Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet [JULY 2021]

Best basketball shoes for flat feet : There are times when running, playing basketball can be very painful because of your flat feet type. Your pain sore and there is a continuous pain on the feet that you feel every day.

The flat feet is an exception in the bone structure that affects your lifestyle very hard. But that does not keep you away from playing basketball.

Though this is not curable totally but with the help of proper shoes you can keep your symptoms under check. Since, best basketball shoes for flat feet are highly in demand so this is not a rare case and you have got shoes that have got you covered.

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We have mentioned some of the best basketball shoes for flat feet that you can totally trust on and provides stability.These shoe have all the feature starting from arch support, insoles, cushioning and many more that you would require to play.

Identify The Perfect Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes can make or break your game like building blocks. So it’s essential to identify the perfect pair for you. The task of finding the right one can be daunting, and this process can take a lot of trials and errors.

Here we’re going to share some features that help you to find the ideal pair for you. Do follow and see yourself ruling and winning the game.

1. The Ankle Collar

The ankle collar length is the differentiating aspect that makes a shoe suitable for specific styles and players. By finding the ideal one, you can get exposure to the full potential of your skills.

  • High ankle shoes – The feature of High Ankle shoes is that the high ankle collar covers the ankle completely. It features extra cushioning and support. Perfect for the forwards and center position.
  • Mid Ankle shoes – The mid-ankle collar shoes provide an all-rounded performance while covering your ankle. These type of shoes offers balanced features and are perfect for shooting guard and small forwards.
  • Low Ankle Shoes – These are designed for fast and shifty players looking for responsiveness to meet their skills.

2. Cushioning

Cushioning can be referred to as the “Backbone” of the shoes to achieve comfort. However, there are few things to look for to find the ideal shoe for yourself.

  • Height of Cushion – It determines how high your foot is from the court. It’s based on personal preferences for height. However, too high a cushion set-up can cause injuries or offer less court feel, whereas too low a cushion set-up doesn’t provide impact protection.
  • Bounce of the cushion – The cushion’s bounce usually refers to the impact protection levels. A too soft cushion set-up will not be responsive, while a too stiff cushion set-up doesn’t protect you enough from impact. Finding the right balance by leaning on your heel can be helpful.

3. Traction

The traction of the shoes is responsible for agile and shifty movements. It’s pretty important to look at the traction that offers excellent grip and durability.

  • Indoor or Outdoor – The traction of shoes is different for indoor and outdoor. Generally, for indoor court, tractions are relatively tacky and low to grip onto the dusky court, while for the outdoor court, they have rugged and durable. After this, you can select the shoe based on your preferences.
  • Traction Pattern – These traction patterns determines the grip of the shoes. Multi-directional traction patterns offer more grip than standard patterns.

4. The Upper

The upper of basketball shoes can enhance performance. So it’s pretty important to select the ideal height upper shoe. Each upper are designed for a particular player or style.

  • High – It features an extra layer of stability and support on the court because of the high upper wrap around the ankle. Although, it often increases the weight of the shoe.
  • Mid – It features medium-balanced ankle support. It allows flexible movements to be done relatively quickly.
  • Low – It’s most preferred for speed and agility. They offer less ankle support but features excellent responsiveness.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to find the ideal best basketball shoes for wide feet (2021).

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

1. Under Armour Men’s Jet 2019 Running Shoe

Best basketball shoes for flat feet

The Under Armour Jet basketball sneakers have got durable mesh and vented synthetic upper that guards the toe. It has a Mid-Top silhouette.

The shoe has got lace-up closure along with a lace-up closure with a padded mesh collar and tongue preventing rub against the foot.

The rubber outsole is multidirectional- treaded that provides traction in different directions for lateral and linear movements.

The shoe is true to size and it is recommended to order the actual size of the footwear that is being used.

Specific Features

  • The shoe is made of leather and textile material with a synthetic sole.
  • The shaft measure is approximately mid-top from arch.
  • The shoes are made of molded and perforated leather and textile upper that promotes
  • breathability and support.
  • The shoe has durable TPU overlay making it abrasion resistant and helps in maintaining
  • the shape of the shoe.


  • The shoe has internal heel counter for locked in support and fit.
  • For a secured and comfortable fit the internal bootie is constructed accordingly.
  • For underfoot cushioning is promoted by Die cut EVA sockliner


  • The cushioning of the shoe is not that appropriate.

