5 Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain : 2021 Guide

Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain : Hip and Knee pain is a real uncomforted condition as this can keep you unhappy, nervous, and restless, and to prevent this, you need to take some important measures.

If you want to know best walking shoes for hip and knee pain then you are now at the right place.

Precisely, this ailment is one of the diseases that one suffers from their day-to-day life.

And the dangerous part about this disease is it can disorganize certain elements of your life, such as shoe selection, meal preparing, choosing your clothes, or taking a shower.

Here Is The List Of Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain (Men)

Here Is The List Of Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain (Women)

The disease affects the lower back, knee, neck, hip area, the lower area of the thumb, big toe, and small joints of fingers.

It is also said that the risk of a lifetime increases as the cartilage provides a lubricated surface between both the bones and tears down, and it causes swelling, joint pain, and stiffness.

The knee mostly gets affected by bout 46%.

The best part about the article is this it gives you a detailed solution, and everything that you need to do free yourself from this enemy is choosing the best walking shoes for hip and knee pain.

These shoes will help you go a long way with reduced pain. They are a necessity as it is not easy to live with hip and knee pain daily.

If you are a sport-loving person or get engaged in some physical activities, you would find the pain unbearable.

As this pain affects your energy and capacity negatively, your mental and physical health both starts questioning.

So, it is recommended to get the best pair of shoes for arthritic knees. This helps to ease your pain.

These shoes would help you provide physical support for your joints and allow you to carry out your physical activities.

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There are many shoes that the manufacturers are offering but make sure that you get to the right deal.

We have prepared the top 5 shoes that would help to ease your hip and knee pain

Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain

Saucony Cohesion 10


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for Juggling
  • Gives optimal Stability
  • Very comfortable and supportive


  • A bit of a sizing issue

This is one of the best deals that you can make while you choose to run, maintaining a perfect balance with your pain. This shoe is an ideal partner for your daily run. The unique design for giving it a neutral and a cushioned ride is perfect.


  • It has a breathable mesh and synthetic upper material.
  • Provides excellent ventilation all day long
  • It prevents sweat and bad odour from your feet.
  • Provides great Stability for the external heel, minimizing knee and hip pain
  • The reflective lights attached to the shoes helps to provide additional visibility in the dark.
  • The lining of the shoe has a breathable fabric and hence has a plush collar along with a tongue.
  • It has a removable insole, and the midsole comes from IMEVA that has advanced shock absorption, durability, and responsive cushion at the heels.
  • The XT-600 carbon rubber outsole offers maximum traction with abrasion resistance.

Orthofeet Women’s Plantar Fasciitis Orthopedic Diabetic Walking Athletic Shoes Coral Sneakers

Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain


  • Provides great arch support
  • Every step comes with spring comfort.
  • Enhances comfort and mobility
  • Proper air cushioning is provided by the ergonomic sole.


  • Non-durable

The shoe is from the brand line of a very popular brand famous for having therapeutic shoes globally.The shoes produced from this brand are renowned for hammertoes, calluses, bunions, corns, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, foot pain, overpronation, pronation, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, neuropathy, and diabetes, respectively. The shoes perform in multiple ways to reach the areas of pain. The design is made to uplift stability and make natural feet motion.


  • The insole of the shoe has got premium orthotic support and anatomical arch support.
  • The heel has got the perfect cushioning to help move the feet the same as your feet.
  • The ortho-cushion feature gives a lightweight sole
  • The cushioning system helps to soften your steps and thus adds springs to them.
  • It has extra depth, soft and non-binding design with an extended toe box.
  • Seam-free soft inner lining padded with foam to alleviate pressure areas providing maximum comfort and protection.

Brooks Men’s Levitate

Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain


  • This shoe is best for running or going to work.
  • Provides maximum support
  • This shoe is best for plantarfasciitis.


  • No cons found as such.

Probably one of the best shoes for hip and knee pain that is best for running. The shoes offer the maximum energy return that enables you to combat your challenge. It also has a unique attribute assuring excellent performance.


  • The shoe has FitKnit and a 3-D printed upper for a snug fit, making the shoe fit for movement and comfort.
  • The shoe has a lace-up closure that enables a secure and adjustable fit.
  • The collar andtongue have comfortable padding. 
  • The lining of the fabric is very smooth.
  • It has a cotton footbed and is also removable, and to provides additional support underfoot to absorb shock.
  • The DMA AMP midsole has polyurethane foam and is covered with TPU skin, and that the energy of the foot does gets trapped.
  • The outsole of the shoe is a durable rubber that can be adjusted.


ASICS Gel-Venture 6 MX Women’s Running Shoes

Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain


  • Perfect shoes for people with high arches
  • Very lightweight
  • Very stable


  • Check for the fit before you buy


The search for your best shoe for hip and knee pain for outings and explorations come to an end with this one. The design of this shoe is meant specially for fighting rugged terrain. The brand of this shoe ahs got some comfortable and supportive features.


