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If you finding best axe sharpening stone, Then you are now at the right place.

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Do you want to know which is the best axe sharpening stone? then you are now on the perfect place.

There is always a basic necessity of axe or hatchet in every home, so you need to have one more thing in the store that is the best axe sharpening stone that helps to keep your axe’s fine cutting edge.

 A dull axe would not be of that, but the axe sharpening stone will take care of it for a while.

Having a well maintained axe sharpening stone can help you to sharpen other straight edge tools like swords, razor blades, scissors or shears, and razor blades.

Here Is The List Of Best Axe Sharpening Stone

A good quality axe sharpening tool makes your task complete faster and is also a good investment to sharpening an axe, variety of knives, chisels, outdoor landscaping equipment, and many more to workplace and home.

Let Us Have A Glance At 7 Best Axe Sharpening Stone

Villa Whetstone sharpening ston

best axe sharpening stone


  • The red and anti-slip base is perfect the top safety measure
  • It is highly heat resistant and heavy corrosion resistant
  • Has dual side grit, the top has 600 fine grit and the bottom has got 300 coarse grit


  • Needs to be handled carefully as a drop can cause a shatter or it may chip

The villa whetstone sharpening stone has professional grade white corundum and thus it makes the stone highly heat resistant and heavy corrosion resistant.

One of the best feature of this stone is, being super durable and low maintenance for having corundum in its composition.

It is super-efficient too that makes your axe blade sharpening real quick and efficient too.

This is a water stone, so you need to soak the stone some time prior to use to form a layer. You do need to oil it before using.

Also, the stone is a dual-grit one so you would find a 400 coarse grit at the top and 1000 fine grit at the bottom for both sharpening and smoothening your blade.

The stone has an additional benefit of anti-slip function that prevents the stone from moving from its place and protecting your hand and the table top both safe and in one place.

The villa whetstone sharpening stone has both pros and cons, they are-

Sharp pebble puck axe sharpening stone

best axe sharpening stone


  • The stone is made from 100% strong silicon carbide
  • Has dual grit
  • One side is has 150 coarse and the other side it is 320 fine coarse
  • Comes with attractive bamboo storage box


  • It is softer than other sharpening  stones

A very fine and superb quality that Sharp pebbles delivers which has 100% silicon carbide, this axe sharpening tool with the puck stone is very economic and very handy to use.

The reason for the specific shape is for providing a secured shape that would help you not to slip off from your hands while you sharpen your axe blade.

On one side is the coarse 150 grit and on the other side it is 320 fine grit as it helps you to sharpen your blade accurately.

This stone is a water sharpening stone andthus you do not need honing oil to sharpen the blade.

A variety of tools ranging from axes to machetes, lawn mower blades to knives and many more recommends using this axe sharpening puck.

The beauty of this puck lies with the beautiful bamboo storage case that it provides with magnetic closures.

Hults bruk grinding stone

best axe sharpening stone


  • The dual grit has got 180 coarse grit and 600 fine grit
  • The leather case is very durable and attractive
  • The stone is very light weighted and handy


  • No

The Hults bruk grinding stone is a very lightweight stone weighing around ½ pounds but is a very strong and efficient axe sharpening stone.

The 3 inches diameter and the round shape prevents your finger from getting damaged or harmed while you sharpen your axe blade.

The grit on both the side ensures that your blade is sharpened quickly and doesn’t becomes a tough task to do.

This sharpening stone comes with a leather pouch that helps your stone to keep safe and maintain its grit.

The leather pouch doesn’t only makes your stone safe but the look and design of the pouch makes it real worthy.

This axe sharpening stone would surely sharpen most of your axes and hatches but it would not sharpen the kitchen knives so well.

The Hults bruk grinding stone has got both pros and cons and they are-

Helko Werk Axe Sharpening Stone


  • Can be used in dry, wet, and in oily condition too
  • Provides both coarse grit (120) and fine grit (320)


  • The stone is portable but is comparatively small

The round axe sharpening stone from Helko Werk rocks has got 5-star rating from Amazon for its solid structure and is made in Germany.

