6 Best Insoles For Jordan 1 In 2021 – Top Picks & Review

Are you looking for Best insoles for Jordan 1 ? Jordan 1 is one of the most successful Jordans, and owning one of them is a gift to your closet. And when you pair your Jordans with a matching Insole, your perfect pair of Jordan 1 is ready to wear.

The core advantage of the best insoles for Jordan 1 is the added comfort they provide. There are many advantages for which they are considered buying, some are-  

  • Proper Arch Support
  • Sweat control
  • Enhanced breathability

So, choosing these insoles will never become the wrong option.

Top 3 Best Insoles For Jordan 1


Is Jordan 1 comfortable?

They are comfortable no matter whether they are low, mild, or high; they provide all-day wear support and are the best for all feet types.

They have a roomy toe box, thus providing enough breathability and room to wiggle the toe inside the shoe.

They are light in weight, so they do not put extra weight on the wearer’s feet and thus make it more comfortable for the wearer to wear all day long.

The shoe provides good cushioning that makes the shoe extraordinarily soft and protected from shock and bang while walking or running.  

The shoe can easily be worn for many purposes like work, athlete, run, jog, or casual outings and can fit with every type and outfit.  

Best Insoles For Jordan 1

Best in terms of Comfort

Superfeet Green Professional-Grade Insole

Best insoles for Jordan 1

Superfeet green inserts allow you to trim your insert as per the shape of your Jordan 1 size and Comfort.


  • The insoles have an odor control mechanism
  • Provides great shock absorption
  • Provide long-lasting Comfort


Full-Length Fit

The Insoles are full-length and fill through the length of your shoe and provide fullness throughout the width.

Stabilizer Cap

A stabilizer cap beneath the insole helps the insole stick by the shoe and not get folded.


The insole provides added stability and structure to the feet that help the wearer to get a proper fit of the shoe.

Deep Heel Cup

The insole provides a comprehensive deep heel cup that prevents heel pain and provides excellent arch support to the feet.

Enhances feet shape

The orthotic shape of the insoles enhances the wearer’s foot shape and prevents the foot from bending in the wrong direction.

High-Density Foam

The insole has a closed-cell foam layer that helps the shoe provide excellent arch support, proper cushioning, and increased durability.

Arch Support

The insoles provide high arch support to the wearer preventing pain in the knees, feet, and ankles.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to trim
  • Provides good shape to the feet
  • Improves the structure of the feet
  • Soft foam provides excellent cushioning
  • Provides great arch support


  • Has a squeaking sound while walking

Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles

Best insoles for Jordan 1

The Spenco Total Support Max Shoe insoles are one of the best insoles in terms of quality.


  • Provides rigid support to the wearer
  • The soft foam technology prevents forming blisters
  • Highly comfortable and true to size


Arch Support

The shoe provides excellent arch support to the wearer’s feet, and hence there are lower chances of the feet getting twisted.   

Best For

These insoles are best for athletes and sportspersons who are engaged in rough physical activities.


The insoles provide high stability that helps the wearer to walk and move on the rough roads too.

Motion Control

The insole has a motion control feature that reduces pronation and supination and protects from common injuries and plantar fascia.


The insoles fit the Jordans correctly, so you do not have to worry about cutting and trimming.


The width of the insoles is perfect for wide feet people, and hence people prefer buying one size smaller.


The insoles provide enough cushioning that helps to give a smooth and soft feeling while you walk.

Pros & Cons


  • Provides great Arch Support
  • It can be worn for prolonged hours
  • Insoles are durable enough
  • Provides excellent protection against terrain surfaces
  • True to fit


  • Due to the flex, few people find it difficult to wear for long.

Best in terms of Arch Support

Powerstep Pinnacle Insole

Best insoles for Jordan 1

The insoles provide lower foot pain and increased foot stability and mobility.


  • The sole is made of polypropylene fabric
  • Provides excellent comfort and coolness
  • The microbial fabric prevents friction, blister, and infection.


Full Length

The insoles provide full-length fit to the Jordans, and hence there is no chance of the insoles to stay short inside the shoe.

Pain Relief

The insoles provide relief against Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, and related foot, ankle, knee, and hip pain.

Arch Support

The insole provides neutral arch support with dual-layer cushioning that provides enhanced comfort.


The insole provides added arch shape in the arch and heel that provides added stability to the foot and controls the excess stress on feet, ankles, tendons, and joints.    


The shoe is designed for everyday use and provides all-day support and stability to the feet while walking, running, moving, or working.    


The insoles are ordered as per shoe size; hence no trimming is required after the insoles are delivered.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent heel protection from shock
  • Dual-layer foam that enhances protection
  • Perfect for helping conditions like moderate pronation and foot injury


  • For overpronation, it is not that effective

Best for Pain and Stress relief

FORM Premium Blue Insole

Best insoles for Jordan 1

The insoles have a custom-fit styling insole, so they provide a great comfort and user experience too.


  • Rubber Sole material increases the durability
  • Molding feature enhances Comfort
  • Back insoles reduce the chances of pain and injury


Arch Support

The shoe provides extreme support for custom fitting and high arch support that helps the wearer to protect from injury.

Shock absorbance

The insoles have excellent shock absorbency, and hence they provide prolonged Comfort and balance.


The insoles provide maximum Comfort and arch design that proficiently comforts the stress on feet and knees.

High-Density Foam

The material is high quality and provides a comfortable heel design that offers optimal support providing extra stability and support.

Heel cup

The heel cup design of the insole is formulated so that it provides optimal support while walking, running, or jogging.


The insoles are designed with a temperweave top layer fabric that reduces the moisture and odor of the shoe.


