[10 Trendy] Best Ballroom Dance Shoes -Expert’s Pick In 2021

Best ballroom dance shoes :- It doesn’t matter if you are a professional dancer or a beginner; the first thing to add to your gear is a pair of best ballroom dance shoes that match your dance style and surface.

The shoes are an important essential that you need to keep with you and that is why we bring to you the best ballroom dance shoes that would help you to dance with grace.

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes – Top Quick Picks

  1. Capezio women’s N625 ( Best Women’s ballroom dance shoes )
  2. Gogodance Men’s Boys Breathable Ballroom Dance Shoes ( Best Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoes )
  3. Liniodes Tent Leather Upper Jazz ( Best Selling )
  4. Capezio Women’s SD01 Eva 2″ Flared-Heel Sandal ( Best Sturdy dance shoes )
  5. Gogodance Men’s Boys Breathable Ballroom Dance Shoes  ( Best shoe in terms of Breathability )

In a hurry, Consider any of these!

List Of Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

Considerable Things Before Buying – Expert’s Buying Guide

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

  • Stability – Men’s ballroom shoes should incorporate slip-resistant and proper cushioning, while women’s heels should be anti-slip to lower the chances of falling. In addition, sports grade material in the back of your shoe is necessary to increases ankle support, and it retains the shoe’s shape even when it gets hot.
  • Strength – Seek for the shoe that provides a steel core, and its heel should be made from stress-tested polycarbonate material. This helps in strengthening the shoe. In addition, straps will not break or stretch when made from tape-reinforced stripping.
  • Performance – For superior glide and traction while dancing, look for top-quality suede heel tips that’ll help a lot in enhancing your performance.
  • Comfort – Well-cushioned insoles and designed with sports orthotics and proper arch support protect your feet and lower the risk of injury. To be comfortable while dancing, look for the perfect size and fitting.
  • Style – A good pair of ballroom dance shoes combines style and practicality to make you feel good, which helps tremendously build confidence to get any challenge.
  • Durability – Wearing ballroom dance shoes all over the day while dancing builds moisture and sweat that can deteriorate your boots. To avoid this and increase your shoe’s durability, look for shoes made of microfiber lining and shocking. This will absorb sweat and keep your feet fresh while dancing.

How To Identify Quality Ballroom Dance Shoes?

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

The very first indicator of quality shoes is their construction. Go for top-quality materials – the sole should be made from suede with a well-cushioned, soft inner sole. This makes movements smoother and helps instability over quick turning moves.

Some factors should be considered to identify the Best Ballroom Dance Shoes.

  • Cushioning – General, the Cushioning system is equipped in the nearby heel areas. Shoes with proper cushioning underfoot can be a significant advantage for people with flat feet as they can control the rendition without hurting their feet.
  • Upper Materials – Upper materials are crucial in ballroom dance shoes. The materials used in the upper should be suede, leather, microfiber, lambskin, or satin.
  • Straps – Straps can be beneficial; that’s why a Latin shoe has more than one strap. Ballroom shoes also consist of one or multiple straps. You need to check the sturdiness of the straps before going to perform at an event or anywhere.
  • Laces – Laces provide your feet a proper fitting or extra support. It holds the shoe so that it wouldn’t trouble you. Heel height plays a vital role in dance shoes because heel areas can protect your feet. For example, in ballroom dance, all dance movements require heel support. If you don’t look at its height and width, you could even fall while dancing.
  • Outsoles – The dance shoe’s outsole is generally made of suede, leather, rubber, or plastic. To provide proper traction, the suede outsole is considered as most appropriate material.
  • Top part – You should consider the top areas of shoes with an open toe or a close toe design.

Expert’s Buying Guide – Tips To Select The Best Pair!

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

In simple words, dance shoes should be selected for comfort, support, and protection, not just for appearance.

