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Wearing one of the best shoes for cuboid syndrome helps keeping your foot and ankle pain less and ease that are created due tocuboidligaments and joint pain.When a person suffers from cuboid syndrome they tend to suffer from extreme pain on the lateral side of the foot.

When one suffers from the foot pain of cuboid syndrome it is extremely important to keep a check on their footwear and that one should wear the correct footwearto keep the cuboid syndrome foot pain away.

What is Cuboid Syndrome?

best shoes for cuboid syndrome

Cuboid Syndrome is a foot condition that occurs due to some issues with the cuboid bone that causes pain on the outer side along with the underside of the foot. A part of calcaneocuboid joint is the cuboid bone and that helps in maintaining the mobility while walking.

The problem occurs when the cuboid bone shifts from its original location and dislodge from its normal position. There it causes pain and gets difficulty in walking or standing.

The problem is extremely prevalent among athletes and dancers, but anyone can experience it. Cuboid Syndrome does not depend on age and hence, one can get this condition at any age.

Cuboid Syndrome Exercise

best shoes for cuboid syndrome

Cuboid Syndrome needs to be treated immediately, and that is the reason here are some of the ‘immediately do’ objectives to treat cuboid syndrome-

The RICE Method

You need to use the RICE Method to treat Cuboid Syndrome-

  • In a plain surface rest the foot
  • Use ice packs for every 20 minutesat one time
  • Then compress the foot with an elastic band
  • Keep the foot in an elevated position and make sure it is above the heart for reduced swelling

Some additional treatments to cuboid syndrome

Cuboid Whip

  • Lie flat on your stomach
  • Grip the front and allow your doctor to put the thumb on the bottom of your foot near the heel
  • Now flex the knee lightly and move the leg upwards towards to you
  • Then place the foot downwards and push the foot with the thumb to pop the joint back

5 Best Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome

Women’s Walking Shoe Sock Sneakers

best shoes for cuboid syndrome


Dimensions12.6 X 9.49 X 3.82
Weight14.11 ounces

The shoe is made of mesh fabric material. The mesh fabric material is highly known for its softness and comfort. It does not put extra pressure on wearer’s feet and is extremely soft and breathable.

The sole is MD+ Air Cushion Sole that protects the wearer’s feet from any extra pressure or bang.The sole protects the wearer’s feet from added twist while walking. Also, the sole provides the minimum cushioning for additional comfort too.

The outsole of the shoe is made of MD out-sole with good air cushion. It provides the wearer the ease and comfort of the best shoe for cuboid syndrome. The outsole is made of rubber material that prevents slip and wear.

The sizing of the shoe is equivalent to that of the street shoe size. This helps the wearer to not worry about their shoe size and fit as they can come up with their regular size footwear and that they would not run a size larger or smaller as compared to their regular sizing shoes.

best shoes for cuboid syndrome
Image source:- amazon.com
best shoes for cuboid syndrome
image source:- amazon.com

Toe Box

The toe box of the shoe is round in shape. The toe box is quite roomy and that does not make the wearer tough for the shoe to wear. The toe box has got excellent support for the toe stands.


The shoe has got great breathability that allows free air movement to the wearer’s feet inside the shoe. There is a perforated arch in the shoe that helps in improved ventilation and great breathability.


The shoe has got great cushioning. It has classic air cushion design that helps the wearer to move around perfectly. These are one of the best shoes for cuboid syndrome. The cushioning promotes soft movement to the wearer’s feet.


The mesh fabric has got wrap-over faux fur that provides softness to the wearer’s feet. The shoe is light in weight and provides elastic wrapping around the wearer’s feet that relives the pain and impact from the condition.