The insoles provide a snug fit with the shoe and give enough Comfort so you can work out, walk, or wear for a casual outing.

Pros & Cons


  • The shoe insoles are great for high arch
  • Comfortable and easy to mold
  • Cures Plantar Issues or Tendinitis efficiently
  • The insole protects sharp and terrain surfaces


  • Not easily recommended for wider feet

Best for flat feet

Physix Gear Full-Length Orthotics inserts

Best insoles for Jordan 1

The shoe insole provides excellent balance for foot structure and is a perfect choice for flat feet.  


  • Deep heel cradle provides reduced heel pain
  • Durable all-day wear insoles
  • High Arch Support protects the wearer from pain and injury


Arch Support

The insoles provide high arch support that balances the foot structure and provides a convenient and soothing feel.


The insoles are designed for flat feet that relieve conditions like arch and heel discomfort, metatarsalgia, patellofemoral syndrome, and ease in lower back pain.


The insoles are high-quality material with durable EVA foam and PU material that provides an extra soft feel while walking.


The insoles have a deep heel cradle that provides enhanced stability and top-quality fabric with a low-profile ultra-thin design that prevents bulkiness.

Shock Absorption

The insoles are incredibly light in weight and provide long-lasting comfort along with efficient shock absorption.

Non-Slip Design

The shoe provides extreme support to offers proper posture for the foot and reduces aches and discomfort.

Ideal for

These lightweight insoles include games, hiking, running, jogging, walking, all-day wear, work, camping, and many more.

Pros & Cons


  • Maintains the foot structure
  • Provides great Arch Support
  • EVA and PU material protects the feet from impact
  • Slim toe bed provides increased space in the toe box


  • The shoe feels a little tight with high arch support.

Best in terms of Shock Absorption

ViveSole Plantar Fasciitis Insole

Best insoles for Jordan 1

One of the best alternatives to go with almost every shoe includes all types of dressing, and one can also try it for an athlete or ailment cure. 


  • Helps in minimizing stress and fatigue
  •  The insole has a washable liner for easy cleaning
  • Best for rough and terrain surfaces  



The insoles of the shoe support the natural shape of your foot and provide relief in foot pain, stress, and fatigue.


The insole is full-length in size and covers the whole shoe, and hence the foot gets covered by the entire insole.

Shock absorption

The insoles are designed especially for Plantar Fasciitis pain and support the foot arch throughout.   


The insoles have cushioning in the heel and forefoot area of the feet that absorbs shock efficiently.


The insoles have got great padding on the foot arch that prevents knee, hip, and back pain from alleviating.


The insoles are constructed in a lightweight pattern and provides extended durability with easy washing and high breathability.     

Pros & Cons


  • Provides excellent comfort to foot and ankle
  • True to size
  • Provides great arch support
  • Easy to clean and dry


  • Some say the insoles are more significant than the shoe size.

How do you keep Jordan 1s in good condition?

Keeping your Jordan 1s clean is an incredible hack, and here we have got the guidelines to keep your Jordan 1s in good condition-

Step 1

Remove the lace and grab a shoe brush removing excess dirt from the sneakers. Now start cleaning the shoe surface with a wet wipe removing the excess dirt on the scuffs, and removing stains with deep cleaning.

Step 2

If you are using a spray cleaner, make sure that you spray the cleaner on the upper of your shoe. Gently dip the brush into water and rub the subsurface in a circular motion until foam appears. Scrub the upper of the shoe to remove the dirt gently and put pressure where required.

Once the upper surface of the shoe is clean, pay attention to the soles of your shoe. Apply the spray sneaker or soap water dipped in a wet brush and pressure to clean them.

As you have cleaned the dirt, use a towel or a piece of cloth to clean the sneakers and let them dry.  

Step 3

When you are done with your shoe, make sure to pay attention to your laces. Spray sneaker cleaner or dip them in soap water and rub them together with your hands and wash them with clean water.

Keep doing this until you find your laces clean and bright and rinse them and let your laces dry in the sunlight.

Step 4

Once you are done cleaning and drying, start with your preparation for applying odor protection and leather care.

Use odor protection for keeping a fresh feel for longer. You have the best insoles for Jordan 1 that are removable, so make sure to spray them inside your sneakers to fight off unwanted smells.

Step 5

Applying leather care helps you to keep your Jordans protected and nourished for a long time. You can also choose to apply leather care to a microfiber towel and massage gently into the material, and allow it to dry.


How do you clean insoles?

Ans:- You can wash your insoles with warm water and mild soap and scrub with your old toothbrush or any nylon brush. Let it dry overnight. It is best to remove your removable insoles and let both sides dry.    

Do you put insoles on the top of old ones?

Ans:- Some insoles can be put above your shoe’s existing insoles and still comfortable. But it is recommended to check and then go for it.  Any insole that is not comfortable while wearing on top of another insole should be avoided wearing.   

Do girls wear Jordan 1?

Ans:- YES, Air Jordan 1 is available for ladies and has been in huge demand. Many fashion bloggers, especially ladies, are madly in love with these pairs and want one pair in their closet.   

Are Jordan 1s uncomfortable?

Ans:- Air Jordan 1 is very comfortable, and it can be worn all day long for walking around or have a casual day. The Jordans made from patent materials is the only uncomfortable ones as they are stiff and dig into your ankle.

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Make sure to do your research correctly, think appropriately about your feet’ necessities, and then decide to go for the insole of your choice.              

As we come here to the final part of the article, we hope that now you have a clear vision and knowledge about the best insoles for Jordan 1 that will provide enough comfort to your feet.

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