8 Best Broomball Shoes In 2022 – Recently Updated !

Some people lookout for the best broomball shoes while others play with their regular tennis shoes. As Broomball shoes are a bit expensive, newcomers might not want to invest in holding on to a pair of broomball shoes.

So, when you are looking for a broomball shoe and wondering if you can go with your regular tennis shoe, you need to notice a few details. You need a shoe that provides you a firm grip on the Ice. So, here are some of the best shoes that would help you perform best in your game.

Top 3 Best Broomball Shoes

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What Is Broomball?

Best Broomball Shoes

Broomball is an Ice based game that’s much similar to hockey. It is an evolving activity that consists of some soccer strategies, but its rules and formation are pretty similar to hockey.

Some common misconceptions about broomball.

Since broomball is a developing activity, there are many misunderstandings about it.

  • Myth #1: Broomball is played on the grassy floor. 
  • Truth: Broomball is played on a smooth ice surface, especially at a skating rink.
  • Myth #2: Players, while playing ballroom, sweeps a stone across the Ice, and they try to knock the other stones out of a specific circle.
  • Truth: No, that’s wrong. Broomball is quite similar to hockey. Even most of the hockey rules are applied on broomball, but a ball is used instead of a puck, and instead of hockey skates, it is played on shoes.
  • Myth #3: Ballroom Player use actual brooms  
  • Truth: Traditional players did use actual brooms to play broomball; they dipped in water and froze it. It taped wosolid after it went frozen. However, the game evolved with its equipment. The “broom” of today uses a ready-made molded head.
  • Myth #4: Broomball players wear ice skates. 
  • Truth: Broomball is played on smooth or scraped up Ice (Ice that has been skated recently) and played wearing broomball shoes.

Considerable Things Before Buying – Expert’s Buying Guide

Best Broomball Shoes

Few factors should be considered before the best broomball shoes.

  • Size – It’s one of the essential things in broomball; otherwise, you would injure yourself. A perfect-sized shoe delivers an adequate amount of balance or support to the player. Check them properly; they shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.
  • Traction – Broomball is all about grip and traction. As it is played on Ice that is so slippery, you need the right amount of traction. Look for shoes that offer excellent traction.
  • Comfort – Being comfortable while playing is key. Here your broomball shoes make all difference. Always check that your offer is proper cushioning and high padded features that ensure your comfort level.
  • Protection – There is a high risk of falling or slipping. So your shoe must offer great support to your ankle and arch. So that there are fewer chances of an ankle sprain.

Top 7 Best Broomball Shoes – Expert’s Picks

 ACACIA Shark Broomball Shoes – Best Broomball Shoes

Best Broomball Shoes


ColorAvailable in one attractive color
SizeAvailable in all sizes
ManufacturerAcacia Sports

The ACACIA Shark broomball shoes have excellent engineering, having a very lightweight and high-top version of the shoe for broomball.

The shoe provides excellent Ankle Support and good protection. The shoes have got Advanced Gel Technology, and the sole pattern provides a superior grip that provides reasonable control on Ice.

The shoe can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. There is a dual-thermal padded waterproof nylon that promotes comfort and keeping the player’s feet dry.

It’s our #1 choice for broomball players because it fulfills every requirement of a broomball player.

Special Features

  • This is a high-top version shoe
  • Can be used for playing both Broomball and Hockey
  • Good Sporting Good


  • Good Ankle-Support
  • Foam gel technology
  • Waterproof


  • Waterproofing become less efficient after a season

ACACIA Blitzen Stick Curling Shoes

Best Broomball Shoes


Dimension32X 19 X 14 inches
Weight 30Pounds
SizeTo be updated
ManufacturerAcacia Sports

The shoes are made of advanced super soft gel foam materialthat protects the wearers feet from getting any addedpressure. This helps the wearer to move freely and play the sport with no extra pressure.

The waterproof technology of the shoe keeps the wearers feet warm while playing. Any ice sport would definitelyrequire to have some warmth for staying on the snow for long hours. The shoe provides that.


The shoe has got nylon uppers that are waterproofand hence it protects the wearers feet from getting wet while performing the sport on ice. The waterproofing also helps in keeping the wearers feet little warm.


The outsole of the shoe is made of super soft lattes foam material. This helps the wearer to have a great grip on the snow and also it does not become very agile for the wearer to perform wearing the shoe.

Good control

The shoe provides good balance to the wearer’sfeet. When one wears broomball shoes having a control while playing the sport is extremely important. This shoe provides good control to the wearer.

Specific Features

  • Extremely soft to walk on
  • Great grip on the shoe on snow
  • Good cushioning


  • Warm
  • Good grip
  • Non-stick
  • Durable
  • Waterproof


  • The soles might need replacement

ACACIA Grip-Inator Broomball Shoes

Best Broomball Shoes


Package Dimensions13.6 x 10.6 x 5 inches; 2 Pounds
Item model number49-210
Date First AvailableNovember 22, 2013

The shoes are incredibly lightweight, making them a perfect pair to play indoor and outdoor broomball.

