Top 5 Best Hey Dude Shoes In 2022 – Top Picks & Review

Are you in search of a pair of best hey dude shoes that keeps you comfortable along with being classy? Generally, versatility and quality does not come together. But here it does come.

As per our review, the brand has got great quality and are also comfortable, versatile, durable, and great styling. So, surely you won’t find all the qualities together in any place apart from hey dude shoes.

Scroll to the article below to know about the best hey dude shoes that is a fit for your lifestyle, and comfortable too.

Top 3 Best Hey Dude Shoes

Features to look While Buying Hey dudes Shoes – Buying Guide!

Best Hey Dude Shoes

The Hey Dude shoe are a great measure for people who wear to wear them regularly. When you choose the right pair of shoes you tend to create huge difference for the comfort level while working all day long.

If your work requires you to stand all day long, then it is important to find shoes that are comfortable and slip-resistant too. Ensuring slip-resistance is a must to protect yourself on wet and slippery areas. It is important that you find a shoe that is lower in height and also makes your feet comfortable and do not cause trouble to your back while you work all day long.

Slip-resistance outsole

Slip-resistance outsole is extremely important to survive in wet and slippery surfaces. To protect your feet from the slips and accidents. It is best to keep your outsole protected that can work all day long.

Low heel height

A low heel height protects your feet from getting twisted while you work on an emergency. A low heel eases your discomforts that can cause due to high heels. Also, if your work requires you to stand for hours, then looking for shoes that comes with a mid-cut can provide your calves a comfortable feel.


The footbed should have great cushioning to provide you great comfort while you stand all day long. It also reduces your whole-body pressure to fall on your feet and provides you extra comfort. Look for removable insoles that allows you to remove your insoles or replace them with your orthopedic ones.        

Mesh Lining

When you have breathable mesh lining on your shoes, they provide you immense breathability and keeps your feet cool. Also, it prevents your feet from sweating too much when worn for long hours. A breathable lining keeps your comfort level to another level and protects you from having a sweaty foot.

Arch Support

It is recommended to go for shoe that has great arch support. It helps you to reduce your pain and discomfort in your feet and legs while you work all day long.

Collar and Tongue

It is best to go for shoe that have padded collar and tongue. As this helps your feet to prevent causing pain to the feet. Also, the padding protects the wearers feet from abrasion and shoe bite. The removable tongue helps to reduce the discomfort caused while wearing high heels.

Removable footbed

The removable footbed prevents the wearer from wearing dirty insoles. They can take out their insoles and clean easily. Also, it provides the wearer an option to replace them if they do not feel comfortable and replace them with orthopedic ones. It helps to reduce the pain in the legs, and discomfort caused while working all day.


The shoes should be portable and travel friendly. This helps the wearer to travel to different places taking your shoe with you. Also, the slip-on feature helps the wearer for easy slip on and off. These pairs are the easiest one to wear for all day work.


Your shoe should not be a size small or a size large. It is best to go for your perfect size and look for your perfect fit. An ill fit shoe that does not gives a wide width will surely not fit a wide feet person and hence it will provide a comfortable fit. Check for more color options so that it fits your feet for every occasion and also matches up with your outfit. Also, your shoe should be budget friendly and should not pinch your pocket.

Top Rated 5 Best Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Sox Loafer

Best Hey Dude Shoes


Dimension10 X 15 X 6
Weight2 Pounds
ManufacturerHey Dude
First date of manufactureMay 15, 2018

The shoe is an imported one and is made with best quality material. It is made in USA and is mostly known for its quality and comfort.

The sole is manmade. The sole is not made in machine and thus there is no scope of extra pressure on the sole. Also, the sole has got the durability of handmade and is tested after being made.

The upper of the shoe is made of Bi-component knit upper material that provides enhanced comfort. To avoid forming bruises the shoe has soft cloth linings. So, this gives huge advantage to the wearer.

The shoe’s arch height is low-top. That means it provides the basic arch support to the wearer and prevents the wearer from getting their ankle or feet twisted. This shoe provides the basic protection the wearer.

The shoe is great in terms of breathability. It has chukka-style forefoot vamp that is wide at the toe box. It helps the wearer to have great air circulation and prevents the feet from getting exhausted.

The insole has got memory foam that promotes great softness to the feet. The insoles do not allow the wearers energy to absorb and bounces back the energy to the wearer while walking.

One of the greatest advantages of this shoes are they come with 2 lacing options. So, you can tie the shoe laces in different styles and wear them according to your purpose.

