Nike Zoom Gravity Review | Worth buying Or Not In 2021?

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The Nike Zoom Gravity is a running shoe having bold futuristic design of the latest Nike models but the price a bit less.

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The looks of the gravity shoes are similar to that of the Nike Zoom Fly 3 Shoes but the price is half that of it.

The Zoom Gravity provides a comfortable cushioning having a height stack of 31 mm and the heel is of 21 mm under the forefoot (the drop is 10mm).

Nike Zoom Gravity Review

Also, it provides a very famous Zoom Air technology at the front.

When tested on runners, they claimed to be the best as the cushioning absorbs the shock being very firm.

Not only the lower part but the upper part is also very comfortable and provides a very good support.

An important thing is to mark that the shoe is very narrow so it might be difficult for people with wide feet to wear and run.

It is advised to go for a bigger size while purchasing so to avoid discomfort. Lastly, the quality of the shoe is well made and it worth the value.

To summarize, the Nike Zoom Gravity shoes are the best one for running shoes and also it gives overall fitness but it is not a solid one. Scroll down to know Nike zoom gravity review.

Let’s summarize the Pros and Cons of Nike Zoom Gravity Review

Nike Zoom Gravity Review (Features That Makes It The Best Shoes)

Nike Zoom Gravity Review


  • Budget Friendly
  • Overall Comfortable
  • Good Design
  • Very Lightweight
  • Effective Cushioning


  • Durability is questionable
  • Narrow fit might be an issue for large feet

Nike Zoom Gravity Review

Sole (Outer One)

  • The Outer Sole of the Shoes has rubber under the heel and thus it protects the shoe from abrasion. This rubber gives an excellent traction on the road.
  • For improving the grip and flexibility of the sole there are shallow flex grooves and fine studs. This makes the shoe very effective for movement.


  • The midsole has two layers throughout the entire shoe that provides perfect cushioning for ultimate comfort. The first layer makes the shoe dynamic and the second one has a soft foam that absorbs the impact while running.
  • Also, the famous Zoom Air technology present in the forefoot acts as a very good shock absorbent and hence the soft padding makes the running very smooth and easy going.


  • The upper area of the shoes has multiple mesh layers for providing comfort and a snug fit.It is also stretchable that can fit easily as per the shoe shape. Also, it has multiple ventilation holes that prevents overheating and allows the footto breathe.
  • There are many flexible layers too that helps to improve the foot structure and provides support over time.
  • The shoe has the traditional shoe lace system that is helpful for adjusting the fitness of the foot evenly.


The shoe is designed overall in a very light weight way so that it doesn’t affect the runners speed and performance.

It is being tested on the runners and they have confirmed that it didn’t affect their performance.


Nike Zoom Gravity Review

The shoe is designed with rubber sole so as to make the shoe more comfortable, fit and shock proof.

The famous Zoom Air technology helps to absorb the shock and give a cushioning affect. It does helps to give the foot a tight fit.


The Durability of the shoe is quite questioning. As, there has been an issue of the fabric near the forefoot is getting ripped open quite quickly.

FAQs Related To “Nike Zoom Gravity Review”

Is the Nike Zoom Gravity good?

Ans:-) The Nike Zoom Gravity is good for running as they have a heel of 31 mm and the heel is of 21 mm under the forefoot (the drop is 10mm). Also, it provides a very famous Zoom Air technology at the front.

How many miles are Nike Zoom Fly good for?

Ans:-) When it was tested by speed workouts, treadmill and also for long runs. So, when tested it gave out for 140 Miles.

Which is better for running Nike or Adidas?

Ans:-) Both the shoes are designed for running and you can surely go for the review and based on your work sessions you can choose one.

Are Nike renew good for running?

Ans:-) Yes sure they have a very good grip and along with that you can go for this shoes as this has many benefits like cushioning effect, rubber sole and the lightweight design.

Are Nike Max comfortable?

Ans:-) Nike Max are very much comfortable as you can look upon all the features that make the shoe best for use.

Nike Zoom Gravity Review

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The one who are looking for speedy and confident performances on the road and is looking for a shoe that can provide them the exact support- this shoe is for you.

The whole design is made keeping in mind to provide the natural motion to the shoes. The shoe is lightweight, flexible and provides and the platform provides a very good response.

Also, special attention has been given to the outer sole to ensure that the steps that fall are very confident and the speed management is done perfectly.

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