Top 9 Hand-Picked Best Shoes For Baristas In 2022

Baristas shoes indicate a shoe that can bear countless hours of standing, keeping the foot and ankle in good condition. Best shoes for baristas should have some key features; otherwise, they can trouble your feet all day long. 

To be a successful barista, you must have the proper footwear. Shoes are the only apparel that comes in frequent contact with your feet all day long, and if they’re not comfortable, they can affect your mood throughout the day. 

These shoes are designed to comfort you all day long, 24/7! They’re engineered with an air-cushioned sole along with soft fabric shoe lining, a tongue, a padded collar. All these features enhance the comfort level while working for long hours.

Are you curious to know what kind of shoes do baristas wear? Are they similar to waiter shoes? Have you been searching and thinking about buying the best shoes for baristas? If you’ve been looking for the best barista shoes, check out the list below. In this article, we’ll be sharing a complete list of bartender shoes along with a solid buying guide!


What are the best shoes for baristas?

Best shoes for baristas

The best shoes for baristas offer many benefits that are apparent immediately. They contribute to the Barista’s ability to perform duties effectively. They also allow the Barista to feel comfortable during a long shift at their coffee shop.

They contribute to the Barista’s physical health, which is very important for this career. Another factor that needs to be considered while thinking about the best shoes for Barista is the material used. The boots should be water-resistant to avoid water damage to the shoes and feet. The shoes should also be comfortable to prevent foot fatigue after a long shift.

Many baristas like to wear shoes with leather soles for durability and comfort. The best shoes for baristas are ones that offer good traction. This is important, as the Barista needs to move around quickly and safely in a busy coffee shop.

The shoes should also be stable to avoid slips and falls. It can be challenging to choose the best shoes for baristas with so many factors to consider. A good grip is essential as the Barista will be on their feet all day long working hard in a busy coffee shop. Stability is also necessary as the Barista will be behind the counter or working with hot, heavy equipment. An extra pair of shoes is a good idea for a backup if feet get cold or wet from spilled beverages.

What are the qualities of an ideal shoes for baristas?

Best shoes for baristas

Shoes for baristas should feature rubber soles with deep, patterned lugs that are slip-resistant. The best shoes for baristas have a durable upper made of leather or another strong material. These are designed to support the wearer’s feet while providing comfort and protection from spilled beverages.

Comfortable, supportive insoles are also essential – probably the most critical aspect of the best shoe for baristas. Look for shoes that are relatively lightweight but provide good support. Some boots are the perfect combination of stylish and functional, so finding a pair that suits your needs should not be rugged. There is a range of footwear for baristas available on Amazon – including a wide variety of different styles.

What are the best barista shoes?

The best barista shoes offer the perfect combination of comfort and durability. Finding a stylish and functional pair can be rugged, but finding the ideal shoe is not impossible. Many different barista shoes are available on Amazon, enabling you to select by brand and price range.

The best shoes for baristas should provide good grip, stability, comfort, and durability. A range of footwear is available, designed with the Barista in mind. The best shoes for baristas should feature rubber soles that are slip-resistant and provide a good grip.

They should also have a leather or other durable material upper that protects from spilled beverages.

Best Shoes for Baristas buying guide: How to Choose the Best Shoes for Baristas 2022?

You must have spent all day on your feet, usually in poor comfort, which is unacceptable. Either you work at a coffee shop barista, wait tables, or make deliveries for any store. But, no matter whatever you do, you need to do a few things to increase the longevity of the feet and decrease the chances that you suffer an injury or discomfort at work. Here are some factors you must look into to select the right and best shoes for baristas for you in your tedious work hours.

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1. Slip Resistant:

The floor in a barista gets very slick when wet. Wet floors may lead your feet to make it impossible to remain on your feet all day long. Injuries and discomfort are waiting to happen, and with commonsense shoes that boast slip resistance, you will be able to stay safe while also staying comfortable throughout the workday.

