How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut : Expert’s Ultimate Guide

Haven’t got a correct answer ” How to ask for a two block haircut,” Not anymore.

The most famous “Two block haircut” was first developed in Korea, and it has become so popular far beyond K-pop fashion.

The hairstyle became such popular that even girls are now seen in this Charming haircut as well. Two block haircut girl has become trendy nowadays.

Before going through ” How to ask for a two block haircut“. Let us comfortable with Two Block Haircuts.

What Is Two Block Haircut?

A two-block haircut just showcases the trimmed/Shaved back and sides of your head and long hairs on top.

Korea is the origin of this haircut, but now it has become so widespread that most people have it. Even many of Celebrities using it through which it gains more attention.

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If you’re wondering about you should get this haircut or not? The answer would be yes. You should try this if you wanted to try something fresh and new and Attractive look.

How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut

Many teenagers are always wondering about how to ask for a two block haircut; his/her barber might be unknown( Possible) with it. 

So I will tell you how to ask for a two block haircut or any haircut!

To ask your barber to cut this hair, the most effective way is to show him pictures of this hair. 

They know how to do with your mane. An upgraded version of undercut, with the hair at the back and sides, is trimmed o shaved off. You can see that there is an evident contrasting change between the lower block and the upper one in this style.

How To Talk To Barber Steps

1. What style you want

2. Exactly how much you want to be cut. E.g., one inch. Or size three on sides and two on top etc.

3. Taper – same lengths across the head

4. The shape of neckline – block or rounded or tapered

5. Tell if u want texture in hair – choppy (for volume; hair cut at 45degree). Razor to reduce link. Layer for depth and size ( long hair over short).

6. Ear arch – high arch (if small ears) or normal Arch

7. Sideburn – top of war or mid-ear or below the ear

8. Hear your barber’s recommendations or counterpoint to step 1-7.

Now, I hope you won’t search this “How to ask for a two block haircut” again.

How To Style A Two Block Haircut

Nothing is worse than getting the perfect cut and then not replicating what your stylist did in the salon.

Styling this haircut won’t be so difficult. Using some hair products, you can design it at home and in your style. Know more about How to ask for a two block haircut!

Need a hairdryer and a small amount of wax to style it. This haircut won’t ask you to invest hours in styling. Know more-information about How to ask for a two block haircut!

Two Block Haircut Vs Undercut

A haircut is personal and should be created to suit your face shape and hair type, as well as your image and personality.

It should not be like getting haircut, which is trendy; it should be your personal choice! It’s not about having a two block haircut or an undercut!

I am listing some ways to know, “What haircut best suits my face shape.” Things that should be considered before having any Haircut.

1. What is your head shape?

Is it more round, oval, diamond, rectangular, heart, square, pear, rectangle-shaped, or is it a combination of these? 

our main goal is to try to achieve the shape you feel is most flattering by your cut style, no matter your actual face shape. While your hair is wet, pull it back as tightly as you can so you can consider the top of your head and your jawline. 

Try to make sure whatever is behind you is not the same color as your hair as you are trying to assess the outline of your head shape. Know more about How to ask for a two block haircut!

2.Check your hairline, front and back:

 You may not want to pick a haircut that relies on a robust front hairline if you have a severe widow’s peak or possibly a receding hairline.

3. Does it fit your personality and your professional lifestyle?

What is your profession? Are you a CEO, salesman, tattoo artist. Make sure to pick a style that conforms to your job, but also blends well with your personal life. 

If you are a manager at a large banking institution, you may want a high pompadour, but if that will conflict with your dress code at work, try opting for low pomp that can be styled clean and structured at work and pumped up during your time off.

4. Can you style it yourself at home? 

Nothing is worse than getting the perfect cut and then not being able to replicate what your stylist did in the salon. Make sure to watch how your stylist is prepping and styling your hair. 

Ask for a little extra time for your initial cut so your stylist can let you style your hair yourself. It is as easy as holding the brush a different way that makes all the difference in the result.

5. Product, product, product: 

Which one(s) are essential to the style, and are you going to use them. Make sure your stylist not only shows you how to use your new product to style your hair but also lets you demo it yourself while you are there to help you with the application.

6. How often do you plan on going between haircuts? 

Ask your hairstylist how many weeks he/she thinks you will be able to go between haircuts and still maintain your style. Know more-information about How to ask for a two block haircut!

If the haircut you have chosen will need to be maintained every three weeks, but you aren’t able to commit to getting your haircut but every six to seven weeks, then work with your stylist to find a hairstyle that works within that criteria.

