What Does PS Mean In Shoes?

Wearing shoes implies bringing comfort to your doorstep. However, the level of comfortability is significantly dependent on the sizing.

To put it another way, if you choose much baggier footwear than your frame, you will not enjoy wearing them in the first place.

If the fittings are too tight, your foot may swell or experience odd pains. Different shoe sizing options arose to accommodate the need for all of the various foot sizes on the market.

Shoes that are too tiny or too large for your child might be uncomfortable and cause foot problems. You must comprehend to ensure that you receive the correct size. What Does PS In Shoes Mean?

Ps meaning shoes: Preschool in Shoes

PS stands for Preschool in shoes. It’s a measure for determining the size of a child’s shoe. Because most children outgrow their shoes by the age of four, the Ps designation is intended to assist parents and other consumers in determining how long footwear will last a youngster.

PS is, in essence, a grading system for children of the youngest age group. PS is the smallest size accessible for children, while GS is the largest.

Knowing the optimal PS size for their shoe is critical because a child’s feet grow the greatest during that time. Limiting them to a small, snug size may cause problems with their foot growth.

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What does PS mean in Jordan’s shoes?

What does PS mean in shoes

Jordans for kids may differ significantly from Jordans for adults in terms of quality and pricing.

PS has no specific significance in Jordan. They are all the same size, just like the PS sizing for Nikes or other shoe sizes.

That is to say, and the Jordan PS sizes range from 10.5 to 3Y.

10.5s equals 6 12 inches, 11s equals 6 5/8 inch, 11.5s equals 6 7/8 inch, 12s-1.5y equals 7 inches, and 2Y-3Y equals 8 inches, correspondingly.

The only difference between the Jordan and the Jordan is the grade school sizing. The average size of a grade school begins where PS ends. And this is from 3.5 to 7 years old. In the case of Jordans, however, this is extended to 10.5Y.

Jordan PS:

Stand for Preschool Designed for Preschool kids Large Less than GS Popular Less than GS.

Wider Less Adults wearable No

How Do You Measure Your Child’s Feet For The Right Shoes?

What does PS mean in shoes?
  • Place your child on a white, blank sheet of paper. Instruct them to keep the heel anchored against a wall. Outline both of their feet at this point.
  • As a reference point, use the larger feet. Measure the larger foot from the heel to the most prominent toe with a measuring tape or ruler. As a unit, use CM.
  • Check the brand’s sizing chart to see what size will work best for the child. Because Preschool is mainly used in Nike sizing, other manufacturers may differ, so double-check your preferred brand’s sizing chart.

How Do You Determine A Child’s Size?

It’s critical to evaluate both the width and the length of your child’s feet when determining how to estimate foot size. You can do a few tests to ensure that your child’s shoes fit correctly.

  1. Heel grip test: Make sure your child’s shoe has no “heel slippage” by tugging on the heel.
  1. Width test: It’s probably the wrong size if you could see the outline of your child’s foot pressing against the shoe. Check for excessive pressure on the minor/outermost toe when the youngster is standing.
  1. Length test: Locate the longest toe. A pinky width of a room should be provided for children, whereas it should provide an index finger’s worth for older children.
  1. Depth test: Pull the top of the shoe with your thumb. It should avoid a deep gap since it indicates too much depth.
  1. Ankle test: The shoe should not touch your child’s ankle unless it has a soft ankle pad to protect the ankle bone, as it may rub the bone and cause pain.
  1. Walking test: After you’ve gone over all aspects, have your child go around in shoes to see if they can walk naturally and comfortably. When your child is walking, look closely to ensure no heel slippage and no severe gapping.

What does PS mean on StockX?

PS stands for ‘Preschool in Shoes.’ It is a Preschool shoe size on StockX. If you need assistance finding a good-fitting running shoe, we recommend contacting your brand’s online store. Because various companies have slightly varying sizing requirements, contacting a brand representative can assist you in finding the correct size.

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All of the sneakers on StockX are in US sizes. Please refer to the sizing chart provided on each official site for more information on finding the appropriate size for you.

What does PS mean in shoes on a goat?


When purchasing shoes for a child, attempt to bring them along and force them to try on the pair in the store. It’s the most effective technique to achieve the ideal fit. You might also inquire whether they are uneasy.

This way, there will be no confusion in deciding the size, and you will avoid the difficulties of trying to return and exchange a pair.

Finally, it is usually good to check on shoes before buying them. You will never be puzzled by What Does PS Mean In Shoes, thanks to the information provided in this article. Understand all of the available information so that you may purchase the most incredible shoe for your baby.

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