2. Cushioning:

Cushioning effect is an essential quality that must be kept in mind while choosing the best shoes for baristas. It is also significant for any sort of footwear. The cushioning quality ensures that your feet will be protected from jarring movements, and it also helps you to stay comfortable even though you will be on your feet all day long.

3. Sturdiness:

You want to make sure that your pair of shoes do not fall apart, as this can put you in the wrong position on the job. Instead, make sure that your pair of shoes are sturdy enough to protect you and tough enough to last for quite some time.

4. Water Resistance:

If your job requires you to be out in the rain or snow, water-resistance quality in your pair of shoes is vital. When choosing the best shoes for baristas, the water-resistance rate should also be considered. Footwear that lacks the feature will become wet quickly and provide a tiny amount of protection from the cold.

5. Insulation:

If you are working outside, insulating pair of shoes are a definite must. Otherwise, your feet may get cold when the temperature drops, making them vulnerable to most extreme conditions like frostbite and other dangerous situations that can harm both your work and your health for months on end.

6. Support:

Support is a superior quality any pair of shoes should have. While talking about the best shoes for Barista, support quality is essential. You need to make sure that your shoes can provide you with all the support you require, typically in the form of a healthy amount of cushioning. You do not want to have any unnecessary stress or strain your feet at work by walking around in ill-fitting shoes.

Top 9 Best shoes for baristas

We have customized this section with the most ranked and hand-picked top 9 best baristas shoes with their specific features and pros n cons.  

Hawkwell Women’s Comfort Slip Resistant Work Shoes

Best shoes for baristas


Dimensions11.5 x 7.56 x 4.25 inches
Weight1.1 Pounds
Size5 to 10

As per the ideal quality, Starbucks barista shoes should be both lightweight and flexible. That is why we have placed Hawkwell in the first position, which is made by using natural rubber material as the outsole. Interestingly, this pair is unconditionally durable by coming with a leather upper.

On the other hand, engineered with a rubber sole, the Hawkwell is lightweight; thus, baristas workers can always remain on their feet when standing all day long. Furthermore, the shoes also come with, Knit upper to facilitate a feather-like light walking experience.

Undoubtedly, this pair of shoes fits well in the list of best shoes for Barista, which is profoundly more defined by high elasticity ability by coming with a rubber sole. As a result, the pair also guarantees you a nonslip grip on a wide range of surfaces. The foam insole feature of the shoes is equally significant as it employes the feet of baristas working under pressure.

The All mesh Breathable knit hybridized into the shoes is equally essential. It also ensures that either wide and or narrow baristas’ feet can remain dry and comfortable as much as possible, regardless of the prevailing working conditions. It is also well-stated tat; Hawkwell used a Lace-up closure design that offers baristas workers personalized feet. Moreover, by being the only specific Barista’s shoes with a wide toe box on this review, this sneaker provides new and experienced workers a fit experience.

Best shoes for baristas
image source –

Special features-

  • Rubber sole
  • Quality: Soft, breathable knit mesh fabric upper. 
  • Padded collar and tongue are also available.
  • Synthetic hot-melt sleek, unique detail at toe and laces surface for added durability.
  • The pair of shoes avail the best comfort by Memory Foam cushioned removable full-length comfort insole.
  • Safety: Slip-resistant traction design is also oil resistant.
  • Lightweight: Flexible shock absorbing midsole.
  • Easy On: Slip-on design with lacing provides more support as you tighten them.


  • Light in weight
  • Reduced torsional attributes
  • Shock-absorbing cushioning
  • Breathable air mesh upper
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Soft fabric lining


  • None

Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Shoe

Best shoes for baristas


Dimensions12 x 4 x 8 inches
Weight14.2 Ounces
Size7 to 14X
BrandSkechers for Work

 The pair of shoes comes with shoe lining, which is of a Soft fabric origin; hence it offers absolute midsole shock absorbing ability. In the first place, the various asymmetric traditional lacing technology and the longer eyelet allow this work sneaker to be most compatible as the best sneaker for baristas with square, Greek, or stretched or Morton’s toe foot.