7. Facial hair: 

 Men can alter the shape of their face by choosing to wear facial hair. 

A man can appear to have a square jawline by the style of facial hair. Just make sure it blends well into the haircut and doesn’t look like two different styles independent of each other.

Finally, your new haircut must be a style you like for yourself. None of the things I’ve mentioned matter if you don’t like the cut yourself. 

Take your time and ask yourself if this is a style you see for yourself. If not, keep looking and working with your stylist, the right style is out there waiting for you.

Some New & Fresh Hair Styles

1.Short Two block haircut

How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut

This hairstyle is so trendy nowadays and is made for fashion-forward men. It showcases trim sides along with short hair on top and back of the head.

Aa volume in the front section as well. You can dye your hair (top part hair only) to a blonde look. Know more about How to ask for a two block haircut!

2. Straight Two block haircut

How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut

There are several benefits of having two block haircuts, you won’t need to invest much time or effort to make them straighten.

You need to blow your hair a bit by a hair product and just a little touch of comb for that attractive and saucy look.

3. Two block haircut with Straight Bangs(forehead)

How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut

Another benefit of two block hair cut is that you can simply leave yours on your forehead. And believe me, it looks so attractive.

One of the effortless and straightforward Haircut, also it won’t take any time. Use a hair cream to make them look shinier. Know more about How to ask for a two block haircut!

4. Long Two block haircut

How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut

If you’re willing to grow your hair for a quite long look, then let me tell you that it quite long hair looks more attractive then short.

But it takes time and effort but looks such attractive short hair. Know more-information about How to ask for a two block haircut!

How to Style Hair at Home

Since hair is porous, it has the ability to absorb and dissipate liquids. Water evaporates when it gains a little heat, thus breaking the hydrogen bonds connecting water molecules to one another.

Hair Dryer

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A blow-dryer or hair dryer blows cool or hot air over wet or damp hair, in order to accelerate the evaporation of water particles and dry the hair. During this process, it allows to better control the shape and style of hair. Know more-information about How to ask for a two block haircut!

How To Cut Your Hair 

If you want to do it yourself, there are a lot of reference videos on YouTube.

Can I learn to cut my hair, and like it?

It highly depends on what type of hair you have and what kind of haircut you want.

A short haircut is tight, the evenness and blending of the layers must be perfect, or you will look like you got attacked by a squirrel.

Longer hair (below ear length) is more comfortable, you do not need it to blend, you just need it to be even on the bottom. You can master this with practice.

Anything more complicated takes time and practice. Lots. Know more-information about How to ask for a two block haircut!

A general Cutting Advice( for Two Block Haircut or any Haircut)

Self Hair Cut Tutorial

Now that I got that speech out is the way, how to cut your hair at home:

1. Wet your hair, hop in the shower, or have a spray bottle and soak it.

Grab your shears (scissors), have no elevation (do not lift it), and cut your perimeter. If you have thin hair, there’s no need to section, thick hair on the other hand though, pin some hair up, and so in sections. Do it in front of a mirror and turn your head to the side for the back. Connect your lines at the front of your head, so it matches.

2. After the perimeter, if you don’t want layers, …you’re done! But if you need sheets, here’s how you can do it! Take a diamond section at the top of your head at the occipital bone; this hair will determine the SHORTEST LAYER.

3. Look where it will fall, that’s how you determine how much to cut off. Then to connect it all, bring all your hair up to where you brought that section. We always prefer a 90° angle from the head. Bring all the hair up to that angle and high up (where you cut your first layer) by doing that there will be no ‘corner.’

4. Dry your hair. And double-check there are no weight lines (no harsh lines in your layers). If there is, take the shears and the section that needs help. Vertically take the shears, go in lightly at the harsh line and thin it out, double-check if you missed hair too by cross-checking. To cross-check, make your hair up to that same angle and height and just double check!

Short Summary

I have shared full information related How to ask for a two block haircut. Here’s a summary of my article.

  • i. What is Two Block Haircut?
  • ii. How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut?
  • iii. How to Style a two block haircut
  • iv. Two block haircut vs undercut
  • v. Some New & Fresh Hair Styles
  • vi. How to Style Hair at Home
  • vii. How to cut your hair 


I hope you’ll find my article about “How to ask for a two block Haircut, Short two block haircut, long two block haircut, etc. Informative and helpful. I have tried to share every possible information regarding How to ask for a two block haircut. 

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