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Cole Haan shoe brand is one of the world’s premier shoe and accessory brands that offer extensive stylish and innovative footwear. However, despite its massive popularity, most people still seem not to know much about it and wondors “Are cole haan shoes good or not. Nonetheless, those who have heard about Cole Haan shoes are most likely to understand it as a high-quality and costly brand. The brand produces one of the most comfortable shoes and is well among the popular labels for dress shoes.

The Cole Hann brand also thrives at the intersection of comfort, style, and craftsmanship, utilizing premium materials and detailing to deliver modern and sophisticated products.

While most of the Cole Haan shoes are expensive, the brand offers some well-priced running shoes in the line. The brand has recently produced a few simple lines for the more budget crowd. 

As many people have a common and fundamental question about the brand, like are cole Hann shoes good, we have curated this excellent article about the brand, which includes some of the interesting facts about the brand. The current theme is focused on delivering specific information about Cole Hann shoe quality, where are Cole Hann shoes made, are Cole Hann shoes comfortable enough under one roof. Let’s look more into the article about whether Cole Hann shoes are good or not.

Is Cole Hann a good brand for shoes- Everything you need to know 

Are Cole Haan Shoes Good

Cole Haan shoe brand is one of the world’s premier shoemakers, offering a comprehensive line of stylish and innovative footwear. The brand is known for its best and supreme qualities, shoes manufactured specifically for a comfortable walk. The brand also adds a styling quotient for trendsetters and provides one of the best durable shoes. The Cole Hann brand lives at the intersection of fashion, comfort, and craftsmanship, working with premium materials and detailing to create contemporary and sophisticated products. Often read, Cole Hann shoes have given significant competition to the other supreme brands like Nike, Adidas, and many others.

Cole Haan is a fashion and apparel retailer with an online presence and sells bags and wallets, footwear, accessories & winter and outerwear-related products. It is headquartered in the United States of America and has 1001-5000 employees. Cole Haan has an estimated web sales of $250M-$500M. attracts monthly unique visitor traffic of 488,546 visitors.

While most Cole Haan’s shoes are expensive, some well-priced running shoes are in the line, and Cole Haan has recently produced a few simple lines of shoes for the more affordable market.

Cole Hann Shoes Quality- do they serve the best quality?

Are Cole Haan Shoes Good

Coming to the quality quotient in a review article about are Cole Hann Shoes good or not, let’s talk about the Quality of Cole Hann Shoes. We have added some of the customer’s reviews and comments which will be helpful enough for our readers to conclude about the Cole Hann shoe quality.

Here’s what some of the customers say about Cole Haan shoe quality.

However, the leather quality of Cole Haan shoes is not up to the mark. After using them for around a few months, creasing appears on their leather upper. As the leather material is known as the supreme manufacturing material of the Cole Haan brand, shoes are more focused and designed on providing great comfort that you can count on a perfect mix of style, optimal performance, and moderate material quality.

As some of the customers are also not happy with their leather quality, people have only focused on the comfort and durable quotient of the shoes. To clarify whether Cole Hann shoes are good or not, we have added other criteria like comfort and welt. Let’s read further.

Are Cole Hann Shoes durable?

While talking about are Cole Hann shoes good, we need to add the durability and quality of the shoes. The durability quotient of Cole Haan shoes is concerned, how one uses them and for what purpose one has bought a specific style. Like there are some driving loafers with weaker outsole. One can’t wear them for continuously walking around. Otherwise, one would observe a rapid distortion in their shape and quality. Cole Haan shoes have also designed special shoes with wooden soles with excellent durability. These shoes last longer even if one walks around with them for a long time.

Is Cole Haan Shoes Goodyear Welted?

Are Cole Hann shoes good enough if they would be welted? Have you ever thought about how welt can increase durability and comfort?

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Unfortunately, answering this question, we can say that the Cole Haan shoes do not feature Goodyear welt construction. A Goodyear Welt is basically an additional strip of material sewn onto the upper around the shoe’s perimeter. This makes the shoes more durable and flexible as the piece of leather- welt is stitched with the upper from one of the sides, and from the other side, it is stitched or welted with the outsole.

Cole Haan shoes have been designed stitching around the perimeter of the upper to observe as they are manufactured by applying the Goodyear welt technique. But that does not mean Cole Haan brand has been selling their dress shoes as a product of Goodyear welt construction. A new buyer or customer can think that the Goodyear welt construction technique is embedded in their stitching by looking at their seam.

Are Cole Haan Shoes comfortable enough for your Feet?

Yes absolutely, Cole Haan’s shoes are comfortable. Despite the moderate quality and durability of the leather, it’s their extreme comfort that urges customers to buy Cole Haan shoes. The Cole Hann Brand also provides ergonomically designed to reduce the heel, lower back and arch pain, with its lightweight sole technology, cushioned and flexible sole that flexes with the foot as you walk. The shoes also have innovative comfort technologies that ease the heel and forefoot. The mechanism absorbs shock and delivers a comfy feel while walking.