Coming from the sketcher brand alone is the perfect guarantee that you will automatically get what you pay for, promoting the best foot comfort, stability, and improved overall work performance. Besides, Skechers Felton promotes a smooth ride on a wide range of surfaces by coming with an extra padded insole from a Memory foam material.

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In a way, Skechers Felton is also known as one of the most comfortable work sneakers for Baristas and thus added to the list for best shoes for baristas. Because of the soft collar padding external feature, Skechers Felton offers additional ankle and heel comfort.

Best shoes for baristas

Special features-

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Supportive work shoe featuring lace-up vamp
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Memory foam padded insole
  • Soft fabric shoe lining with shock absorbing midsole
  • OSHA-complaint nitrile outsole


  • Padded insole
  • Padded collar
  • Nitrile OSHA-complaint outsole
  • Traditional lace-up closure
  • Wide toe box
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Soft fabric shoe lining


  • Weight is quite a questionable attribute


Under Armour Speed-form Slingshot bartender sneaker

Best shoes for baristas


Dimensions11.81*8.03*4.41 inches
Weight9 ounces
ColorAvailable in 12 + colors
BrandUnder armor

There are very few stylish, lightweight, highly comfortable shoes for baristas available in the market. This shoe is one of them. The shoes are true to size and fit greats; you may feel that they’re hugging your feet. After a long day shift, it contains a stretchable, breathable material to avoid that smelly foot.

The shoes are pretty much supportive and directly speed up your movements while working. One of the most impressive things is that you can wear it for any occasion – casual shoes, workout shoes, bartenders shoes, it’s a perfect example of all-in-one shoes.

Best shoes for baristas
image source –
Best shoes for baristas
image source –

Innovative U.A. speed form Designing: 

This shoe is designed with innovative Speedform technology for perfect precision, preventing all distractions. 

It contains Burrito Tongue – This helps a lot in foot guidance, translucent outsole, and the high abrasion rubber under the heel increases durability and traction on the floor.

Comprehensive Lacing System:

 Its adjustable lacing system provides a perfect fit, and an external heel counter gives a closer room. A breathable mesh lining offers exceptionally breathable for long work hours.

Special Feature

  • The midsole has a mixture of lightweight E.V.A. foam with a charged cushioning for an excellent responsible ride.
  • Perforations designed in toe box and tongue for enhanced breathability.
  • The shoe contains a T.P.U. Plate in the sole for a faster toe-off, one same stride.


  • Exceptional breathable for long hours
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Fits well


  • Grip failure- Slips at the wet floor

Sketchers Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh Baristas Shoes

Best shoes for baristas


Dimensions 10-15-6 inches  
Weight12 Ounces
ColorAvailable in 2 colors 

When it comes to the list of the best shoes for baristas in nonskid / traction, undoubtedly, Sketchers Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh will be the best pick for you. The shoes consist of a slip-resistant outsole that allows baristas to enjoy their work comfortably all day long.

As baristas work on an average of 7-8 hours a day, the mesh fabric of the shoe ensures the breathability and comfortability to be up to the mark. The logo of the sketcher makes the shoe more stylish. 

Highly slip-resistant- The best thing about the shoe is its slip-resistant Feature which many baristas look for. There may be chances of the wet floor; less slip-resistant shoes would embarrass you by making you slip. So think wisely before choosing the best shoes for baristas.

Exceptionally lightweight- The shoe offers exceptional comfort levels all day; one of the reasons is its weight. The shoe is so light and supportive makes you feel comfortable all day long while working.

Special features

  • The shoe is designed with a quality soft fabric that ensures blisters and bruises stay away from your feet due to rubbing.
  • Memory foam sock linings ensure a highly breathable environment.


  • Upfront lacing system 
  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • Super breathable and stylish


  • Insole’s quality can be improved. 