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Specific Features

  • The slip-on closure provides easy and pain free wear
  • The MD-outsole is an anti-skid one protecting the wearer
  • The shoe is extremely flexible and breathable


  • Durable
  • Easy to wear
  • True to Size
  • Light in weight
  • Flexible
  • Highly breathable
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Good arch support


  • No ankle support

Merrell Women’s GridwayMoc – best hiking Shoe for cuboid syndrome

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Package Dimensions11.2 x 7.7 x 4 inches; 1.2 Pounds
Sizeupto 11 sizes available

Live off the grid with GridwayMoc, the perfect hiking or adventure shoe for the cuboid syndrome. It is explicitly designed with a 100% recycled yarn-knit upper, sustainable EVA midsole, and a VibramEcoDuraoutsole to ensure you’re treading lightly.Indeed it is effectively the best and most practical shoes for the cuboid syndrome. This show helps boost the feet and prepare them to perform hiking or adventures for long runs. It will be sure the worth the purchase, so because of its comfort level on every step.

Special features:

Slip-on design:

The best thing about this MerrellGridway mock hiking shoe is that it offers a hassle-free experience as it lets you quickly wear or remove it with its slip-on design. This slip-on design is also simply compatible with both wider and narrow feet.

Removable EVA footbed:

It comes with a detachable EVA food bed that can be quickly replaced with high-density insoles to absorb shock from the foot.

Breathable mesh:

The upper of the Merrell Gridway is fabricated from breathable mesh. This mesh plays a vital role in keeping the feet hydrated.


This excellent shoe is breathable, and all the credit to its 100% textile lining. Because of this smooth lining, it helps the wearer to keep their feet at utmost comfort.


The other best thing about this Merrell Gridway is that it is not like other cuboid shoes; it is made of rubber, but it features a professional VibramEcodura and an outsole that offers smooth and restricted hiking. And the next best part of this shoe is it can be reused as the upper is fabricated from quality yarn knit.


  • Slip-on design
  • Removable EVA footbed
  • The removable mesh keeps your feet hydrated
  • 100% textile lining
  • Professional VibramEcodura outsole


  • It comes up high on the back of your ankle, and rub.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe

best shoes for cuboid syndrome


Dimensions14 X 8 X 6
Weight11 ounces
Size7 wide

The shoe is made of 100% synthetic material. Hence, the shoe can be worn multiple times without the fear of wear or tear. Also, the synthetic material does not allow the water to absorb inside the shoe quickly and can be wiped off.

The sole of the shoe is made of rubber material. The rubber material is extremely durable and hence the wearer can wear the shoe for long-term. Also, the rubber sole protects the wearers feet from getting twisted in wet or slippery surfaces.

The upper of shoe is made of Airmesh material that prevents the wearers feet from getting exhausted or stay enact inside the shoe. Also, the Airmesh material allows the wearer to move their feet with their ease.

The fit of the shoe is appropriate and it does not dig into the wearer’s feet. Also, the wearer does not have to fight for getting inside the shoe. The upper of the shoe is designed in upper motion and provides great flexible support.   

Shaft Height

The shaft height of the shoe is approximately low-top from arch. The shaft height is medium and provides the basic arch support required for the wearer to wear and move around with foot condition like Cuboid Syndrome.


The shoe has soft anatomical sockliner that provides additional support to the wearer’s feet. Also, the sockliner is extremely soft that prevents any additional discomfort to the wearer’s feet. The Anatomical feature of sockliner helps to maintain the foot shape of the wearer’s feet.


The midsole of the shoe is made with U4ic material. That is extremely soft and thus is provides great comfort to the wearer’s feet while walking. The midsole provides good cushioning and bounces back the energy to the wearer’s feet.     


The shoe has got cloudwave technology that creates a smooth landing and provides good heel to toe technology. The Dynamotion fit of the shoe provides great fit and relives stress naturally for causing running motion.

Specific Features

  • Cloudwave technology provides soft and stable support
  • Lively and lightweight materials
  • Enhanced breathability


  • Good traction
  • Enhanced breathability
  • GreatCushioning
  • Protective and soft sockliner
  • Durable material
  • Light in weight
  • True to size


  • Laces are too large

Birkenstock Arizona Shoes

best shoes for cuboid syndrome


Dimensions5 X 5 X 3.82
Weight8.6 ounces

The shoe is made of 100% leather material. The material of the shoe makes it highly durable and helps the wearer to wear for long time without the fear of wear or tear. The materials used in making the shoe are of high quality.