  • Shop for shoes during the late afternoon or evening because our feet tend to expand naturally during the evening.
  • Take a pair of leggings or socks while shopping that you would wear when dancing. Wear them when you’re trying shoes On.
  • It’s a rumor that dance shoes need to be broken in, or they’ll fit you properly over a while. It’s a myth; buy the shoe that suits you from day 1.
  • Always check the size in description or reviews as it varies from different manufacturers.
  • Width of a Shoe is as essential as its length. Don’t let your feet cramp in a narrow shoe. Buying a more significant size won’t help you; instead, you should ask for a wider dimension.
  • Firstly, Check the sole and inside of a shoe. Ensure that there’s nothing that might irritate you. For example, dance shoes incorporated anti-skid soles. The excellent quality soles also have a proper suede inner lining that lowers the risk of slipping on the dance floor.
  • For Men – Always go for a lightweight or comfortable regardless of putting style of comfort. A secure fitting prevents the risk of injury.
  • For Women – Avoid thin straps as they offer less support and are likely to stretch extra while dancing. Choose high-quality material shoes in which the straps are close together.
  • Don’t Use your dance shoes for any other purpose. Ensure that your dance shoes are kept safe and last long.

Do Dance Shoes Make A Difference?

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

Absolutely – Specific dance shoe will offer the adequate amount of traction, support to move around the slippery floors that’s why dance shoes make a difference than regular.

Dance shoes specifically have a thinner sole, a steel shank for proper support than regular shoes. In addition, its material is designed to be lightweight & flexible.

What Is The Difference Between Ballroom And Latin Dance Shoes?

The most common thing between both shoes is their suede sole. The main difference between both shoes are given below:-

Men – Men’s ballroom dance shoes are similar to men’s dress shoes, low heels, closed shoes, and laces.

Men’s Latin shoes are also similar to the ballroom, but they’re slightly higher in the heel. They’re generally designed to keep the bodyweight towards the balls of the feet to ease the weight changes. There is another option, i.e., Split sole shoes, which offer great flexibility while dancing.

Women – Women’s ballroom dance shoes are often described as court shoes. This is because they’re entirely enclosed, consist of stiletto-style heels (ranging from 2-2.5″), or may or may not have a buckle or a strap. In addition, their sole usually don’t offer great flexibility.

Women’s Latin shoes refer to sandals. They commonly have an open toe, buckles, or straps. The heel is generally worn a bit higher than ballroom shoes to keep the bodyweight towards the balls of the feet to ease the weight changes (ranging from 2.5-3″). They offer more flexibility than ballroom shoes.

10 Best Ballroom dance shoes Review

Best in terms of ComfortComfort

1. Capezio women’s N625

Best Ballroom dance shoes

The Capezio women’s N625 shoes have PVC (black patent) and PU (caramel and white) uppers.

The sole of the shoes is quite flexible and has a foam-padded footbed. The shoes have a brushed

microfiber lining that acts as a very good moisture absorbent.

As ballroom dancers need to stand on their toes and have graceful toe movements, the

shoe is designed to teel tone toe, and the heel taps are mounted on fiberboard. The shoe comes

with scored rubber non-skip pads to provide adequate traction.

As the shoe tops in ComfortComfort, the shoe has an Achilles’ notch along with a padded collar

that provides utmost ComfortComfort. For a snug fit, the shoe has eyebrows attached with elastics and

Grosgrain ribbon tie.

The shoe has a light toe box, lower vamp, and the sides of the heels have got a firm heel to

provide a good balance. For best sizing, it is recommended to select shoes having normal street

shoe size.

Specific Features

  • Synthetic/PU leather material
  • Synthetic/Foam Sole
  • Grosgrain ribbon toe
  • Tele tone toe
  • Achilles notch
  • Micro Poly lining


  • Roomy toe box
  • Flexible outsoles
  • Top-quality materials
  • Cons
  • A bit expensive
  • Sizing issues


  • No


2. Liniodes Tent Leather Upper Jazz

Best Ballroom dance shoes

The Linode’s Tent Leather Upper Jazz shoes are made of high-quality leather upper. The upper

material provides a good and comfortable feel. Also, the design of the shoe ensures you give a good

arch insert design.