Martens 1461 Leather shoes for baristas 

Best shoes for baristas


Weight1.5 Pounds
ColorMultiple colors 
SizeAll sizes available 
BrandDr. Martens

Dr. Martens is one of the leading shoe manufacturers. The shoe offers excellent slip-resistant features, ideal for baristas who regularly work on a wet floor. You will agree that your foot will be exposed to cleaning and sanitizing chemicals while working as a barista. Due to this reason, Dr. Martens manufactured using the Synthetic sole technology to offer baristas’ feet exceptional foot protection.

Moreover, this Original 1461 shoe design comes with a military-grade Docs D.N.A. heritage welt stitching, ensuring that this pair has durability on another level. Martens can always keep in mind employing a uniform blend of grooved air-cushioned soles and three eyes to enhance proper foot aeration and a comfortable fit.

Even more interesting about the air-cushioned D.M.’s iconic sole is that it comes with a specific re-engineered and 100% enhanced grip technology.

The Feature imbibed in shoe engineering also ensures that baristas workers are free from several minor accidents that may arise when sanitizing, arranging, or even cleaning baristas’ work areas, various equipment, and utensils such as coffee tampers and cleaner Sink outsoles guarantees next-level slip resistance.

Best shoes for baristas
image source –
Best shoes for baristas
image source –

Special features-

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel measures approximately 1.25.”
  • The classic shoe patterns
  • The shoe is famous for famous “bouncing” AirWair soles are comfortable, oil and fat resistant and provide good abrasion and slip resistance
  • Shoes built to pound the pavement; The leather upper and sole are heat-sealed together for exceptional durability
  • The pair of shoes are made with classic leather that only gets better with time.


  • Lace-up closure
  • Foam midsole
  • Rubber outsoles
  • Reliable heel counter
  • Breathable upper
  • Removable insole style


  • Less weight
  • Extra flex

Dr. Martens Unisex original 1460 Slip Resistant Service Boots for women

Best shoes for baristas


Dimensions18 x 18 x 7 inches
Weight2 pounds 
BrandDr. Martens

Our review for the slip Resistant and unisex Service work Boots from Dr. Martens as the best black high-top nonslip baristas work shoes. The pair of shoes serves as the perfect example of the best shoes for baristas in the women section. It takes up the unique traditional lace-up closure. Hence the pair of shoes are compatible with both wide and narrow feet baristas works.

On the other hand, black high-top baristas work shoes are compatible with cold and hot weather baristas socks. In retrospect, the shoes’ industrial water and chemical-resistant leather surface pattern make one ensures that these barista work shoes are easy to clean and unconditionally durable. You will also encounter several chemicals, detergents, syrups, water, and sugar spill. Therefore, the full-grain leather upper is equally essential as it is resistant to toxic and non-toxic liquid spills.

In the third place, Dr. Martens’s pair of shoes use a fused P.V.C. This Barista’s service work boot is a unique lug formation outsole design with a central rubber pods technology of specific GRIP-TRAX origin. Because of this reason, this pair of shoes also features Dr. Martens’s work boot offers additional foot comfort, stability, and nonskid traction on a broad spectrum of floor materials.

Best shoes for baristas
image source –

Special features-

  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Ankle from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 13 around
  • Original 1460 design, with heritage Docs D.N.A. like yellow welt stitching, eight eyes, grooved air-cushioned soles, and a scripted heel-loop
  • D.M.’s iconic air-cushioned sole, re-engineered with an enhanced grip for next-level slip resistance: P.V.C. fused with the central rubber pods of GRIP-TRAX, our unique outsole lug formation
  • Serves up enhanced ergonomic comfort via breathable, moisture-wicking SoftWair sock liners, with strategically placed memory foam pods
  • Thoughtful, anti-fatigue design, with extra flex and less weight
  • Made with industrial, water-resistant leather — spill-resistant, and easily wiped clean


