How To Use A Shoe Horn – Simple & Effective Ways in 2021

Are you guys wondering about how to use a shoe horn? Have you guys thought that a shoe or boots can avail you less struggle when you are exceptionally late for your presentation or a boss meeting?

Can you guys imagine that a fussy morning struggle can make you irritable all the time? The article here offers you an essential solution for all these selective mornings and works, a brief introduction about the tool known as a shoe horn.

The article is focused on How to use a shoe horn and avails a brief introduction on various methods and types of shoe horns.

What is a shoe horn?

Shoe horns are a fundamental tool that allows any footwear to be put on more efficiently and safely by keeping it open and providing a smooth surface for the foot and heel when entering the shoe.

They were used as early as the 15th century and continued into the 16th and 17th centuries as well, with more form-fitting shoes were introduced that often-required assistance in slipping into.

 Initially, a shoe horn is crafted from various materials such as human or animal bone, horn, animal hooves and skin, and even from simple paper over time. These versions and variations have been replaced with less expensive advanced metal and plastic.

 While now the younger generation may have never used a shoe horn, older consumers continue to appreciate the simple tool, which has really proved to be a game-changer for the elderly and disabled, who tend to be limited in mobility.

How to select a shoehorn?

There are several criteria through which you can select your perfect shoe horn for your match. The significant criteria like length, material, and extract time of the utilization of the shoe horn can be added to an essential criteria list. 

The length of the shoe horn you select will always depend on your height and agility. If you plan to be seated while putting on your shoes, a shorter version can do the work.

The shoe horn is also easier to travel with and store. If in a standing state, which requires little to no bending, a more extended shoe horn will be more practical to choose. Shorter shoe horns on the other side can range from as small as 3.5 inches, while longer styles of a shoe horn can hit over 30 inches, which is a substantial appreciative range.

Keep in mind that the material of the shoehorn matters, too, when you are buying or selecting your shoehorn. Wood and metal options are the trendiest designs. Plastic material options typically aren’t as durable as those mentioned above.

However, they are to be more lightweight and inexpensive. After Selection, scroll down to know about How to use a shoe horn?

How To Use A Shoe Horn?

There are some easy steps to make your shoes or sneakers very safe while using the shoe horn. The steps are given as follows-

  1. Place the shoe horn in your shoe or sneaker in such a way that it rests against the heel cup of the footwear. The shoe horn can be placed slightly, so the bottom is forward and the handle is pulled back a bit.
  2. Place the shoe horn in such a method the spoon shape section is in the bottom and aids in cupping your heel, the same contour as the inside of the shoe heel.
  3. Insert your toes into the footwear until the front of your ankle touches the tongue of the shoe or footwear, and the heel of your foot touches the shoe horn.
  4. Next, angle the shoe horn handle toward your leg or feet and apply some pressure forward and down with your heel in the footwear.
  5. When your foot slips down easily and touches the insole, remove the shoe horn with light pressure.
  6. Each shoe horn is different as in the pattern and method, and may require you to adjust your strategy a bit; keep in mind that placing your foot into your shoe should not be too much of a struggle time when you are already late for the office or a client meeting. It may not be easy at first to get your foot in while using your shoe horn sometimes, but you need to practice the tool, try loosening your laces a bit or going at it a bit slower.

Alternatives of a shoehorn- some fantastic DIY ideas that will blow your mind

  1. Cereal box or simple cardboard. Cut out a 2-inch-wide section from a cereal box or cardboard available near you. The cardboard will let your foot slide in without crushing your heel.
  2. A ruler could help out too. I guess it will depend on what kind you have material-wise.
  3. A butter knife is not similar to a shoe horn in various ways. 
  4. How about a plastic lid top for an oil container. Use the flat top section of the lid against your heel and the opposite side against the heel cup. 
  5. Your belt might work in a bind, giving you just enough sliding action to fit your foot in.
  6. Recycle a plastic water bottle. Cut a wasted plastic water bottle in half from top to bottom, cutting off where it tapers and the flat part at the bottom.
  7. Paper folded inside, can avail your foot will likely slide in nicely.
  8. A plastic card or some credit cards that are of waste can be an excellent alternative for the shoe horn.
  9. A business card might work with a bit of finesse.
  10. Try paper or newspaper. Folding the document can often create just the right amount of stiffness to help your foot slide into your shoe.