The shoes are full-grain polished Pergo leather that sweeps away moisture through Nylon mesh and offers extreme super comfort, durability, and breathability.

The anti-shock heel counter provides front and back protection, and the lightweight midsole adds cushioning, providing extra comfort.

The shoe has a dynamic suspension system with breathable Abrasion Resistant Linings providing total Arch-Support Anti-Fatigue Technology. It’s the preferable option for broomball.

The shoe has Slip resistance Spider Gel Technology providing a good grip on Ice during the match. It features round mini nubs on the bottom of the shoes to provide superior traction over the Ice.

Special Features-

  • The shoes are incredibly light in weight and not putting extra pressure on the feet
  • Toe caps provide extreme safety and hence protects your toe while playing the game
  • Also, it protects the rear and back of the foot as you play


  • The outer material is of leather and nylon, making it durable
  • Good Grip
  • Available in 3 colors


  • No cons yet

HAGAN H-5 Broomball Shoe – Best in terms of traction

Best Broomball Shoes


Date First AvailableJune 23, 2020

HAGAN H-5 Broomball Shoe is a new entrant in the 2021- 22 season market and a tough competitor of Acacia. It’s pretty attractive shoes similar to high-top tennis shoes.

The HAGAN H-5 shoes are designed for those looking for a top-tier performance with specific traction. It looks less goofy than many broomball shoes.

A sole revolutionary pattern provides excellent traction over the Ice and helps to enhance the performance of the player. Even all the dyes, paints, laminates are removed from the sole to give the best possible traction without breaking in broomball shoes.

The shoes have been designed with durable material to get all from the shoes for a longer time. The shoes offer excellent traction, stability, and comfort while playing broomball.

Special features

  • The sole of the shoes doesn’t contain any dyes, paints, laminates to provide the best traction.
  • A sole revolutionary pattern is an excellent performance booster.


  • Provide adequate traction
  • Affordable pricing
  • Comfortable


  • Durability is a fact of concern ( Acc. to a review)

Hagan H-7 Broomball Player Shoes

Best Broomball Shoes


SizeAvailable in every size
ColorAvailable in a single color

Hagan H-7 is another excellent shoe by Hagan and introduced with some added features than H-5. It’ll provide you the superior protection because it is designed with a protective toe and heel.

It features a top-notch protective toe and heel. The shoe has similar traction to H-5 with added extra ankle support as requested by some broomball players.

It features a pure pro sole with the best grip over the Ice right out of the box. There’s no need to “break in” these broomball shoes. That’s why it’s our best choice broomball.

The H-7 model gets correctly fit than the H-5. Like if you wear an 8 number tennis shoe, then stick to the 8. It consists of a large toe box, so even if you sized it correctly, you might still feel roomy or funny in these shoes.

Special features

  • It features heavy-duty protective toe and heel for ultimate protection
  • It offers extra added ankle support and protection
  • Best Traction over Ice on th market


  • Lightweight design
  • Best sole
  • Affordable pricing
  • Extra added features to enhance the performance


  • Not for children’s shoes

ACACIA Bullet Broomball Shoes – Best Shoe in Lightweight

Best Broomball Shoes


ColorAvailable in one color
Weight3.5 pounds
SizeAvailable in all sizes
ManufacturerAcacia sports

This is one of the most lightweight and fastest broomball shoes on the planet, claims ASICS. The shoe has got advanced super-soft gel technology that provides good grip and maximum control on Ice.

The shoe is padded well enough, having dual-thermal padding providing cold resistance. Also, it has nylon padding that provides comfort and extra protection for optimal protection during play.

Specific Features

  • Weight of the shoe is 1.361 Kilograms
  • One of the best Sporting Goods
  • Good control on Ice


  • Fastest and Lightest broomball shoes
  • Good grip
  • Maximum control on Ice
  • Comfortable


  •   No cons yet

ACACIA Spider-Gel Broomball Shoes

Best Broomball Shoes


Dimensions30 x 21 x 13 inches
Weight3.5 Pounds
SizeAvailable in all size
ColorAvailable in one color

Another good option from Acacia is ACACIA Spider-Gel. It’s pretty lightweight than other Acacia shoes because of its lightweight latex outsole.

It features a soft spider gel material, as the name suggests, that makes it exceptional in terms of comfort. It comes with long grooves for absolute control over the field.

It delivers an incredible playing experience to the players due to its spider gel material and thermal padded waterproof nylon upper for added extra comfort.

It ensures to keep your feet dry and warm during the game to let you focus only on the game, not on foot. It provides excellent flexibility and speed for the players. So it’s quite a good option for broomball players.

Special features

  • Superior flexibility offer latex outsole that’s is lightweight too
  • Thermal padded and water-resistant upper to keep the feet dry from inside
  • Long grooves offer ultimate control over the field.