The soles of every shoe play an important role in keeping the shoe durable. So, it is extremely important that the sole is made of high-quality material. So, the sole is man-made that prevents the sole from tear or breakage.

The shoe has got contoured cork that protects the wearer’s feet from ill-fit. This helps the wearer to have a great comfort and thus becomes one of the best shoes for Cuboid Syndrome.

The footbed of the shoe is made of latex material. This helps the wearer to wear the shoe with great comfort. The latex footbed helps the wearer with proper arch support and provides a natural gait to the wearer’s feet.

Note:- If you want to take care of your shoes then you must have Scotchgard shoe protector to protect you shoes.

best shoes for cuboid syndrome
Image source:- amazon.com
best shoes for cuboid syndrome
Image source:- amazon.com


The outsole of the shoe has got great flexibility. This allows the wearer to not hurt their feet while they move. The outsole is sturdy and ensures that the shoe becomes durable enough and is light in weight.

Toe bar

The toe bar of the shoe is raised. This ensures that while walking the wearer with cuboid syndrome does not faces extreme pain. Because of the raised toe box, a gripping motion is enhanced and that keeps the toe area enact.


The raised toe box provides the grip that enhances the blood circulation of the feet. Also, it helps in maintaining the motion of the feet and without increasing the pain it helps in exercising and improving the blood circulation.


The leather material of the shoe helps in increasing the durability of the shoe. Also, the shoe has got great materials like suede or nubuck upper that enhances breathability. Also, the suede sockliner promotes the comfort and protects the wearers feet from shock and bang.

Specific Features

  • EVA Outsole promotes flexibility
  • Provides a natural gait
  • 2 adjustable buckle straps for easy adjust 


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Easy to clean
  • Improves circulation
  • Cushioned footbed 


  • The leather scratches off after heavy use

ASICS Women’s GEL-190 TR Cross-Training Shoe

best shoes for cuboid syndrome


Dimensions12.3 X 7.7 X 4.7
Weight11 ounces
Size10 X- Wide- 12 X- Wide

The shoe is made of 100% synthetic material. This material helps to keep the wearers feet dry. The synthetic material of the shoe is extreme sturdy and that helps the wearer to wear the shoe for long term use.

The sole of the shoe is made of rubber material. This makes the shoe extremely sturdy and durable. Therubber soles of the shoe protect the wearer’s feet in emergency situation and prevents trip or fall.

The support system of the shoe is extremely hard and that it helps the wearer to have a comfortable walk without adding any further complication to cuboid syndrome. The shoe comes with DuoMax Support System.

The midsole of the shoe has got dual density that is system and positioned in such a way that it enhances the support and stability of the wearer. The shoe is best for cuboid syndrome.

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The shoe has Rearfoot GEL Cushioning system. It helps the wearer to protect the feet from bang and impact. The GEL Cushioning technology helps the feet to stay protected from impact. And this allows for a smooth transition.


The SpEVA Midsole material is used while making the shoe. The Midsole improves the comfort and softness of the shoe and it prevents the wearer from having severe midsole breakdown and improves bounce back.

Trusstic System Technology

The shoe has got trusstic system technology. This improves foot conditions like cuboid syndrome. Also, it helps wearers with reduced weight on the sole and that keeps the integrity of your feet structure enact.


The shoe comes with specific width to match the wearers feet and their comfort. They are designed keeping in mind for the comfort of wide feet people. Also, the designs of the shoe are long-lasting and are designed specifically for specific widths.

Specific Features

  • Great ventilation preventing the feet feel exhausted
  • The arch support helps relieving the pain in foot condition
  • Extremely supportive to work all day long


  • Good Arch support
  • The knee and ankle pain are reduced
  • Durable
  • Light in weight
  • Soft midsole support
  • Fit for wide feet people
  • Removable insoles


  • No cons yet

Brooks Glycerin 15 Running Shoes

best shoes for cuboid syndrome


DimensionsTo be updated
Weight12 oz
Size11 (Available)

The shoe is one of the most effective and best shoes for Cuboid Syndrome. The shoe is boosting the feet and make them ready to walk for long runs. The comfort level on every step is just worth purchasing.