Best for Women

2. SDolphin Running Shoes Women Sneakers – Tennis Workout Walking Gym Lightweight Athletic Comfortable Casual Memory Foam Fashion Shoes

The shoe has got rubber sole. The shoes are comfortable and light in weight. The memory foam cushioning gives very soft feel while walking.

The shoe has got good arch support, soft sole and is bend-resistant. The elastic mesh upper provides good breathability.

The shoe has got flexible rubber sole and the shock absorbency is really good and efficient. The shoe also has great slip-resistant feature.

The design of the shoe is quite cute and is worth buying at that price. The tongue of the shoe provides a comfortable and snug fit.

The insoles are removable and helps you to replace with the one that you feel comfortable or are orthopedic ones.

Specific Features

  • The shoes have elastic cuff, making it easy to slide on and off and does not require to tie
  • and untie. The shoelaces make it easy to adjust along with a padded collar with a soft
  • lining preventing the feet rub against the shoe.
  • The shoe efficiently absorbs the shock that happens during motion and protects the
  • knees.
  • The shoes are light in weight, fast and streamlined.


  • The Rubber Anti-Skid soles protects from slip and fall.
  • The sole has got excellent grip.
  • The shoes are best for running, jogging, playing outdoor games, gymnastics, volleyball,
  • tennis shoes etc.
  • The shoe provides great stability that provides adequate friction on any slippery surface.


  • Sizing and fit issue.

3.Nike Men’s Air Force 1 High ’07 LV8 Basketball Shoe

Best basketball shoes for flat feet


  • Weight: ‎ 4 Pounds
  • Size: 9 to 11
  • Color: Available in White color
  • Brand: ‎ Nike

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 High is one of the most popular basketball shoe for flat feet. It is available in high, mid and low-top options. It’s quite versatile and can be worn on & off the court.

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 is made of top-quality leather rubber soles. The perforations near toe area makes it super breathable for endless gameplay and practice.

The high top design is very beneficial for flat feet because the extra cushioning around ankle and ankle strap features perfect structure and comfort (helpful in balancing you).

These shoes are perfect basketball shoes for flat feet because of the perfect combination of support and traction. The outsole is made of rubber to offer adequate traction to allow quick movement easily.

The outsole of the shoe has got an innovative circular design that enhance the ability to move or turn quickly.

Special features

  • It features an innovative circular design outsole for smooth movements
  • Nike Men’s Air Force 1 offer a famous air cushioned sole to provide additional underfoot comfort
  • Adaptive shoes with breathable holes around toe helps minimise sweat buildup


  • Perfect ankle straps ( important for people with flat feet)
  • Offer additional traction
  • Highly recommended by professionals


  • Pricey (But worth it)

Benefits Of Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Basketball shoes aren’t just an accessory. They’re sometimes game-changer; Specific shoes can do wonders for you. There are some crazy benefits of specific basketball shoes for flat feet (2021)

  • Ample cushioning – Basketball Shoes provide ample cushioning to the feet to prevent unnecessary injury. Ample cushioning lessen the stress on the joints while playing.
  • Sturdy Ankle Support – These shoes provide sturdy ankle support to maintain balance and stability while playing, preventing the chances of falling and slipping.
  • They open opportunities – These shoes allow you to move freely without hesitation, which works so effectively in the game. It enhances the performance, so there are more opportunities to grab.

Considerable Things Before Buying – Expert’s Buying Guide

Several factors should be considered before buying the best basketball shoes for flat feet

Upper Security

There are many types of closure systems available in the market, and the laces closure system is the most preferable and popular.

Basketball shoes with zippers, straps can add more stability and support to the ankle, especially in high-top models. They also feature a layer of coverage over the traditional laces. But all these closure systems increase the weight of the shoes; keep that in mind.


A basketball shoe’s midsole is responsible for the comfort levels on the court – “footwear cushioning.” It’s an essential factor to consider. Midsoles are designed by various types of foam, EVA, Compressed EVA being the most lighter one, Polyurethane midsole being dense and durable.

Some brands designs brand-specific cushioning technology, some of these technologies add some extra cushioning to reduce the stress on the joints.


Generally, the outsole is made of synthetic or rubber materials and traction. Basketball shoes with flat and wide outsoles offer excellent balance. If you’re looking for extra grip, hexagonal or herringbone patterns provide the perfect traction on the court. Also, it prevents the risk of slipping and sliding.

Basketball shoes for outdoor are designed differently. Their outsole is thicker and more durable.


You should always consider the style of the shoes. Since the look or style of the shoes reflects your personality. A wide range of styles, designs, looks go for what suits you and what you like.

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