The outsole of the shoe has got immense flexibility and hence one can wear them with ease. The shoe can fold hence proving its flexibility. The soles are extremely light in weight and do not put added pressure on the wearer’s feet.

Specific Features

  • The shoe has a firm grip on uneven and slippery surfaces
  • The tongue of the shoe is made of foam that prevents blister forming
  • The cushioning of the shoe is light and soft  


  • Light in weight
  • Foldable
  • Available in various colour options  


  • Little protection against accidents
  • Sizing issue

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Hey Dude Men’s Wally Woven Loafer

Best Hey Dude Shoes


Dimension9 X 1 X 10
Weight6.08 Ounces
ManufacturerHey Dude
First date of manufactureJuly 31, 2017

The shoe is made in USA and fabric material is used to manufacture the shoe. The fabric material enhances the durability of the shoe. As the name says they do not compromise with the quality.

The sole of the shoe is manmade and hence there are no chances of tear or wear on the stiches on the shoe. The sole provides extremely resistance against odd weather to withstand.

The quality of the materials is extremely durable and the upper of the shoe is made of cotton material. They are easily washable and can be cleaned easily with soap and water without detreating the shoe.

The shoe has got lace-up construction that eases the fit of the shoe and makes the wearer comfortable and do not let the shoe feel uncomfortable for the wearer. The shoe has round toe construction.

The shoe has got soft oxford cloth lining that protects the wearers feet from abrasion and getting bruises. The shoe has low-top arch height that protects the wearer’s feet from accidents or slips.

The memory foam cushioning protects the wearers feet from putting all the pressure on the feet. The memory foam cushioning prevents the shoe from absorbing the energy and returns it back to the wearer.

The insoles are removable and that gives space to the wearer to change the insoles when they feel uncomfortable or when they find there is a need to change. Also, the wearer can change the insole with their orthopaedic one if they need.

The design of the toe is round in shape and they can be folded proving its flexibility. Also, this provides healthy support to the feet and also it provides unique shape to the feet providing complete freedom of movement.

The shoes are extremely light in weight and comfortable. This doesn’t make the shoe bad in terms of use or look and this becomes a must to add the casual shoe collection of any man’s wardrobe.

The shoes are light in weight that do not put extra weight on the wearer. Also, the shoe provides maximum comfort that reduces sweating and odour. The shoe are machine wash friendly.        

Specific Features

  • The shoe provides great grip on slippery surfaces
  • The shoe provides protection from causing bacteria
  • Great traction


  • Removable insoles
  • Easy to clean
  • Light in weight
  • Snug fit


  • Not fir for running

Hey Dude Women’s Wendy Chambray

Best Hey Dude Shoes


Dimension12.36 X 6.34 X 4.29
Weight12.31 Ounces
ManufacturerHey Dude
First date of manufactureDecember 17, 2020

The shoe is made in USA. They have a wide and comfortable fit. The promise of providing utmost comfort is provided by the shoe. The wide design of the shoe is made by keeping in mind for wide feet people so that they find ease in wearing them.

The shoe comes with flex and fold technology. This proves great flexibility of the shoe. These shoes can be folded proving its softness. The shoes are great for everyday use and does not cause soreness on the feet.

The outsole of the shoe is extremely light and prevents the wearer from putting extra pressure on the wearer’s feet. Also, the outsole being light enhances the durability of the shoe.

The upper of the shoe is made of cotton canvas material that relaxes the feet and provides great breathability to the feet. The shoes do not make wearers feet feel exhausted or uncomfortable.

The slip-on design of the shoe makes the shoe extremely comfortable to wear. There are less chances of ill-fit and the problem of tying up the shoes are also not there. These are a super advantageous one for people who faces issue to tie laces.

The insoles inside are anatomical and have memory foam insoles. These insoles are removable which is a great advantage. The shoes are great as the insoles can be replaced and changed as per wearers convenience.

These shoes are easy to clean with soap and water if they are washed with hands. The shoes can be machine-washed too. So, the convenience for washing the shoes become great for the wearer.           

Specific Features

  • Travel-friendly, as you can fold them, pack, and move
  • Erogonomic memory that protects the feet from impacts
  • Easy slip-on design   


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to wash
  • Travel buddy
  • No stink technology


  • Not for heavy work

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Hey Dude Men’s Wally Street Loafer Shoes

Best Hey Dude Shoes


Dimension10 X 15 X 6
Weight1 Pounds  
ManufacturerHey Dude
First date of manufactureSeptember 21, 2015  

The shoes are imported and made in USA. The shoes are extremely comfortable and are made to provide utmost comfort. The shoes come with imported material guaranteeing great user experience.