The shoe provides neutral support to the wearer’s feet. The arch support of the shoe is neutral and provides basic support to the wearer that is required for walking without letting the condition of cuboid syndrome go worse.  

The breathability of the shoe is just what wearer’s need. The shoe is made of Air Mesh material that has 4-way stretch. It helps the shoe fit to the wearers feet in adequate manner and improves the air circulation without making the wearer’s feet feel exhausted.

The lace-up closure of the shoe promotes adjustable fit. The lace-up closure is given keeping in mind the need of a proper fit to the wearer. The wearer can adjust the fit accordingly and that does not let the wearer’s feet to feel exhausted or too tight.

Tongue and Collar

The shoe has got padded tongue and collar. This helps the wearer to put their feet inside very swiftly. Also, the padding helps the wearer to stay away from those cuts and abrasion. It protects the wearers feet and enhances their comfort.       


The shoe has got smooth fabric lining inside the shoe. The smooth lining inside the shoe helps the wearer to keep their feet inside the shoe and do not feel exhausted. As, the lining efficiently absorbs all the moisture inside the shoe.


One of the most required features in best shoes for cuboid syndrome are the insoles and provide utmost support and comfort. The insoles can bereplaced with a different insole if required buy the wearer.


The shoe has got underfoot cushioned Super DNA midsole that provides improvised comfort while taking each footstep. Also, there are different pressure points in the shoe that helps the body pressure to distribute evenly.

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Specific Features

  • The outer sole is made of durable rubber material
  • Full length crash pad helps smooth heel-to-toe movement
  • Leather upper makes the shoe durable


  • Dual density sole
  • Padded tongue
  • Padded collar
  • Waterproof
  • Great breathability
  • Comfortable cushioning


  • Not enough arch support

Buyers Guide

Cuboid Syndrome happens when the cuboid bone gets dislocated. So, it is extremely important that the best shoes for cuboid syndrome should be chosen properly to avoid worsening the symptoms.

The factors are-


When you are looking for shoes that will aid your cuboid syndrome, make sure that your shoes are slightly durable. Selecting durable shoes helps youtoenjoy the benefits for long term and ensure that you wear them for long term. Also, durable shoes perform much better than those of the non-durable ones.


Best shoes for cuboid syndrome must have one thing at the highest and that is the its flexibility. The flexible shoes must ensure to provide enough space for the wearers to relax their feet. When a person is suffering from cuboid syndrome it becomes difficult for them to run or jog and hence flexible shoes come into saviour. One can participate in different activities wearing a flexible shoe. Also, flexible shoes prevent the chances of all the connecting bones to the cuboid bone from getting fractured.


Comfort is utmost priority for every footwear especially the ones that deals with cuboid syndrome. Comfortable shoes ensurethatthe painful cuboid bones donot get exposed to the adjacent fractured bones. If you have cuboid syndrome then it is must for you to wear flexible shoes as it helps you to enjoy your normal workout, running or walking program.


  1. Can shoes cause cuboid syndrome?

    Ans:- The most common reason for cuboid syndrome is because of ankle twist, or ankle pain. So, wearing best shoes for cuboid syndrome would help you to improve your symptoms.

  2. Will cuboid syndrome heal on its own?

    Ans:- Cuboid Syndrome often goes within few weeks but the full recovery can take four to eight weeks. Make sure that you consult your physiotherapist.

  3. Is Cuboid Whip painful?

    Ans:- Cuboid Whip helps the patient suffering with cuboid syndrome and the pain associated with Cuboid Syndrome goes away with Cuboid Whip.

  4. Can you run with cuboid syndrome?

    Ans:- Cuboid Syndrome is painful and it isimportantthat you wear good shoes while runningto lower the pain of Cuboid Syndrome while running.


You should always look for best shoes for cuboid syndrome but make sure that it is within your budget. Ensure of its durability and material. Make sure that you replace your best brace for cuboid syndrome and shoes the moment you realize the need or when they are wearing out or shoe is showing some slanting.

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