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Do you want to know “best dry shampoo for Asian hair” then you are now at the right place.

The sole reason Asian people use this alternative is it keeps the hair feel fresh and shiny.

Also, many claim that to have a healthy Asian hair people should use dry shampoo as you do not need to wash off your consistently when you are using dry shampoo.

When you wash your hair on a regular basis it strips off your natural oil from the scalp that makes the hair look shinier and keeps it fresh. That is why it is recommended not to wash your hair too often.

To all the Asian girls having long beautiful hair, it is important to maintain a hair care routine and a strict NO to over washing your hair. You can use dry shampoo if you feel your hairs are becoming greasy.

So, here are the top 6 picks of dry shampoo that suits best on Asian hair-

Best Dry Shampoo For Asian Hair

All Natural, Vegan Dry Shampoo By Handmade Heroes

This is known to be the best Vegan Dry Shampoo for Asian Hair as it has its own signature essential oil formulation drop and charcoal formulation that cleanses and refreshes the hair ideally.

This dry shampoo is perfect for black hairs and it cleanses well on proper massaging. This can also be used post workout for a fast and simple hair fix in no time.

Also this shampoo helps to control oil, sebum, and make hair look fresh and clean after application.

The deodorizing effect helps to remove all the bad and odd smell from the hair as it has activated coconut charcoal. It also helps to provide calm and stimulating sensation through the lavender and geranium oil formulation.


  • Free from Sulfate and Parabens
  • Aerosol Free
  • Vegan
  • Easy Portable


  • Leaves white powder residue

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Living proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, 7.3 oz
  • Absorbs oil, sweat, and odor
  • Makes hair look, feel, and smell clean
  • Delivers fresh scent throughout the day

This dry shampoo is specially designed to remove grease, clean sweat and odor from Asian Hair. The Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is silicone and paraben free and is also free from all the phthalates and cruel products.

It helps to keep the hair look fresh, clean and smell good. Also the fragrance is all day lasting and very pleasing.

The Triple-Action Deep Cleansing Formula soaks the oil and sweat efficiently and the Safe Hair Molecule helps you to quickly strip off the pigments from your hair thus resulting in clean hair.


  • Safe on Colored Hairs
  • Color Safe
  • Keeps the hair longer and healthier
  • Silicone-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free and Cruelty-Free


  • Strong Smell

Klorane Dry Shampoo Oat Milk

The gentle organic oat milk shampoo is best for the Asian Hair as it can easily absorb the oil in minutes without even washing.

This shampoo is developed for soothing and securing the skin and hair and the maize and rice extracts along with the Oat milk that provides extra mechanism to cleanse off the excess oil and dirt from your hairs.


  • Suits on all hair types
  • All the ingredients used are Botanical
  • No harmful chemicals used


  • Very Light Colored

R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste

This shampoo is a natural cleanser and it restores the damages and nourishes the scalp. Also, it absorbs the grease and manages to give a non-greasy hair.

The matte finish that it provides to the hair helps to manage and hold the hair adding volume to and life to your hair. Also, it moisturizes the scalp effectively.

It is also good for treated and colored hair that preserves your shade and is designed especially for Asian hairs.


  • Vegan
  • Provides Protection against free Radicals
  • Paraben and Sulfate Free
  • Gluten Free


  • Not very good to use on Dry Hairs

AmikaPerk Up Dry Shampoo

amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, 5.3 oz.(150 g) 232 ml
  • Shake Well. Hold 8” away and spray focusing on the roots. Massage as you would with a wet shampoo. Brush through.

Amika Perk up Dry Shampoo is the best thing that you can use to clean your hair without water. It is a complete dry shampoo for Asian hair and has the ability to absorb oil from the scalp.

Unlike other dry shampoos this one does not leave any trace or white residue behind and it can control excess oil.

Prevents odor and provides a cooling sensation to the scalp and gives volume to the scalp. It also defends hair breakage and reinforces split ends.


  • Gives volume to the hairs
  • Cools the scalp
  • Leaves no white residue
  • Color and Brazilian treatment safe


  • Button system spray sometimes gives a bit difficulty

Sexy Hair Big Dry Shampoo

Big Sexy Hair DryShampoo absorbs the excess oil and hence makes the hair feel fresh and shiny to appear.

You just need to spray the shampoo on the hair and in the root area and leave for 2 minutes. You can then use a comb or a brush to wipe out all the residues left in the hair.

Along with making your feel and look fresh it adds volume to the hair making it perfect for travel and is also quick and mess-free as it is preserved in an aerosol container.

You can apply this right before going to bed at night to give a touch up in the nextmorning to give your regular hairstyle.


  • 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner
  • Easy to use
  • Removes oil and dirt in no time
  • Portable


  • The shampoo is a bit more consuming and goes fast

Hush! Some things that hardly anyone would say about dry shampoo

Dry hair is the one

This may be a shocking thing for you but the truth is dry shampoo works only on dry hairs. So, stop your thought of spraying or sprinkling dry shampoo onto your damp hair.

Little Far Please!

Make sure that you are spraying the dry shampoo at least 6 inches away from your scalp else you will clog too much onto your hair and it would barely be impossible to remove it all.

Don’t freak out if its white

If you are a new user and your find your hair getting whiter after spraying or sprinkling, don’t freak out. Let it settle for a minute and then it would go. If still you find the residue just comb it off or remove it with your finger.

Add as per required

Once you have used the dry shampoo look for any spot if you have left and accordingly you can go for a second application or can distribute the product evenly.

