[Trendy 13] Best Blue Hair Dye : INCREDIBLE Must Try Look !

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Hello Everyone

Do you want to know best blue hair dye according to your hair??

If you want to make a statement, the best way to do it is to have a blue hairstyle? Blue hair is among rising trends in 2020, and you will find the best blue hair dye for yourself from pastel ‘mermaid’ blue to dark, mysterious midnight blue.

If you just want a temporary experiment with blue colour or want a permanent colour to solidify your dedication, there’s a brand and shade there for you.

We know it can be challenging to narrow your options and choose the one that best suits you, so we decided to help you with a list of the best items available for blue hair dyeing.

Check out our top picks and read some of our colorful tips on hair care.

It becomes difficult for the person to choose from so many different brands and exuberant shades of blue colour. It is hard to decide which brands can be trusted.

What is the difference between great products and average products?

Enable me to help end your dilemma on best blue hair dye. Here, I will tell about the main factors to consider when choosing a blue hair dye. So let’s start:

Colour Bleeding And Fading Effect

best blue hair dye

Temporary shades wash off after some weeks as pigment remains only on the external layer of your hair. So I must make sure my hair colour steadily fades into magnificent hues until it disappears entirely.

You will surely don’t want to waste your money on a color that fades out just after one or two washes.

The luscious midnight blue can be reduced to a whacky green if you have pre-lighten your hair to yellow. The Blue Mayhem could eventually fade into a rich purple colour on darker hair.

The main point is you must learn about the fading effect of a hair dye before deciding.

Gentle Formula

If you intend to colour your hair regularly, choose a product that is enhanced with some hydrating substances. Hair dyes usually are very dry because of their high chemical content.

This will remove the necessary moisture from your hair. This is why these dyes should contain a few hydrating elements to prevent this over-drying effect.

Quick to apply

If you like to colour your hair by yourself, then pick colour cream instead of a liquid dye. A liquid material will quickly spread and cause agonizing mess everywhere.

Hair colours with a thick or semi-thick consistency often maintain consistent coverage and prevent dripping. And if you spray your skin and clothes unintentionally, the stain can get out quickly with soapy water.

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Now you know what to look for in best blue hair dye, so let’s go straight to our top picks!

Best Blue Hair Dye (Experts Recommendation’s)

MANIC PANIC Amplified Semi-Permanent Hair Color – Rockabilly Blue

best blue hair dye

Manic Panic Amplified Semi-permanent Hair Color Cream is the best option for the people looking to dye their hair. This won’t do any harm to their hairs.


• Vegan and no chlorine ingredients make it best to use.

• The hair colour lasts 6-8 weeks.

• Hair colour is ready to be used. It does not have to be combined with peroxide.


• No such drawbacks. However, it is recommended to thoroughly blend to level 9 or 10 before dyeing for better performance.

Arctic Fox

best blue hair dye

In some years, Arctic Fox has become extremely popular because of its vegan recipe and charitable cause. 15% of all profits are donated to avoid cruelty towards animals.

This makes it a good choice for someone who wants to endorse non-cruel goods. It smells better than other dyes on the market. It has a good fruity-grape fragrance rather than a heavy chemical scent.

Arctic Fox is a friendly alternative, which will not overwhelm you if you are sensitive to odours in your products.


• Pleasant to DIY

• Conceived to fade well

• A pleasing fragrance.


• Extensive staining 

Got2b Metallic

best blue hair dye

If you choose to mix natural or coloured grey hair, it’s the colour you have. The metallic undertones fit fine with grey and cover with a metallic shimmer.

The kit includes a metallic shine booster so that your hair does not matter what. This makes a good choice for someone who does not want a vivid blue, but who still wants to turn ahead.

The hue of this colour is multidimensional. It works best when used in hair that has been highlighted previously, or that has natural highlights; it deposits a variety of colours so that after colouring, the hair appears bright and natural, not flat.


• Metal shine booster included.

• Work on grey hair

• Color multidimensional.


• Cannot be used on hair previously coloured

Clairol nice’n easy permanent hair colour

best blue hair dye

Clairol nice’n easy permanent hair colour of hair, darkest blue is a permanent colour creme that looks vibrant and natural. It is a mix of modern technology tones and highlights that help block damage.