The shoe has got split sole along with EVA sole patch. The sole ensures that the shock is being

absorbed properly and is distributed to the shoe evenly. The heels also ensure that it doesn’t

strain the wearer’s feet and they can dance gracefully.

The Fabric Lining of the shoe ensures that the shoe does not keep the moisture and makes the

shoe uncomfortable to wear. Rather it absorbs the moisture appropriately. This helps to keep

the sweat away and make the shoe odor-free.

The heel of the shoe is flat so that the balance while dancing remains intact. The split sole

offers great support to the dancers. The upper material, along with the lining material, is both

durable and comfortable.

Specific Features

  • Flat Heel
  • Breathable Lining
  • Split soles
  • EVA sole
  • Good Arch Support


  • Breathable
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Enhanced shock absorption
  • Budget oriented


  • No color variant

Best Sturdy dance shoes

3. iCkerGetMine Women’s Latin

Best Ballroom dance shoes

ICKER GetMine is the best ballroom dance shoe for women because of the outstanding features

that it has. The materials used for manufacturing the shoes are of top quality and

don’t compromise with Comfort.

The shoe is made of faux leather and sequin and has a rubber sole. The shoe is completely water-resistant and long-lasting. The soles at the bottom are made of non-skip wool pieces that makes

the shoe skid-resistant and provides better balance for the twists and compress.

The height of the heel is 2 inches, which means the shoe adds different glamour to the

dancer’s dance movements. The heel is made of high-quality imitation sheepskin, making the

texture smooth, soft, and shiny.

The shoe is not only perfect for ballroom dance but can also be worn for Tango, Salsa, Rumba,

or Cha Cha dance.

Specific Features-

  • Alloy Buckle of Titanium
  • Anti-Oxidation
  • Elastic Straps
  • The colorful light effect through the fabric
  • Non-slip wool


  • Fold Resistant
  • Wear Resistant
  • Skid Resistant
  • Thick shoe pads
  • Lightweight
  • All-season wearable


  • Little flimsy in the heel
  • Tough to wear on and off

Best ballroom dance shoes for Men

4. Capezio Men’s SD 103

Best Ballroom dance shoes

The famous dance shoe manufacturing brand Capezio’s shoes are excellent in terms of

materials and solid frames. So, you can easily know that Capezio Men’s SD 103 is not any

exception product.

The shoes are made with authentic synthetic leather and suede, making your feet’

movement very smooth and graceful. Not only do they provide the basic protection that any

dancer would require, but this feature also makes it one of the best ballroom dance shoes.

Huge credit goes to the padded insoles that make the shoe absorb shock efficiently and

provide efficient balance with huge ComfortComfort. Also, you can wear these shoes for hours without

feeling pain in your feet.

The shoe has a standard heel height of 1″ that any ballroom beginner dancer would want, along with light in weight. The shoe has a firm heel counter, a suede heel, and a forefoot sole

to provide the right amount of traction.

Specific Features

  • Lace-up closure
  • Shock-absorbing insoles
  • Padded Collar
  • Moisture absorbent cotton lining
  • 1-inch heel with EVA foam wrapped


  • Light in weight
  • Great Arch Support
  • Good quality material


  •  Size runs small

Best for Teens

5. Capezio Women’s Daisy Ballet

Best Ballroom dance shoes

Capezio is a brand famously known for manufacturing dance footwear for years. So, there is no

second thought about this brand’s shoes. The shoe is extremely lightweight and soft. The shoes

are not only limited to teenagers, but adults can also use them on their outfits.

The Capezio women’s Daisy Ballet shoes are made of 100% leather, and the sole material is made of leather. The outer material of the shoe is made of cotton/leather or cotton. The

the shoe has pull-on closure for easy put on and off.