The shoe has got manmade sole. Hence, the soles are not made with machine help and thus one can stay assured of the build quality of the soles. The soles of the shoe have got handmade stich and hence there are very less chances of getting torn of the soles.

The stretch of the fabric is excellent. It gives great ease to the wearer and comfort while wearing it. The fabric has got 4-way stretchy area that provides uniqueness while wearing the shoe.

The shoe also provides unique shape to the foot. The unique stretchy fabric makes it do such. It enhances the shape of your foot by shaping the structure. The shoe has got great and unique flexibility that promotes the comfort level.

The shoe comes with slip on style that eases the wearer’s effort of wearing the shoe. The slip-on structure of the shoe creates easy put on and off of the shoe. The shoe comes with effortless and easy wearability.

The shoe has got 2 lacing options. That means the shoe is efficient enough of providing a great fit with the laces. The laces not only provide help in the fit of the shoe but also comes with great looks.

The shoe comes with soft linings to prevent shoe bit or abrasion on the shoe. The lining of the shoe provides great support to the wearer making it the best option for wearing for a long term.

The memory insoles of the shoe protect the natural shape of the foot. The insoles help the shoe wearer to improve the posture of the feet and maintain its natural look. Also, it protects the feet from impacts and compressions.  

The footbed comes with added memory foam that enhances the comfort of the shoe. The memory foam ensures that the footbed is extremely comfort and that bounces back the energy that provides comfortable steps.

The shoe can be cleaned easily. If you are not a machine lover and prefers cleaning your shoes with your hands then you can clean your shoes with soap and water. Also, one can machine wash the shoes with cold water. 

Specific Features

  • The upper of the shoe is stretchable
  • Flex and Fold technology is used
  • Easy to clean


  • The shoes are your perfect travel partner
  • Can fold the shoes, pack and move
  • The easy slip-on feature makes it heavily comfortable
  • The memory insoles support the foot structure


  • Sizing issues

Hey Dude Men’s Paul Shoes Multiple Colors

Best Hey Dude Shoes


Dimension10 X 15 X 6
Weight2 Pounds 
ManufacturerHey Dude
First date of manufactureSeptember 16, 2020 

The shoe is an imported one and is made in USA. The material that is used to build the shoe is of great quality that promotes durability and comfort both. The shoe promises their wearer with great comfort.

The Hey Dude shoes comes with various features and is most suitable for rainy weather. The unique features of the shoe make the shoe to wear in cold seasons. They are capable enough to bear cold weather.

There is an added feature of this shoe. The shoe comes with an additional heel lock technology. This helps the wearer to promote stability to the heel area. This feature gives the wearer the additional safety feature. This feature promotes safety to the wearer but does not lose the relaxed feel.

The outer sole has got extra grip. The ultra-grip outsole provides enhanced traction that protects the wearer from slip or accidents. The traction provides great support in slippery or wet areas.

The shoes are extremely soft and provide huge comfort to the wearer to wear all day long. There is also a soft lining on the shoe that protects the wearers feet from abrasion and shoe bite.

The toe box is rounded in shape that protects the wearer from having huge space on the toe area to allow the feet wiggle inside the shoe. The toe box is quite roomy and that does not let the feet to exhaust inside the shoe.

This supports for a healthy feet formation and promotes unique shape to the feet. This does mean that the freedom of the feet movement is driven away. The shoe keeps the shape of the feet enact.

The shoe comes with an elastic material that allows the foot to have maximum movements but not compromise with the flexibility. This elastic material helps the feet to have a proper and adjustable fit to the shoe.

The shoe has memory foam insole that provides immense comfort. This memory insole provides maximum comfort and that reduces the sweat from the feet. The shoe also hinders the feet from having bad odor and prevents formation of bacteria.

The shoe is very easy to clean. If you are not a machine wash lover and prefers to go for hand wash than a machine wash the you can wash with soap and water. If you are a machine wash lover then the shoe is a perfect one for machine wash.                 

Specific Features

  • The shoe has dual elastic lace
  • Can fold and travel to your destination
  • Heel lock facility promotes heel stability


  • Light in weight
  • Great traction
  • Good grip
  • Water resistant


  • Sizing Issues

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Best Hey Dude Shoes

Now your professional needs would decide your shoe. Your shoe should match all your needs that you are looking and eases your pain and discomfort. Look for the above features that your shoe must have.

Also, ensure that your best hey dude shoes can be worn all day long and should be affordable enough. These shoes help you to ease your foot pain that you might experience while working all day long.           

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