Types Of Shoehorn

Velette Metal Shoe Horn Set

These metal shoe horns with thousands of five-star ratings are approximately 16.5 inches long with great grippy handles. They come as a pack of two-piece so that you can avail one handy in your bedroom and entryway.

Cosmos Plastic Shoe Horns Six-Pack

Super Cosmos Plastic is one of the best affordable options, and you get six plastic shoehorns in three different colours per pack. Each shoe horn is 6.3 inches long and features a hole at the end of the handle for easy hanging and utilization. While these are made of plastic materials, customers noted that the material is durable enough to handle tightly laced shoes.

Shoe horn ProGuide Set

Another set with an incredible easy handling and a specific tool, the option includes a 6 inch long shoe horn and a longer style that is approximately 12 inches. Both are made of durable metal material and printed with pink hearts, flowers, and butterflies to add graphical charm.

Tungsram Long Handle Shoe Horn

This shoehorn is fabricated from wooden material, with an advanced style that measures about 15 inches long, and comes with a unique tie at the end of the handle for easy hanging. It is designed explicitly for the ergonomically perspective and has smooth edges to prevent cuts.

Nova Medical Extra Long Shoe horn

The Nov Medical extra-long shoehorn measures 14 inches in length, curated from blue plastic, is basically contoured for easy use while standing, and can be hung.

Zomake Long-handled Shoe horn

Measuring 16.5 inches long, this sleek black stainless steel shoe horn features a soft leather strap on the end of the handle to make it more comfortable when manoeuvring.

Vive Long-Handled Shoehorn

Another long-handled option, this 23-inch plastic shoe horn, can be separated into two pieces measuring 13 and 10 inches in length to fit inside a bag easily. It also has a large oval handle to promote a comfortable and secure grip.

When Should You Use a Shoe horn?

As life advances, there are some limitations in your capacities and flexibilities. At a certain age, a shoe horn is required to guide you ease and comfort, which are enlisted below-

Mint Condition

When you wear casual shoes around the house that you never use out, you usually tend to kick them with the toe of another foot on the back of the heel of the shoe. It sounds easy and convenient but starts to degrade the integrity of the supporting material around the shoe’s heel.

When you wear your boots or dress shoes, you preferably use a shoe horn to keep them looking nice and stylish. Once you have a crease on your leather shoes, they start looking less fashionable and function less efficiently around the heel cup especially.

Ankle Flexibility 

Whether your ankle is sore or swollen from an injury, you have tight muscles and tendons, or a swollen foot, and you’ll want to have a shoehorn handy to help with the easy insertion and extraction of your foot from your shoe.

Getting a long-handled shoe horn might work well for you because it will allow you the proper leverage to slip your foot in and out without having to bend and lift your foot off the ground. This can really work like magic for ankles that have lesser mobility.

Tight Collar of the shoe or boot

When you have a shoe with some limited opening or lacing for your foot to fit in, it is likely to create a big struggle for you when you are already late.

Nobody wants to untie their shoes, so the laces need to be removed from the eyelets. 

A shoe horn will serve as a great option to get shoes on with less struggle in tight situations like Collar and less fuss with laces and heel cups.

Back Problems- the back ailment 

Many people have back issues having chronic back pains and discomfort, and having a shoe horn will avail them when putting on their shoes and taking them off without bending.


Do shoe horns ruin shoes?

Ans:- Aside from the fact that the tool is damaging to all kinds of shoes since this destroys the counterpart, which is vital for preserving the stability of the shoe, in addition to damaging the heel seam and wearing out the shaft, doing this is particularly detrimental to quality shoes and should generally be avoided.

Is a shoehorn necessary?

Ans:- Many shoes do not require a shoe horn, but dress shoes, high heels, and boots may need a shoe horn to help your foot slide into your shoe.

Is a shoe horn worth it?

Ans:- By preserving the proper shape and structure of the heel, shoe horns will help keep any shoes and even trainers’ box-fresh for longer. So, if you have spent more than you usually would on a pair of shoes, or just like a new pair as a passion, consider taking a few seconds to put them on adequately using a tool shoe horn. 


The shoe horn has proved to be a valuable and essential tool for some people with sedentary lifestyles who have nearly zero ankle movements or may be suffering from a mild to severe lower body illness. 

Read the article, which focuses on How to use a shoe horn, and conclude whether you require a shoe horn. Also, read about the damaging factors of shoe horns in the last.


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