The Cole Hann shoes have also been customized with the Nike Air cushioning midsoles. The Cole Haan shoe amalgamation with Nike Air cushioning specification in the midsoles have been comfortable, as dress shoes go. The Cole Haan shoes without Nike Air are a mixed bag.  

Top 3 Cole Haan Shoes

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People most recommend the three famous Cole Hann styles.

There have been mixed reviews about are Cole Hann shoes good or bad. Cole Haan shoes have three famous styles that most people like to buy due to their style and comfort. We have elaborated on all three in a concise, systematic way.

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Cole Haan OriginalGrand Soes

These shoes are the oldest technology of Cole Haan shoes in 2008 after Nike sold Cole Haan. It is a kind of a blend of a style of dress shoes and adds the comfort of the running shoes as it consists of the lightweight EVA foam midsole for providing excellent and durable shock absorption. Moreover, there is a super hard rubber material at the heel and toe region so that you’re not going to wear them down too fast.

Cole Haan LunarGrand Shoes

This line of these shoes features resilient cushioning to provide support and a bounce-back feel. It delivers a relaxed stroke each time one takes a step. The shoes of this series also feature Lunarlon midsole technology that is resilient yet soft for extraordinary comfort that is so responsive that one feels like one is walking on the moon. The material utilized to make this midsole is Phylon, which is caused by compressing EVA foam pellets, and then expanded by heat and cooled in a mold. This process results in resilient cushioning.

Cole Haan ZeroGrand Shoes

The technology in these shoes is an improved design over the LunarGrand that consists of a nicely cushioned platform that feels great underfoot. One will feel lighter on the feet and less exhausted from long days or long miles. In this technology, the midsole is manufactured of a lightweight EVA foam that is soft enough to absorb the shock and impact. Moreover, grooves in the outsole provide flexibility and enhance your foot mobility.

Where is Cole Hann made?

Some people consider the manufacturing quotient in deciding whether Cole Hann shoes are good or not. We have added its manufacturing details here in this section of the article. Some people do think that all the Cole Hann products are handmade. But this is not true. Let us see actually where is Cole Hann made it.

Cole Haan products are basically manufactured in the world’s finest factories using the highest artisan craftsmanship and superior materials. Many products of the brand are handcrafted using time-honored techniques. Presently, products and materials are crafted in the United States, Italy, Brazil, Vietnam, China, and India.

Inside Cole Haan’s Innovation Center

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Cole Hann competitors

The brand that is most famous and successful genuinely has tough competitors. Cole Hann competitors are mentioned here in the list as below. Most of the Cole Hann competitors are supreme in their material quality and durability. Some of the competitors are also good enough and do beat Cole Hann Brand through comfort and style. The most eight Cole Hann competitors are-

  • Kenneth Cole. 
  • Johnston & Murphy. 
  • Nine West.  
  • ALDO. 
  • Nike
  • Geox. 
  • Steve Madden. 
  • Allen Edmonds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cole Haan considered a luxury?

Ans:- Luxury is determined, first and foremost, by quality quotient. With this principle, a brand like Cole Haan has become an integral part of the luxury goods game. Cole Haan shoe is all about comfortable yet high-quality footwear. The brand produces pairs that are beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear

Is Cole Haan a comfort brand?

Ans:- It’s true — Cole Haan has been in the shoe friend zone for too long. We’ve associated the 100-year-old footwear company with support, comfort, and reliability instead of alluring sales, disarmingly chic styles, and a passionate fanbase — that is, until now.

Does Nike own Cole Haan?

Ans:- Nike, Inc. purchased Cole Haan in 1988. Cole Haan was initially bought by private equity firm Apax Partners Worldwide LLP for $570 million on November 16, 2012. Since then, the brand has had its headquarters in Greenland, New Hampshire, and its design center in New York City.

Does Cole Haan use genuine leather?

Ans:- Well, take a look below. Cole Haan Men’s Lenox Hill Cap Oxford used full-grain cow leather of decent quality and held a shine relatively well. It is also super and uniform throughout every surface of the shoe. The leather will also form into your feet over time.

Which Cole Haan shoes are most comfortable?

Ans:- The eight most comfortable Cole Hann shoes are-
· OriginalGrand Plain Toe Oxford.
· Warner Grand Postman.
· Grand Plus Essex Wedge Oxford.
· ZEROGRAND Laser Wingtip Oxford.
· StudiøGrand Perforated Slip-On Sneaker.
· Portia Loafer.
· ZERO GRAND Perforated Trainer.
· ZERO GRAND Mary Jane Loafer.


Are Cole Hann shoes good enough to buy or not? We have come to an end, adding our review that the Cole Hann shoes are most comfortable and stylish. If you wish to be a trendsetter, you have classy taste, and the Cole Haan shoes are a perfect choice for you. If you want to buy a regular pair of shoes, then Cole Hanns is not an option. Due to their questionable leather quality and durability, they are not everyday pairs of shoes.

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