  • Anti-fatigue design
  • software sock liners
  • Enhanced ergonomic comfort
  • Enhanced comfort and cushion
  • Moisture-wicking


  • Extra flex

Martens Men’s 8053 Oxford

Best shoes for baristas


Colourblack Nappa and Gaucho crazy horse
Sizeavailable for both men and women
BrandDr. Marten

The new 8053 Oxford pair of shoes from Dr. Martens is added to the list for best shoes for baristas serves perfect for baristas who want comfortable, durable shoes on the job. With an AirWair sole measuring approximately 0.75″ in platform height, these pairs of shoes were made with fantastic fellow baristas on their feet all day. The boots are made of 100% leather and all imported materials.

The Men’s ‘8053 Oxford pair of shoes has a unique platform that measures about 0.75 inches, perfect and ideal for baristas looking to be on their feet all day long or just for chilling with their coffee in the morning. Of course, these pair of shoes are 100% leather, and they come from faraway places, but there are still have your heart at home because these shoes are imported so that you can also say goodbye to those pesky import costs.

These pair of shoes serve an extremely comfortable quotient, and they also keep the feet from hurting much when you have to spend all your day on them. The boots are paired with leather, also have an anti-fatigue technology that lets you stand for a more extended amount of time without being in pain so you can focus on making great espresso or latte instead of how much your feet are hurting you.

These shoes also make a great new addition and collection value to the wardrobe of any barista worker who wants to stand comfortable and confident on the job. Many people also feel like their jobs do not require comfort and fashion, but you must still be looking good when you go in for work. So make your work shift a little easier with these easy-to-grip shoes. The cushioned collar keeps your feet happy, and its affordable price tag makes it even better!

Special features-

  • Iconic air-cushioned sole
  • Goodyear-welted, sewn soles
  • Padded ankle collar
  • Tough rubber sole
  • Grooved outsole


  • Comfortable, Durable, and long-lasting
  • Anti-fatigue unique technology keeps you on your feet longer
  • Feature lace-up shoe with cushioned collar
  • The cushioned collar is made for comfort
  • Affordable Pricing


  • Not Steel toe

SR Max Twin Gore Soft Toe Slip Resistant Work Shoe for Men

Best shoes for baristas


Size7 to 14

Sr Max Twin Gore Soft Toe Slip Resistant work shoes for men are specifically added to the list for best shoes for baristas made of full-grain leather and a rubber sole that prevents slips that would be common and cause discomfort on slippery floors like bars. Unique features like foot fatigue, back pain, and pesky bunions are no match for the patented SR Max Arch System. But, they didn’t forget about your toes. The unique slip-resistant work shoe has a soft toe which is excellent for preventing sore feet.

SR Max pair of shoes also serve as a classic work shoe option for those who need perfect balance, protection, and stability. With the utmost comfort cupped footbeds, this pair of shoes also cushions and molds your foot’s every shape. The perfect hard worker stands up to heavy coffee grounds and sticky floors alike; heeled for more stability with a slim profile to keep those tired legs moving, fortified with P.U. cup removable footbed and pigskin lining for extra soft comfort and cushioning effect.

They are wrapped in latex too for water resistance, so take on any kitchen mess piling up behind the coffee machine or stop spilling as you have always feared. The pair of shoes have a leather outsole and rubber, performing well on slippery floors. The specific in-built Anti-fatigue technology into the shoe helps you stand for long periods without being in pain or soreness. 

These pair of shoes are perfect for the Barista on the go. The sole of the shos is perfect for baristas who need to move fast and confidently, even on slippery grounds. 