In one side it has got 120 grit and the other one it has got 320 grit and is made of silicon carbide. The top and bottom has got two different colors that gives a clear mark of both the grit’s range.

You can use this stone in wet, dry and in oily state too giving you more possibilities to use this stone.

A bottle of Axe guard oil is provided with the purchase of this stone that you can use for honing oil for maintaining the axe. Also, it provides an aluminum case to protect the stone and keep it safe.

Sharpal Dual Grit Diamond tool sharpener

best axe sharpening stone


  • Firm and a safe grip for quick work
  • Finger guard protects from all the cuts and injuries
  • Mess free as it does not require any water or oil


  • Becomes firm only after few usages

Sharpal has got the best dual grit diamond tool sharpener for its unique design and construction.

The tool has got a bright orange plastic body as a cover within which a solid but thin disc is inserted. The outer shell is designed to provide safety to the user along with a firm and stable handle for you to work with ease.

The double sided disc has got a monocrystalline diamond along with a dual grit. On one side it has got a 220 coarse grit and on the other side it has got 600 fine grit for proper sharpening and smoothening of your axe.

You can claim this as the best axe sharpening stone as it can fix all your hatches, axes, mower blades and every other sharp or bladed tool that needs to be sharpened.

The Sharpal Dual Grit Diamond tool sharpener has got both pros and cons are they are-

Fiskars XSharp ceramic sharpening stone

best axe sharpening stone


  • The fiberglass protection and the ceramic sharpening system makes it the best for the user to use
  • The non-slips pads are provided for durability and safety
  • You can adjust the stone as per your making it user friendly


  • Little tough to use for other thin axes except for Fiskars axes

The Fiskars XSharps ceramic sharpening stone has got most unique among all of the other axe sharpening stones.

The stone is designed by a Finnish designer that has strong fiberglass and a plastic body which is a protecting shield to your hands from the blade. Also it helps to place the stone directly to the blade for accurate sharping.

This sharpening tool is the best one for your worktable as it also has a non-slip base that avoids breakage or any mess in the workplace.

It is very easy to sharpen the axe with this stone as it just requires to move the stone forth and back for restoring your edges quickly.

You can sharpen your small tools with this best axe sharpening stone.

The pros and cons of this Helko Werk Axe Sharpening Stoneare-

Best axe sharpening stone in a nutshell

best axe sharpening stone

As by now you know about the best axe sharpening stones in the market, you will find yourself very convenient to choose the sharpener for sharpening your tools.

 Try making your choice as per your budget, and something very easy to carry and portable. Decide whether you want to go for a wet, dry, or an oily sharpening stone.

Also decide whether you want to choose a sharpener for your axe or also for other equipment like knife, lawn movers and similar ones.

Make sure that whatever axe sharpening stone you choose to purchase it is comfortable and convenient for your use.

Steppingstones To Buy The Best Axe Sharpening Stone

best axe sharpening stone

No sooner you start looking for a top qualify axe sharpening tool, you will find a huge variety of options that would comprise of the sizes, weights, styles, and shapes.

So now you are confused to choose the right one from it?

You will get full details and guidance about how to purchase the best axe sharpening stone for you.

Does It Require A Lubricant?

The primary thing that you need to check is the methods of how blades and axes are required to sharpen. So, all these methods include wet, dry, or oiled?

For a dry stone no liquid is required to apply to the surface of the axe before sharpening it. You just need the stone and start to grind for sharpening.

Some stones need water to sharpen the blade properly. For wet stones you would require soaking the stone for some time to create a slurry before you rub the blade to the stone.

 This makes your blade of the axe sharp without harming the steel.

One more method of sharpening the axe includes rubbing sharpening honing oil.

Oil is the best wat to protect the blade but at the same time it can too be a little expensive as you would require buying an additional item for sharpening.

Also, it can create a mess at your workplace.

Additional Accessories

One thing that you should always consider while buying the best axe sharpening stone is, Do you need any other accessory?

You need this for your axe, bit is there something else that you would also require to fix?

Maybe accessories to fix hunting knives, lawnmowers blades, a hatchet, landscaping tools or maybe something more?


