How to Get paint off shoes – Easy Hacks & DIY in 2021

Imagine a situation where you walk by a street where some paintwork is in progress and accidentally step off your foot on it? In this worst situation, the most disastrous stuff is the paint has been spoiled all over your most matching and trendy footwear.

Paints and color pigments are known as the most tenacious liquids to spoil the shoes. It requires time and effort to remove paint off shoes. Different types of paints like acrylic, oils, and water-based are available in the market, and they do have some other techniques and methods to be removed from the shoes. Whether it is your new converse or canvas shoes, or suedes or leather walking boots, a different approach is required to get paint off shoes.

This has been a matter of concern about getting pain off shoes, either scraping off or cutting them off. In this present article, we will be talking about some most effortless and unforgettable DIY 8 most common methods about how to get paint off shoes. The content also focuses on the tips for getting paint off shoes and how to get color off shoes.

Top 8 most DIY techniques to get paint off shoes

This section has compiled the most common and effortless DIY techniques for getting paint off shoes in easy steps. Read the below section and gain some information about the methods well.

DIY 1 Cut Away the Excess paint stains from the shoe surface-

The first and foremost easy method is to cut away any excess paint. One can usually do this with a dull or sharp knife. If the stain is still wet, one should scrap it without smearing it over the clean canvas shoes. If the paint is dry enough to cut away, one can use elbow grease to crack off an extra paint as much as possible.

DIY 2 – Use a wet napkin

One should always keep in mind for the technique that a wet and not dripping cloth is required. A damp cloth with warm water is adequate for the method. Dampening the painted area will soften the paint stains and facilitate removing the color from the canvas.

DIY 3 – Add a mixture of soap and water.

Add one part soap or washing detergent and one part water in a small vessel and gently rub the painted surface using a clean sponge. Wet the sponge thoroughly; keep in mind to saturate it with the cleaning detergent. Scrub the canvas shoes as per the requirement.

Again, be sure that you are using warm water throughout this technique.

Perform this technique task as often as necessary. Also, one should keep in mind not to rub the sponge vigorously as it will damage the shoe fabric and create a hole in it.

DIY 4 – Apply Nail Polish Remover

The nail polish remover method is only used for getting paint off shoes if the Paint is still present after rinsing and scrubbing. Keep in mind to use only a saturated alcohol-based nail polish remover and do not spill or spread the paint.

Nail polish remover is transparent liquid and non-staining, so there should be minimal risk in using it on your shoe. One needs to dab a small amount of cotton with nail polish remover to the footwear. Rinse the footwear with warm water, and keep the process going until you don’t think it is sufficient.

DIY 5 – Try with the handwashing or washer.

In the current content about getting paint off shoes, we have added our 4th method about using a washer. If the paint stains are still not getting off from your canvas shoes, either one can choose for hand washing or a washer. One can also select an option about dryer after using the washer. 

The technique is said to be the quickest and effective solution for getting paint off shoes effortlessly. Whether it’s your running shoes or boots, one must try this technique to remove the colors. Washers are professionally designed to get deep stains out of various materials with their combination of hot water, detergent, and constant agitation.

Since the shoes are made from canvas and rubber, they should withstand the standard washing machine’s force.

DIY 6 – Bleaching is the new trend.

Is bleaching safe for your shoes? Can you bleach your canvas shoes? How to get paint off shoes using a bleaching agent? Here is the answer to all your questions. Yes, bleaching is an option for getting paint off shoes effortlesslyOne needs to keep in mind the concentration and amount of bleach used on the type of shoes.

This method of bleaching the shoes is not recommended for leather boots and suedes. One needs to take a small amount of bleach on a sponge or a toothbrush and rub it gently on the painted area on the shoes. Inspect the process and judge the repetition of the whole process.

DIY 7 – Oil method

Cooking, vegetable, or baby oil are efficiently a paint cleaning agent and can get paint off shoes, especially leather. As long as it is non-staining and should not be made from pure animal fat, the oil can help remove stains while mitigating damage to the leather shoes.

DIY 8 – The Vaseline Method

Vaseline is a common household item that removes Paint from leather — and you probably have around the house.

  1. Prepare the shoes, petroleum jelly, and a rag to get the jelly off the footwear.
  2. Lightly smear the petroleum jelly onto the Paint, letting its oil soak into it.
  3. Wait a few minutes for this to occur.
  4. If possible, see if one can slip the fingernail or a dull knife underneath the edge of the Paint. If not, let the petroleum jelly soak appropriately into the stain for a little longer.
  5. When one can, peel the Paint off the shoe with whatever apparatus is around. Scrape away the rest of the Paint stains from the leather.
  6. Wipe away the excess petroleum jelly with the rag, ensuring that not spread it around to the rest of the shoe.
  7. Repeat the process as much as necessary to remove all the Paint from the shoe.
  8. Wash the surface where the petroleum jelly was applied with soap and warm water. Use another clean cloth to dap the petroleum jelly away.
  9. Apply leather conditioner onto the shoe to stop it from drying out.