Best shoes for baristas
image source –
Best shoes for baristas
image source –

Special features-

  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Pigskin and SMS tricot linings
  • P.U. cup removable footbed
  • SR Max MaxTrax slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Soft toe; no safety toe cap


  • Full Grain Leather upper for more long-lasting wear
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole hybridized in shoe manufacturing.
  • Comfortable shoe with added arch support and removable footbed
  • Perfect for standing all-day
  • Comes with Pigskin lining for extra soft comfort


  • Not durable

Emeril Lagasse Shoe

Best shoes for baristas


Size7 to 13 wide
BrandEmeril Lagasse

Durable and attractive, the Emeril Lagasse brand sets a perfect example for the best shoes for baristas. The pair of shoes is an ideal companion for any barista who needs to keep ingredients well-mixed! An oil-and-slip resistant outsole technology also helps make this shoe a must-have. The low-top Emeril sneakers also possess all the benefits you’ve come to expect from these types of kicks to slip resistance with a synthetic sole perfect for baristas searching for less foot stress and more comfort while managing customers.

These pair of shoes are perfect for baristas or anyone who spends countless hours on their feet. The boots are made from imported materials and with a synthetic sole. The high-quality leather shoes also offer support for all-night shifts, which is what one needs to stand behind the counter when the caffeine has flowed well into the evening times. 

These Emeril Lagasse insoles (B.A.M.- Memory Foam Insoles provide the correct quantity of comfort and balance with patented Balance Active Movement Technology.

These shoes also serve as breathable and lightweight sneakers that are an absolute must for baristas who spend their days on their feet! The sole is exceptionally slip-resistant with anti-fatigue technology made to help your feet feel better after long shifts. The soft fabric lining of the shoes also offers a layer of added comfort and support, while durable leather supports you through those long shifts.

These pair of shoes do have insoles that make sure to give you 24 hours of non-stop performance with high-quality materials that will stand up even after many years of rugged use. So whether you are standing up behind the coffee house counter or lounging in front of your latest marathon gaming session, make sure your feet are happy with your right choice of footwear!

Best shoes for baristas
image source –
Best shoes for baristas
image source –

Special features-

  • Oil & Slip Resistant
  • B.A.M.-Balance Active Movement Memory Foam Insole provides 24-hour comfort.
  • Comfort Midsole: molded E.V.A. midsole provides maximum support
  • Water & Stain Resistant is provided by NeverWet system repels liquids and food.
  • Odor Resistant Lining is provided by Agion-treated breathable linings to reduce smell, keeping the product fresh for an extended time.


  • Synthetic sole of the shoes allows for long-distance runs
  • Water and stain-resistant mechanism
  • Provides support for all-day wear, which sets a perfect example for best shoes for baristas
  • Anti-fatigue technology imbibed to reduce foot fatigue
  • the shoe also features a slip-resistant outsole with patented Balance Active Movement Technology


  • Not durable enough


What shoes should a barista wear?

Ans:- Shoes for baristas should feature rubber soles with deep, patterned lugs that are slip-resistant. The best shoes for baristas have a durable upper made of leather or another strong material. These are designed to support the wearer’s feet while providing comfort and protection from spilled beverages.

Are Doc Martens good for serving?

Ans:- Marta Ess, of Toronto’s Chantecler and Le Phenix, and a finalist for Bombay’s Most Imaginative Bartender of 2019, seconds this. “I swear by Doc Martens; they’re a little heavy but ultimately provide the best support, and their tread can’t be beaten.” She adds, “They’re timeless for a reason.”

Are vans nonslip shoes for restaurants?

Ans:- The answer is yes. Vans are nonslip shoes and a great choice if you need a pair of shoes that will not fail you when you work on a slippery kitchen floor or surfaces, a wet roof, or a busy restaurant.


Best shoes for baristas

When choosing the best shoes for baristas, one needs to consider many factors. Some people also do prefer leather over synthetic materials because they think that they are more breathable and, as such, will be better for those hours on their feet or even standing. Other people might say that rubber is easier to clean or lasts longer than other materials.

We hope that this list has helped you find something new and valuable, whatever your preference may be! After Our extensive research, we have hand-picked the best shoes for baristas on our list. We have also customized our article with buying guide, which will direct you to choose a perfect pair for your feet to keep them happy during your tedious working hours.

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