  • The forefoot of the shoe has got the latest GEL Technology which acts as a cushioning technology and absorbs shock creating a smooth and free passage.
  • It also has a removable sock liner making the shoe fit for all ortho conditions.
  • The outsole is suitable with no uphill and downhill traction regardless of the terrain.
  • The abrasion rubber gives maximum durability.
  • The material of the shoe is made of a synthetic rubber sole
  • It is very comfortable, lightweight.

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 20 Men’s Running Shoe

Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain


  • Has a flexible fit
  • There are 3D printed overlays to provide support.
  • Provides maximum support
  • Can walk miles with no stress
  • The shoe has a comfortable and smooth ride.


  • The toe environment might be too tight.

This is the best shoe for any neutral runner at any level that can suit your style in the best possible way.

This shoe helps you to solve all your running needs lessening your pain.  The unique technology and the features enable you to provide extra support for your feet and allow your feet to move naturally.


  • The upper part of the shoe has Fluidfit technology and multi-directional stretchy stretch reinforcementsassuring the best results.
  • The constructions have seamless materials, unlike the former traditional seams and stitches that causes friction.
  • Also, there is a heel clutching pattern technology in the design.
  • Exoskeletal is used to provide heel support, also upgrading the heel lifting area.

How Risky Is Walking When You Have Knee Pain?

Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain

The risk of having the disease of knee or hip pain is difficult for walking, but exercise would help you.

It is hurting while you do exercise with sore knees, but it strengthens your knees eventually or also can decrease inflammation.

It is very important to walk slowly and keep walking slowly to make your knees working and rebuild the knee and hip joints.

As one walks or runs the joints in the knees, it acts as shock absorbers and gets damaged with time and leads to walking, pain, and stiffness.

So, to avoid or cure it, one needs to exercise daily or run fast for hours. It would also help you reduce pain and weight and be comfortable walking at a slow pace.

If walking at a slow pace gives you pain, then it is recommended to consult your physician and stop walking.

Causes Of Hip Pain

Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain

The hip joint is also termed as ball and socket joint as the thigh bones are shaped like a ball that fits inside the hollow socket in the pelvis.

These joints are the one that provides most of the movements, and these are covered with muscles by a strong cord called tendons.

Your hips and knee pain may arise from walking hard for hours and doing lots of exercises. This makes the tends swelled or strained.

The best walking shoes for hip and knee pain helps to vanish within a few days with proper medication and workout.

Factors To Look For In The Best Shoes For Knee And Hip Pain

Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain

The prime factors that one should look for before buying their shoe are-

  • Cushioning

The shoe should allow the foot to move freely, having no pressure. This procedure reduces the shock that can be felt in the knees and hip and gives comfort.

Look for shoes that can absorb shock the heel-strike impact and front foot cushioning system that would reduce the shock of the toe-off phase.

  • Heel Support

You should wear shoes as per your posture to fit your foot and centre of gravity that would distribute your body weight evenly on the whole foot.

Your shoe should never put pressure on your knees as it can damage your ailment and your knee.

  • Non- Bending and Extra- Deep

You should always be aware before buying any expensive shoe about how much inward or outward they are.

  • Firm Midsoles

It would be best if you always went for shoes with firm midsoles and would help you stay out of the shock while walking. Also, it would reduce the pain while waking in your knee and hip.

  • Try not to wear high heels.

High heels are not good for walking as one can feel strained because of the stress that doesn’t get equally distributed, and one can have an injury on the knees and can have imbalanced body weight.

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  1. Can shoes cause hip pain?

    Ans:-) Yes, surely a pair that causes stress on your hip area and does not provide adequate comfort can cause hip pain.

  2. What’s best for hip and knee pain?

    Ans:-) The best thing for hip and knee pain includes-
    Exercise Wearing proper shoes that would minimize your pain while you walk

  3. Should I keep walking with hip pain?

    Ans:-) A little walk is always suggested to drive away from the stiffness and get the muscles and tendons flexible. But if that also becomes painful, then one should consult a physician and thereby maintain a routine.

  4. How do I know if my hip pain is serious?

    Ans:-) Any ailment or pain when becomes unbearable should not be kept undiagnosed or untreated, so when you feel like the pain you are suffering is unbearable and needs to be treated, you should immediately consult your physician.

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The best walking shoes for hip and knee pain should have the primary feature of exceptional cushioning and support.

The review of the top 5 products says everything about the features and the qualities that you would get in abundance. Go for the best one as per your suitability, style, and comfort.

I hope you are like our article about best walking shoes for hip and knee pain. If you have any query then comment below. 


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