seem to cause pain.  

  2. Are ladders bad for your feet?

    Ans:- No ladders are not bad for your feet. Still, if you have conditions like Achilles Tendonitis or Plantar Fasciitis, then you should consider limiting climbing ladders and wearing the best shoe for ladder work.  

  3. What is the purpose of a shank in a shoe?

    Ans:- The shank is a thin and long piece of material placed between the insole and outsole. The purpose of the shank is to support the foot and maintain the foot structure.  

  4. What do painters wear on their feet?

    Ans:- Painters need to stand all day on their feet, climb the ladder, and require bending. So, they need to wear comfortable shoes, are less flexible, and do not put extra pressure on the heel area.


All the shoes mentioned on the list ensure that they are all the best climbing work boots and provide enough space for the wearer’s feet.

The best shoes for ladder work should have great comfort, stability, and conducive working condition. When you get yourself reliable ladder boots, they provide extreme security that boosts your performance while working on a ladder.

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