5 Best Shoes For Broken Toe In 2021 [100% Support & Comfort]

Best shoes for broken toe:- You must be facing immense difficulty while choosing the best shoes for broken toe that would give you an easy walk and help you recover soon post-surgery.

This needs to be chosen very carefully as the shoe should need to have a rigid sole, so you do not need to bend your foot while walking.

Also, orthopaedics recommend special orthopaedic shoes made of hard plastic, semi-rigid or rigid sole and long straps for closure for easy putting on and off.

So, we have chosen the 5 best shoes for broken toe to help you recover fast.

Top Picks – Best Shoes for Broken Toe!

  1. Braceability Boot– Short Broken Toe Boot(Expert’s Recommended )
  2. Fitpro Post-Op-Open Square Broken Toe Shoe (Unisex) (Editor’s Choice )
  3. Vive Post Op- Square Toe Orthopedic Support Shoe (Men and Women) (Best Lightweight Shoe )
  4. Braceability Post Op- Shoe for Broken Foot or Toe (Unisex) (Best Arch support )
  5. United Ortho- Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

List Of Best Best Shoes For Broken Toe

Considerable Things Before Buying

Best shoes for broken toe

Several factors should be check while searching for the best shoes for a broken toe.

  • Extra Toe Space – Your shoe must have some extra space in the toe section. As it acts like a shielding bumper that prevents direct contact with the floor.
  • Rigid sole – In case of a severe break, you might need a shoe with a completely rigid sole. It provides arch support and minimizes pressure on the toe. In addition, a stiff sole ensures keeping your toe straight while even walking.
  • Anti-slip sole – To lower the chances of falling or sliding. In addition, it provides proper traction to the floor while walking.
  • Foot’s Closure System – Strong Velcro Straps help a lot while putting your foot in or out. Also, it helps in keeping your foot in a good position. Also makes it adjustable.
  • Stability – The broken toe needs to be straight all the time. So your shoes must offer stiffness that stabilizes your broken toe. In addition, it avoids pressure on the toe.
  • Breathability – When you tap all over the toe, you don’t want sweat or moisture. So breathability becomes crucial. Open-toe shoes are very comfortable and best in case of breathability.
  • Fitting – To boost your toe’s recovery, a perfect fitting shoe may help a lot. With snug fit straps that prevent a shaky and unstable foot. This further avoids the chances of falling and slipping. In addition, your shoe should have proper arch support and a correct stance.

Best Shoes For Broken Toe [Most Recommended]

1.Braceability Boot- Short Broken Toe Boot (Unisex)

Best shoes for broken toe

These boots are ideal for your broken toe, ankle, or any part of your foot that has broken tendon or bone.

The shoe has got a deluxe foam liner that gives enormous comfort. In addition, the wide toe promotes comfort by providing a large area for the broken toe. This happens more for the open front design of the shoe.

It has a semi-rigid rocker that enhances a natural walk and ensures that the toe does not bend while walking. In addition, the sole is low, and hence it is easy to walk and is less heavy.

The straps that hold the foot all the time are medically approved and allows customization as required. Swelling or dressing can happen stress-free.

There is a polymeric plastic shell on either side of the foot and ankle, and it is rigid enough for cushioning your foot against further injury.

Specific Features

  • Can be worn on both the foot
  • Deluxe foam liner
  • 1.7 pounds weight
  • Shoes are for unisex


  • Wide toe bed, opens at the toe
  • A semi-rigid rocker sole preventing the broken toe from bending
  • Medically approved adjustable straps enhances foot comfort


  • The inner side of the boot is too broad for a regular walk

Editor’s Choice

2.Fitpro Post-Op-Open Square Broken Toe Shoe (Unisex)

Best shoes for broken toe

This shoe is an adjustable open-toe shoe that is quite recommended for post-op foot comfort. So, if you are suffering from pain or sprain on one of your toe, this would be an ideal choice for either one.

The shoe has got a blend of semi-rigid rocker sole so that you can walk with your injured toe. But, then, the rigidity of the sole provides support to the affected toe as that toe is not meant to bend while walking.

The shoe has a square toe version making it suitable to wear on both left and right foot. The shoes are available for men and women sizes. So you won’t face sizing issue wearing a bandage or swelling for the boots sizing.

The shoes’ forefront has Velcro straps, making it easy to the foot on and off effortlessly without the affected area being touched.