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Most amazing Tips for Getting Paint Off Shoes

Here are some most amazing tips to keep in mind while thinking about how to get paint off shoes effortlessly. These tips are mentioned here for those who wish to clean off the paint from their favorite shoes without damaging them much.

Moisten Paint As Much As Possible

Wet paint is always an easy process to be removed then dry paint. It is always advisable to remove or clean off the paint from the shoe as early as possible. The moistened paint will make the whole process about how to get paint off shoes and will damage your shoes a little lesser. 

Go Slow and gently

Rushing and scrubbing hard through the paint removal methods and techniques can damage the shoes. If one scrubs the shoes too hard, one can risk unsightly holes in the canvas or scratch the finish on the leather. Always keep in mind to use soft, slow movements to get as much Paint off the shoes as you can without hurting them.

How to get acrylic paint off shoes?

Acrylic Paint is one of the messiest enough when it’s wet, but it’s incredibly annoying to scrape off the hardened stains onto your shoes. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all the acrylic Paint—however, there are particular tips and tricks designed for specific materials and fabrics, like leather, canvas, and suede. With a few everyday household items readily available at home, one can clean both wet and dry acrylic Paint off your shoes. In this section about how to get acrylic paint off shoes, we will be discussing the method to remove acrylic paint off shoes for leather shoes. Let’s start with the easy step-by-step guide.

How to get acrylic paint off Leather shoes?

Here are some easy steps to get acrylic paint off leather shoes. Follow the step-by-step guide and avoid significant blunders.

Step-1 Blot any wet paint off the leather with a clean cloth and a cotton swab. 

  • Press a clean wet cloth lightly on top of the Paint to not rub it into the leather. Dab and pick up the fabric as much Paint as one can without physically rubbing your shoes. Then, roll a clean swab of cotton on top of the area, which will efficiently pick up any leftover paint. 

Step-2 Brush off the dried Paint with a scraping knife. 

  • Place the edge of the scraping knife on top of the dried paint. With light, gentle motions, scrape off as much of the Paint from the shoe surface. Keep the blade centered on the actual Paint instead of the leather, so you don’t scratch your shoes in the process.

Step-3 Clean the area with an oil-soaked cotton swab or a cloth. 

  • Dip a clean cotton swab or a piece of cloth into some olive oil and start spreading it around the paint stain on the shoe surface. Guide the swab in small circles around the Paint.

Step-4 Let the oil sit for a few minutes. 

  • Set a timer for 15 minutes, giving the oil time to soak into your acrylic paint spot and loosen it up.

Step-5 Scrape off the leftover dried Paint. 

  • Grab a dull knife and work away from the leftover Paint, using smooth, gentle motions as you go. If the Paint feels soft enough, one can scrape it off with a fingernail.

step-6 Wipe the leather surface of the shoe with a moist cloth. 

  • Soak a piece of cloth in tap water so it’s slightly damp. Then, rub over the leather surface of the shoes to get rid of any leftover oil still stuck to the surface.

Step-7 Let your leather shoe air dry properly.

  • Find a spot in the room or home where there’s plenty of open-air moving around. Then, keep the shoes there for a few hours or until they are dehydrated to the touch.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Will the paint get off of shoes?

    Ans:- Depending on the matter of size and strength of the stain, one may need to apply some nail polish remover or a shop and water solution, preferably to a damp cloth, and work that into the color, as well. Do this until the paint softens into the fabric of the shoe. Once the dry paint has softened, it will be easier to dissolve away from the material.

  2. How do you remove dried paint?

    Ans:- Dish soap and a safety blunt razor blade can remove even old, dried-on paint. Mix dish soap with warm water until frothy, and thoroughly wet the window with a sponge or rag. Hold the blunt razor blade at a 45-degree angle and carefully scrape the paint away, keeping the glass damp to avoid scratches.

  3. Can vinegar remove paint from shoes?

    Ans:- You can also use vinegar solution or a concentrated to remove paint from the shoe sole for small spray paint spots on the shoes’ soles. Moisten the vinegar with a cotton ball onto the small spray paint spots. Wait a minute for the vinegar to work. Rub a clean cloth with warm water and rub it on the area.


Adding up the final words to the content about how to get paint off shoes, we have successfully mentioned the most effortless standard 8 DIY methods for getting paint off shoes and how to get acrylic paint off shoes. Also, read about the most common tips for getting paint off shoes to keep in mind to avoid significant blunders. The content focuses on the step-by-step guide to remove the acrylic paint off the leather shoes, which is elaborated well.


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