The shoe is constructed of soft leather upper, and the outsole is full chrome tanned suede

leather to provide improved durability. As the shoe is best for teens, so they have daisy print

on it.

The shoe has hammered pleats so that one doesn’t find it difficult to perform their dance

steps. For a snug fit, the shoes come with bar-tacked elastic drawstrings and 5/8″ Pre-attached

crisscross elastics.

Specific Features

  • Whimsical Lining
  • Full chrome tanned suede
  • Hammered pleats
  • Bar-tacked elastic drawstring


  • Thick leather
  • Durable
  • Good Arch support
  • Light in weight
  • Sturdy stich
  • Moisture-proof


  •  Sizing issues

Ballroom Dance Shoes Women (Red color)

Best Ballroom dance shoes

This shoe has a high-quality satin upper and a suede insole that acts as an excellent sweat absorbent. In addition, the shoe has got a soft, breathable lining with an elastic latex midsole that improves flexibility.

The elastic band helps you wear it easily and fit well. In addition, the shoe has a great and simple style design with a thick, durable suede outsole that adds extra comfort.

The shoe features a 2.5″ heel that protects you while dancing and ensures you don’t fall. The heel is made up of high-quality sheepskin that adds smooth texture and shine.

To get the best sizing, it is recommended to choose size as your street shoe size. This shoe can be used in indoor dancing, practicing, weddings, etc.


  • Its smooth leather sole adds advanced comfort levels.
  • It’s super lightweight; your feet will feel freedom.
  • Multipurpose shoes can be wear at the wedding and other occasions


  • Flexible outsole
  • High-quality leather sole
  • Thick, durable outsole


  • No

It can be a bit tight (for initial wears)

Very Fine Dance Shoes ( Professional Ballroom Dance Shoes )

Best Ballroom dance shoes

Beauty and comfort are what you’ll get in these Very Fine Dance Shoes. The shoe has got nonslip insole made by using certified nano-fiber that deodorizes after long dancing hours.

The shoe has an Ulta soft outsole that makes it ultra-light, making it a comfortable wearable option for ballroom dancers.

The Very Fine Dance Shoes claims to last ten times longer than other brands on average. It is because of its extra padded footbed made from the latest memory padding advanced technology.

It’s easy to clean, made up of high-quality satin. It has got a superior exterior fabrication that acts as a water, dirt, oil resistance.


  • Superior fabrication for dirt, water resistance
  • Non-slip Insole made from certified nana fiber technology
  • Advance thick memory padding design for great shock absorption


  • Very comfortable
  • Snug fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Ultra-smooth, light


  • None

Gogodance Men’s Boys Breathable Ballroom Dance Shoes – Best Men’s ballroom dance shoe in terms of Breathability

Best Ballroom dance shoes

Gogodance Men’s Boys Breathable Ballroom Dance Shoes have an elegant and attractive look with premium quality materials, i.e., authentic material and sleek color.

These shoes give you comfortable enjoyment in every step of yours. Besides, it accentuates the foot length that ensures you look stylish and will be gracefully wearing it.

The shoe features an anti-slip and lightweight outsole for a comfortable, snug fit to your feet. You’ll feel more confident wearing them as these shoes improve the movements more smoothly and freely on the dance floor.

Premium authentic leather for smooth, vamp, and skin-friendly. Air holes provide perfect Breathability. Overall it is recommended for the best men’s ballroom dance shoes.


  • Exquisite design philosophy to bring you comfortable enjoyment on the dance floor
  • Multipurpose shoes can be used for wedding, other occasions
  • Premium authentic leather for smooth


  • Authentic leather
  • Affordable pricing
  • Very comfortable
  • Breathable


  • A bit wide for narrow feet

Very Fine Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoe – Best Ballroom Dance Shoes with arch support

Best Ballroom dance shoes

Very Fine Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoe is a newly launched shoe for men. It is designed in such a way as to offer comfort, style, and quality.