Specific Features

  • 10.4 ounces weight
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable


  • Velcro straps make it easy to put on and off the shoes
  • Square design to fit
  • Semi-rigid sole for less bending
  • Large enough to accommodate dressing and swelling


  • The shoes lack ankle support

Best Lightweight Shoe

3.Vive Post Op- Square Toe Orthopedic Support Shoe (Men and Women)

Best shoes for broken toe

All you need to do is check for your size before purchasing as the shoe is unisex and fits for both left and right foot. This is designed for people who have an injury on the toe, feet, ankle, and heels.

The sole of the shoe is of slip-resistant rocker material that adds stability post-trauma or surgery. Also, it is rigid, increasing the arch support and eliminating the toe bending while walking and thus reducing the pain.

The shoe has customizable straps that help the wearer put on and off the shoes quickly and painlessly. If the toe has got bandage and swelling, the shoe also manages that. The

The toe bed is square, adding a space to the toe box. Also, it is light in weight, and since it is of low profile, it can easily be bent for walking.

Specific Features

  • Supportive protection
  • Non-skid rocker sole
  • Light in weight


  • Anti-slip and rigid sole
  • Adjustable straps
  • Large toe box


  • The Velcro straps are too long, and hence you need to cut them to shorten


4.United Ortho- Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot (Unisex)

Best shoes for broken toe

United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture is a universal shoe, and so it fits both the foot. In addition, it is a unisex boot that works for both men and women.

The shoe has a rocker sole providing good cushioning and protection. Moreover, the shoe has a rigid sole that offers good arch support and prevents the foot from bending while walking, making the walks painless.

The sole is a low-profile one and thus promotes natural walking even if your toe is broken. The weight of the shoe is significantly less and making the walk less straining. The shoe has got padded inner sole absorbing the shock and minimizing the impact while walking.

The shoe has air bladders on the upper side that increase the aeration and comfort, and the shoe is open and square, so you get a large area for your toe.

Specific Features

  • Tighter Fit
  • Plastic moulded uprights with steel reinforcement
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Good Compression


  • Rigid sole, giving good arch support
  • Padded inner sole for shock absorption
  • Open and square design provides a large surface area to the toe box


  • The air bladder stops holding the air sometimes after wearing

Best Arch support

5.Braceability Post Op- Shoe for Broken Foot or Toe (Unisex)

Best shoes for broken toe

This shoe is unisex, and even kids with larger feet can wear it. The sole of this shoe has got non-skid rocker sole, which provides excellent traction while walking on slippery surfaces. In addition, the soles are rigid, one of the prime feature required in post-operative shoes.

Also, the shoe provides utmost safety by providing a square open toe box. Secondly, the shoe is made with Velcro straps to ensure that the toes are comfortable, and taking off becomes more accessible and quicker.

The shoe has got a semi-closed design that keeps the bandage, dressing, and toes clean and dry in every situation. In addition, there is an orthopaedic foam in the insole that provides good cushioning, protection, and shock absorption.

Specific Features

  • Polyester material
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable Immobilization
  • 8.8 Ounces weight


  • Square and open toe for good aeration and sufficient space
  • Velcro straps for easy wearing and pulling off safely
  • Semi-closed design for safe, clean, and dry injury


  • Too long straps

Should I Go To The Doctor For A Broken Toe?

Best shoes for broken toe

It depends on the severity of pain and the damage, severe open wound, too swelling; then, it becomes mandatory to visit a doctor.

However, You can also manage a pinky toe fractured at home as of last; it’s not a big toe or crooked.

If it is a big toe, I would recommend going to an orthopaedic doctor rather than going to the nearby hospital. The hospital staff will simply x-ray to confirm it’s broken or not. Also, they might ask you to buy an expensive overpriced orthopaedic shoe from them.

The orthopaedic doctor will manually examine if the toe is displaced or requires urgent surgery to heal faster.

However, You must visit a doctor if –

  • If it is a big toe
  • It went dark blue
  • You don’t get relief from pain killers, and the pain becomes worse.
  • There’s a skin wound (open) associated with a fracture.
  • If you’re suffering from a disease like diabetes, heart issue, and arterial disease that generally slow down the recovery.
  • The swelling is kept increasing. Nothing seems to improve it.

Self-treatments of Broken Toe! That – Speed Up broken toe Healing!