• Built anti-drip formula gives silk and soft hair.

• Permanent colour of hair.


• The colour smell cannot suit everything.

Garnier Nourishing Hair Creme

best blue hair dye

It comes in a 10-unit bottle with a long-lasting collection of the hair dye. For those who want a sapphire’s colour, which lasts months after and application, it is a good option with a fair price and a high quality.


• Long-lasting

• hair will look incredible


• its price is marginally higher

Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Sapphire Blue

best blue hair dye

Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Sapphire Blue, is a semi-permanent colour of hair, with an extreme outcome. It gives a vivid, longer-lasting colour. You can also add another colour to customize your look.


· Lasts up to 15 washes.

· The profound penetration formula in the cuticle helps to restore damage while adding condition, intensity and brightness.


• A hair dye must be added and left for the best result for 30-60 minutes.

Punky Color

best blue hair dye

This colour can be used for all styles of hair and textures. Blues appear vivid on bright blonde or bleached hair.

When used with darker or dark hair, the dye places blue tones all over the place. It’s a decent choice for those wanting to add a subtle hair colour without bleaching.

The formula will benefit all types of hair. It is alcohol-free and paraben-free, so your hair will not dry up every time. For anyone vulnerable to dry hair or someone with gross hair, this makes it a good option.


• Works on all styles of hair and textures

• There’s a little way ahead

• Paraben-free alcohol

• Packaging


• Not effective

Creative Image Adore

best blue hair dye

Creative Image Adore offers many shades of blue rather than most brands to choose from. The colours vary from pastel blues to navy blues.

Every paint is right to the colour of the package, which makes it an excellent choice for someone who wants to colour their hair with a wide variety of blues.

The texture of the Creative Image Adore is gel-like, particularly on long hair; it is thinner and more comfortable to apply. It’s the right choice for those with long or curly hair, as you can manipulate it quickly to cover any strand.


• Very colourful

• Pick different blue shades from

• Easy to use the texture of the gel


• Only pre-illuminated hair fits well

Vidal Sassoon London Luxe 1bb Midnight Muse Blue

best blue hair dye

Vidal Sassoon London Luxe 1bb Midnight Muse Blue is a semi-permanent black hair colour. It protects 100% grey hair. 


• Length up to 8 weeks.

• Keeps your hair nutritious, gentle and light.


• Occasionally the colour fades away when you frequently wash your hair.

Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream Bubblegum Blue

best blue hair dye

Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Color Bubblegum Blue is a half-permanent colour enhancing with additives for conditioning. It keeps the hair soft and silky and 100% grey.


• No peroxide vegan dye making it better fit for light hair and hair.

• Lasts up to 8 weeks.


• None, but you must obey the bottle directions for the best outcome.

L’Oreal Paris Colorista Spray

best blue hair dye

L’Oreal’s Colorista Spray holds the key for someone who isn’t ready to commit to blue hair. You can spray a temporary colour on your hair, and it’s gone as soon as you wash your hair.

It does not hurt, smooth out or alter your hair, and Bleach is not required to make the colour stick.

With this dye, you can easily customize your look. The spray enables the collection and colouring of individual hairs, contributing to exclusive hair designs.

This product is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to be innovative.


• No long-term engagement.

• Change your look

• No bleach required.


• Messy

Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Ultra Brights 95 Electric Blue Semi-Permanent Blue Hair Dye

best blue hair dye

Stand out from the crowd with the latest live XXL ultra-light blue colour! This semi-permanent hair colour provides an extra typical appearance and separates you from others.


• Gives a bold, silky and polished look.

• Length up to 8 weeks.


• It cannot fit all types of skin, so try it often before or before you use.

Splat Rebellious Colors

best blue hair dye

This is a full hair-colouring kit, including Bleach and developer, gloves and paint. For someone who does not want to spend time trying and buying ingredients separately, it’s a perfect option. The colours are deep dark blues, which is a bonus if you choose to stay away from light colours such as blue or pastel.


• Full hair colouring kit

• Seed oil and quinoa extracts from baobab

• The colours are rich


• Must bleach hair for colour shine

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Care Lighteners Permanent Hair Color Cream

best blue hair dye

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Care Lighteners Permanent Hair Color Cream is the top blue hair colour cream list in 2020. It is the most charming ammonia-free paint that offers natural reflection and intense colours.