  • The soft spider gel material
  • Flexible outsole
  • Keep the feet dry and warm


  • A bit pricey

ACACIA Spider-Gel Pro Broomball Shoes

Best Broomball Shoes


Dimensions ‏ 12.5 x 10 x 5 inches
Weight2.1 Pounds
SizeAvailable in all size
ColorAvailable in a single color
ManufacturerAcacia Sports

ACACIA Spider-Gel Pro is also a great budget-friendly option for broomball players. It serves excellent quality for broomball players, so you need to sacrifice the quality of the material.

It features user-friendly features and comfort while playing the game. It’s the next version of spider gel shoes with added advanced super soft spider gel material for the best experience during the game.

It provides ultimate comfort and traction over the Ice. It’s pretty flexible and lightweight shoes with significant control over the Ice.

It features a super-light latex outsole and thermal padded waterproof upper to keep the player’s feet dry and warm. It could be an excellent choice for broomball players who are seeking a well-controlled and well-protective shoe.

Special features

  • Features super lightweight outsole with more extended grooves to provide ultimate control over the Ice.
  • It is designed with advanced super soft spider gel materials for ultimate comfort
  • Thermal padded upper to keep the feet dry and warm


  • Offer adequate traction
  • Super lightweight
  • Affordable pricing


  • Sizing issues

How Do Broomball Shoes Work?

 ‎ 12.5 x 10 x 5 inches

There’s a massive misunderstanding that broomball shoes consist of suction cups on the bottom.

The little fingers determine its traction on the bottom of the broomball shoe. These fingers help in better traction by grabbing the Ice.

There are some common similarities between indoor and outdoor broomball shoes. Outdoor broomball shoes consist of holes on the bottom that are specifically designed to clear the obstacles. Obstacles could be ice stones and snow that are left behind after ice skating.

Ideally, we would suggest an outdoor broomball shoe because of its ability to clear the obstacles, and also, it consists few little fingers that provide better traction on the Ice.

How Do You Make Best Broomball Shoes – DIY Broomball Shoes

If you cannot afford expensive broomball shoes, then DIY Broomball Shoes can be a better alternative.

DIY broomball shoes are Simple. You just a regular pair of tennis shoes. Take a broom, then roll it into a ball, make two broomballs, and then use super glue to stick it at the bottom of your shoes. They can work well at the smooth Ice.

However, it is not recommended. There’s a high risk of falling and injury when using DIY broomball shoes.

Broomball shoes are specifically designed by a thick rubber layer and unique sole for “Better Traction.” I would recommend using Old broomball shoes rather than DIY broomball shoes.

Why to wear proper broomball shoes?

 Best Broomball Shoes

The very obvious answer to this question is protecting oneself from slipping over the ice. The broomball play includes ice so to play on the ice surfaces you need to protect your feet by wearing a broomball shoe that provides protection to your feet while you play.

Broomball shoes comes with soles that designed specifically with different sole that adds to a great grip factor. Hence, this makes your feet more likely to stay at one placewhile standing on the ice and not slide all through the ice on the ice.

Generally,broomball shoes look like normal shoes but they have an additional rubber layer on the bottom that makes the shoe have an extra grip.This is not meant for fashion at all. But surely, they improve your gameplay.

Some people prefer playing broomball in their regular shoe or tennis shoe but forgets on the greatest part about the wonders that the best broomball shoes can do. So it is highly recommended for newbies playing broomball to have a pair of broomball shoe.


  1. What shoes are best for broomball?

    Ans:-) The best shoes for broomball are:-
    1. ACACIA Shark Broomball Shoes
    2. HAGAN H-5 Broomball Shoe
    3. ACACIA Grip-Inator Broomball Shoes
    4. Hagan H-7 Broomball Player Shoes
    5. ACACIA Bullet Broomball Shoes

    All of these shoes are great in terms of affordability, traction, comfort, flexibility, lightweight. These shoes provide adequate traction and support that is required while playing broomball.

  2. Is broomball played on Ice?

    Ans:-) Yes, broomball is played on Ice, especially at a hockey rink. It’s an evolving activity that is quite similar to hockey. Its rules and formations are pretty familiar to hockey.

  3. What are the rules of broomball?

    Ans:-) The rules of broomball are pretty similar to hockey and are included:-
    1.Game will be played by six members.
    2.Body contact is inherited.
    3.No sliding at all; otherwise, you’ll face a penalty.
    4.All penalties will be of 3 minutes.
    5.Player’s can not carry the ball. Only knocking is allowed.

    These are the same rules of broomball. Whereas there are 20+ total rules of broomball – Visit here to know more (https://brocku.ca/recreation/intramurals/rules/broomball/)

  4. What shoes do you wear for broomball?

    Ans:-) Shoes that are designed explicitly for broomball are great to wear. Since they design for broomball, they provide proper support or adequate traction to enhance the performance.

Final Words

Broomball is all about the traction, the grip on the Ice. So, finding Best Broomball Shoes is quite a confusing and daunting task. With our deep definitive research, we made it easy for you. We need your appreciation!


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