People often ask How can I get my broken toe to heal faster or speed up broken toe healing?

The treatment of a broken toe depends on the severity of which toe you get injured.

However, You may manage at home as of last it’s not a big toe or isn’t crooked or no skin wound. To reduce initial bruising, swelling, pain. You can try these things mentioned below.

  • Rest: It’s essential to rest and not put any excess weight on your toe. It may worsen your injury or may lead to unbearable pain. Also, it’s not recommended to walk or stand for too long.
  • Ice – Icing your broken toe is helpful to reduce swelling and pain. However, it won’t be beneficial if used beyond 72 hours. Instead, use an ice pack and place it on a broken toe for 20-25 minutes. Do it every 2 or 3 hours for an initial couple of days.
  • Elevation: It refers to lying or sitting with placing your foot up to about the heart level with the support of a pillow or anything. It is mainly for initial 24 hours to reduce swelling.
  • Pain killer – To reduce the pain, you can take some pain killer such as paracetamol. In addition, Anti-pain gel may be much effective if the toe’s skin isn’t broken.
  • Wrapping/Tapping: Use a little padding like cotton, gauze, wool between the toes for smaller four toes. Then strap them together. This process is known as buddy taping. Ensure that tape isn’t too tight. Remove it while washing and repeat.
  • Protection – Footwear is essential – Wear sturdy shoes with a stiff sole that doesn’t bend the toe, or it’s comfortable walking in those.

Complications Of A Broken Toe

Well healed fractured toes do not cause any ongoing problems. The possibility of complications after a severe injury or breaks are as follow –

  1. Bone infection – Bone infection like osteomyelitis can be very persistent. This causes due to the skin wound/damage over the fractured toe. This may need further surgery or a long course of medications.
  • Bone failed to heal – This refers to the crooked state of healing bones. Also, either it means they don’t heal together at all. In both cases, further surgery is required.
  • Pain – It is pretty obvious to have pain in a bone that got broken but occasionally after heavy use of toe. The severity of pain decides that further treatment is required or not.
  • Toe stiffness is also a pretty common consequence of a toe that has been broken but specifically when a joint was involved. Joints lead to stiffness. Physiotherapy exercises may help to improve blood circulation in joints that allow preventing stiffness.
  • Skin infection – It generally cause when you wash your feet without removing buddy taping or either you tapped so tight.

What Happens If You Leave A Broken Toe Untreated?

While severe not to compare with other body syndromes that directly stress multiple body systems, a dislocated joint, torn ligaments that directly connect the joint segments, or a little broken component of bone in any toe is so painful with weight-bearing. Sometimes worse and very painful.

Unless the ligaments are consequential damaged or a crushing injury was sustained, it might not be possible to do much medical intervention. As such, it could be harrowing to ambulate.

If an injured toe required surgery for stability, or if it gets infected with a non-healing open skin wound, then it may need some time to better recovery beyond what you’ve particularly experienced.

You might not know all the consequences of the issue involved. Some simple-sounding problems can result in the loss of the toe or lower leg.


  1. What should you wear with a Broken Toe?

    Ans:-) The traditional way is to tapping your broken toe. Nowadays, “Toe Straps” is the best thing to wear for a fractured toe. They’re are clean coloured, elastic and fasten with Velcro.

    A rigid-soled, sturdy and proper supportive shoe can also be wear for a broken toe.

  2. Can you wear regular shoes with a broken toe?

    Ans:-) Regular shoes don’t provide the features that a broken toe needed. It might be even painful to wear normal shoes with a broken toe. Instead, look for well designed, stiff and rigid-soled shoe that provides all the essential features.

  3. How long does a broken toe take to heal?

    Ans:-) It depends on the severity of the break and the condition of your toe. Pinky broken toes usually heal faster, while the big ones generally take 4-6 weeks to heal. In some cases, the healing time take several months to heal properly.

  4.  Can I walk with a broken toe?

    Ans:-) Walking barefoot with broken can make it worse. While walking with a fractured toe, the shoe can be acceptable if you’re feeling discomfort or pain while walking with a shoe. You can consult a doctor.

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Final Words

The pain broken toe is unbreakable and scary. To prevent the pain or to heal fast, you would need the best shoes for broken toe. We’ve listed some best picks that can be helpful. We need your appreciation!


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