Don’t worry if you have used a little more

Don’t panic if you have applied a little much on a spot. It can be fixed by combing out the extra or a little serum can work wonder.

Don’t Touch Please!!!

Avoid touching your hair every time even after using dry shampoo. The natural oils from your hair strands would only make your hair oily again.

Apply Properly

You should always prefer using the shampoo underneath your hair and close to the roots so to avoid flashing the white residue. If you can use the dry shampoo properly it not only removes the excess oil but also adds volume and texture to the hair.

Not a new thing

There is not a big difference between the dry and powder shampoo. So, you can use both with absolute ease.

Why Is My Hair Still Greasy After Dry Shampoo?

Best Dry Shampoo For Asian Hair

You can use dry shampoo anytime as it is a great alternative to washing your hairs. But there are many reasons that can make your hair feel greasy after dry shampoo-

Touching it regularly

Avoid touching your hair regularly. When you touch your hair several times you tend to transfer the natural oil of your fingers to your hair strands or make your scalp secrete natural oils. This makes your hair feel greasy after dry shampoo.

Applying it on dirty hair

It is advisable to use dry shampoo on dry hair but make sure that your hairs are not very dirty when you apply the dry shampoo. As when you apply dry shampoo on dirty hair this makes your hair absorb the dirt properly also make it look greasier.

Dry Shampoo Powder For Dark Hair

It is not mandatory that you always need to use a dry in a spray form there are powder dry shampoos are also available that are very easy to apply to the hair and your hands are just enough to spread it evenly onto your hairs.

The Hair dance volume powder is made in USA that is a perfect dry shampoo for Asian hair and also it leaves a very nice smell on applying.

The smell of the lavender stays on your hair for the whole day and gives a fresh and clean feeling to the scalp.

Another benefit that this shampoo has is in its packaging. The bottle is very handy and can be carried as your travel partner.

The shampoo needs to be used in a tiny amount and don’t worry about overusing it as it doesn’t require much.

The ingredients of volume does not include any talc, paraben or baking soda.

Also, the hair dance powder absorbs the excess oil from the hair adding volume to the hair and also keeps the scalp clean.

So, if you are looking for a powder dry shampoo that quickly fixes your hair greasiness you should surely go for one.

How good is Living Proof Dry Shampoo for Asian Hair?

Not to forget but to add this Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry shampoo to your list if you suffer from extreme greasy hair.

This is the best shampoo for all those ladies who gets their hair greasy really quick and need dry shampoo to fix them. This keeps your scalp clean and also leaves a nice smell after using.

The specialty about this shampoo is it is free from the cruel chemicals and is also silicone free.

 The shampoo bottle is very premium and also the shampoo is very long lasting. Generally, it lasts from 1 to 2 months if used thrice a week.

Always check for a dry shampoo that does not leaves a residue after its usage. Yes, it is a problem for everyone having dark color hair and it is painful to fix after applying the dry shampoo.

You can surely go for if you are a new user or planning to change your dry shampoo.

Is Dry Shampoo safe for your hair?

Best Dry Shampoo For Asian Hair

Precisely, using dry shampoo occasionally is safe for most of the people but using it for a longer period can lead to serious issues that includes hair damage and scalp issue. Some of the hair issues that you can have on prolonged use of dry shampoo are-

  • As it does not clean your hair and just gets absorbed in the hair strands can lead to hair breakage.
  • Using it too much can clog the hair follicles.
  • Infrequent hair cleaning can lead to dandruff and scaly scalp.

FAQs Related To Best Dry Shampoo For Asian Hair

What is the best Dry shampoo for Asian Hair?

There are different hair types and one should use dry shampoo as per their hair type. Different dry shampoo is designed in different ways to provide the best results. So, choose your dry shampoo based on the hair type like dry, oily or greasy from the above mentioned list.

Which Dry shampoo is best for greasy hair?

Greasy hair needs a little extra effort to clean and hence the dry shampoos are designed in such a way that they can cleanse the greasy hair. Some of the best dry shampoo that you can look upon are-

  • Klorane Dry Shampoo
  • Giovanni powder Dry Shampoo
  • Tarte Hair Goals Dry Shampoo
  • Monat’s The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo
  • Living Proof Perfect Hair Day

Can dry shampoo cause baldness?

Surely, dry shampoo doesn’t makes you go bald but it is an alternative to washing your hairs occasionally. You should not often use dry shampoo and skip washing away the dirt as it can lead to some serious hair issues that has been discussed above.

How many days can I use dry shampoo?

When looked for the benefits that dry shampoo can provide, it is always recommended to use twice a week the dry shampoo to take its advantage and not more than that. Leaving your dirty for more than two days and using a dry shampoo is not good for scalp and hair follicles too.

Is it better to use dry shampoo at night or in the morning? 

The night prior to the morning you want shampooed hair. It is best to use the shampoo at night and leave it as it would absorb the whole oil overnight and the next morning you would just need your final touch-up and your regular styling.

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Here Is The List Of Best Dry Shampoo For Asian Hair


At the end that all you who is going to choose which dry shampoo you are choosing. What is more important is spending little more to find the perfect product that suits your hair type perfectly.

After reading the review of the above mentioned dry shampoos you have pretty much made up your mind and you don’t wanna go for hit and trial method again.

So, choose your perfect shampoo keeping in mind your hair type and the issues that it resolves.

I hope you are like our article about Best Dry Shampoo For Asian Hair.

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