There are variety of materials and grit options that one should look for while choosing sharpening tools.

Both fine and coarse grits are labeled by a number. The higher number of grit is the finer grit and the lower of grit is the coarse one.

Of course, coarse grit is the best one for the initial process of sharpening the blade and then a fine blade is requited to smoothen the blade and give the finishing touch.

Generally, every stone comes with dual grit for the convenience of the users.

Go For Large Axe Sharpening Tools

It is always recommended to go for a large axe sharpening tools as it will go for both small and large axes and tools. Still, it would not be a good option for sharpening huge or massive tools.

Should Be A Multi-Purpose One

You should always go for a sharpening stone that would work on all the blades and can be used not only to sharpen axes but also for scissors, kitchen knives, splitting maul, hunting knives and similar blades.

Look For A Non-Slip Base

It is always recommended to go for a non-slip base as it would be safe on the user’s hands and would avoid slipping and leading to any accident.

Low Maintenance

It is always a profitable option to go for the best axe sharpening stone as you do not need to spend much time and money on its maintenance.

There are some stones that needs constant cleaning and flattering, which can really be frustrating at times.  

FAQs Related To Best Axe Sharpening Stone

What is an axe sharpening stone?

Axe sharpener is a tool that is used to sharpen the blade of an axe or hatchet.It can vary from honing stone, file, or a strop.

As the blade of the axe becomes dull after few usages, it requires sharpening to restore its effective usage.

Out of all the axe sharpeners, file is used as the most common one and it is a sharp and small in size and is very portable too.

Now a days, grinders are also used for axe blade sharpening and they can sharpen both sides of the axe.

How can we sharpen our axe?

For sharpening your axe, start with removing the dust and any significant damage (if any) as you use a grinding wheel for making a clean and a straight edge.

Don’t continue the process at a stretch but rather take small intervals whereby allow the short cookstrokes and try to keep the steel to cool before proceeding.

The axe handle needs to be clamped to a bench vise at angle of 25-30 degrees.

The sharpening should be done once at a time and by slowly pushing in and out.Both the side needs the same number of strokes until a wire edge is obtained.

Once you have obtained a wire edge, use a dual side sharpening stone to hone the blade. Both the sides should have the same number of strokes on both the sides.

What are some axe sharpening techniques?

Sharpening a hatchet is the easiest one and you should use a mill file by clamping the hatchet in between your knees.Now placing the file end against the hatchet blade at an angle for easy sharpening by using long strokes.

Usually it takes six pressure strokes to sharpen the blade.It is recommended to use a whetstone as it is considered to be one of the best axe sharpening stone, after a sharp edge is obtained.

Place the grind stone on a surface by putting the hatchet blade at an angle matching to that of the stone’s bevel.

Keep pulling the hatchet 12 times on each side to give a fine edge.Grinding tools also helps to sharpen an axe blade by drawing it back and forth across the grinder wheel at a bevel matching angle.

 Ways to sharpen an axe with a grinderA grinder machine can be used to sharpen an axe. Ensure that the axe head is firmly attached to the wooden handle.

Followed by this clean the axe and use a steel wool pad to remove all the dirt and dust.Now switch on the grinders and hold the axe firmly with both the hands.

How to sharpen with the best axe sharpening stone?

Start by checking how your stone works- whether dry, wet, or oily. Then find the axe’s ideal angle edge similar to that of the axe’s angle that would change while it moves.

The bit’s angle near the tip is 30 degree and that changes to 15-20 degrees towards the center.

Try not to slide the blade across the stone backwards or forwards and hold the axe with your dominating hand. Turn your axe flat, parallel to the ground and move the bale forward and backward in small circles. 

Can we use knife sharpener as an axe sharpener too?

Yes, you can sharpen an axe with a knife sharpener if it is designed to sharpen both axes and knives too.

Generally, they have separate grooves for using grinding axes and knives, which you can use accordingly.

Simply run the blade through the right slot for a few times to get a super sharp axe for all your chopping and cutting.

Although, knife sharpeners are small and compact, so you can make it as your travel partner while wherever you go.


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