• Ammonia free and odourless hair dye gives a flawless look with focus.

• Unique Keratin Complex hair care system that protects your hair during and after painting.


• No, but do try to fit your skin before you use it. Take a patch test at all times.

How To Choose The Best Blue Hair Dye

best blue hair dye

If you are searching for a blue hair dye for dark hair, you should be familiar with a few factors such as shade and durability to ensure that you are picking the right product.

Dye Styles

The type of colour you use decides how long your hair will last. Different dyes have very different time lengths and chemical properties; you can pick the right one for your hair by understanding which styles there are.


Temporary hair colour has an immediate effect, but the first shampoo will be rinsed out. It coats the hair in colour without the original hair being lightened or darkened. You may use temporary hair colouring to make patterns, cover up the roots, or test a hair colour before you commit to more permanent colour.


Semi-permanent colour is often sometimes known as a “direct dye,” naturally free of ammonia, and doesn’t have to be mistaken for a developer.

This type of colourant is put on the hair surface, altering the overall tone without the hair shaft. It’s not going to lighten your hair.

This type of dye may be used for blond or lighted hair or fading hair dye. It can be positioned over darker hair, but the outcome may not or may not be as bright. Semi-permanent colouration can also fix highlights or brassy hair.

This form of colour will last between 4 and 12 shampoos before diminishing, depending on your hair care routine.


Half-permanent dye has a formula of low ammonia. It is usually coupled with a low-volume developer. It opens the hair’s surface cuticle and allows the colour to penetrate slightly through the hair shaft.

This form of colouring can darken the hair or change its tone, but it does not raise or highlight hair.

You may use half-permanent paint to add natural colour, dark or bass hair, blonde or light hair and correct off-tone hair.

It’s a perfect choice for someone who’s never coloured their hair before because it doesn’t damage as much as permanent teeth and goes naturally. It can last from 12 to 24 shampoos until it starts washing.


This is the most effective form of hair dye. Permanent hair colour is combined with the creator to open up the cuticles covering the hair shaft completely.

The colour is deeply embedded in the scalp, then the cuticles reseal and hold the shade in place. This form of colouring causes the most hair damage.

Blue hair dye Permanent is never going to fade. When your hair grows, you can see the difference between it and your natural hair. It can lighten and dark hair, change hair colour and cover grey entirely.


The shade is one of your hair dye’s most essential things. Blue colours can vary from grim, inky blues to pastel baby blues throughout.

With some brands, including the long-lasting Manic Panic and our best overall Arctic Fox range, you can combine many colours to make your exclusive blue shade.

When Do You Bleach Your Hair?

best blue hair dye

You should bleach your hair as rarely as possible. The process hurts your hair very ill, and if you use a lot of Bleach for a short period, you risk severely breaking your locks, snapping off or hanging on to your scalp through chemical burns.

That said, Bleach is very useful when used sparingly when lighting hair, so you can add bright colours to it. If you have dark hair and you have a bright blue colour, you’ll probably need to blanch your hair before you tea it so that the colour can appear correctly.

Get The Most Out Of Your Blue Hair Colour: A Guide For Experts

We also found during this article that semi-perm dyes do not last long. However, the desired result can certainly be achieved and expanded.

Here are some tips that my colourist shared with me when I struggled to protect my hair:

• Use the clarifying shampoo 12-24 hours before thinning to rice your hair. Before adding dye, make sure your hair is dehydrated.

• Wash your hair after thinning with a sulphate-free shampoo and cold water. Coldwater stitches the pigment into the locks, slowing the bleeding dye.

• Before colouring, split your hair into many parts.

• In your hair conditioner, apply some of your strange blue dye. It will help to keep your hair colour deep and tone after washing.

• Use a dry shampoo in place of daily hair rinsing.

• Do not blow your hair dry at high temperature. It will make your hair wash more easily.

• Wear a shower cup while bathing.

• Put the hat to shield the colour of your hair from the sun’s rays.

Last words

If you choose the best blue hair dye for dark hair without Bleach for your style and fashion, never forget to read the directions carefully on the flyer before you start.

Often test the colour before committing to any permanent colour with a patch test. Often avoid the use of shades. Every time you add colour, you don’t need to cover all your hair.

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