The shoe’s heel has built-in cushioning that allows you to dance freely on the dance floor without any discomfort.

The shoe features good arch support from Instep that protects your feet. It would be recommended for Men, no matter you’re a beginner or professional.

The sole build with high-quality natural suede that provides you the right amount of slides and traction that a dancer needs. The insole uses genuine leather to stretch and conform your foot every time you wear it.


  • The classic design is sure to give you the enjoyment of dance nights and nights.
  • The finishing of the outside is done with high-quality leather.


  • Stylish & Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Ensures your enjoyment


  • New in the market

WUAILIM Women’s Ballroom Rhinestone Dance Shoes –

Best Ballroom dance shoes

WUAILIM Women’s Ballroom Rhinestone Dance Shoes is steady and comfortable. It fits perfectly and can make you dance all night with super comfy.

The shoe has got a suede sole and a stretch belt that makes you wear it easily, quickly, and fit well.

The height of heels are 2.75/2.36 inch, they’re high, steady and light not tired, heavy; which can’t hide your performance & aura.

These shoes are comfortable, reduce fatigue while dancing. It is super lightweight and flexible make your slides easier.


  • Simple & generous design but stylish look
  • Extremely comfortable, suitable for both beginners and professionals.


  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Snug fit


  • Little thin sole

How To Care & Clean Ballroom Dance Shoes?

Ballroom dance shoes are your key equipment while performing to enhance your performance or destroy your performance. So it’s important to take care of your ballroom shoes so that they can serve you more and increase your performance.

Suede sole shoes are meant for ballroom dance shoes. To enhance their durability a proper cleaning and care are required.


  • Carry your shoes in a shoe bag! – Most brands offer a shoe bag with shoes to keep them safe and to prevent scratches.
  • Brushing – This is one of the most important things to do. Brushing your suede soles regularly with a metal bristle brush is recommended. Dirt and wax stick to your suede from the dance floor, making them slippery.
  • Using heel protection – To protect your heel, using a heel protector can be helpful for your shoe’s heel.
  • Using an anti-skid powder – To avoid the chance of skidding, it’s important to use anti-skid powder. It gives protection as well built confidence.
  • Keep them in a dry place – To enhance your shoe’s durability remember to place them in a dry place. Moisture can tarnish the leather.


  • Walking on outdoor surfaces – Walking on outdoor surfaces like pavements or glass or gravel can vanish its shine and badly affect your heels. Even a short walk from your car to the venue isn’t recommended.
  • Don’t use Water – Never use water to save the texture of your shoes. Also, never keep them in wet conditions.


  1. What are the best shoes for ballroom dancing?

    Ans:-) These are the best shoes for ballroom dancing!

    Capezio women’s N625 ( Best Women’s ballroom dance shoes )
    Gogodance Men’s Boys Breathable Ballroom Dance Shoes – Best Men’s ballroom dance shoe in terms of Breathability
    Liniodes Tent Leather Upper Jazz ( Best Selling )
    ICkerGetMine Women’s Latin ( Best Sturdy dance shoes )
    Capezio Men’s SD 103

    Dance shoes specifically have a thinner sole, a steel shank for proper support than regular shoes. In addition, its material is designed to be lightweight & flexible.

  2. Are our ballroom dance shoes comfortable?

    Ans:-) Specific ballroom dance shoes are more comfortable than regular shoes and offer an adequate amount of traction, support to move around the slippery floors than regular. Ballroom dance shoes are designed with suede soles to provide extra comfort while dancing.

  3. Why does a ballroom dancer wear heels?

    Ans:-) Higher heels keep the bodyweight towards the balls of the feet to ease the weight changes (ranging from 2-2.5″). As a result, they offer more flexibility and comfort than regular shoes.

  4. How do I keep my shoes in good shape?

    Ans:-) Using a toe sharper or a shoe tree can help in maintaining the shape of shoes. Also, brushing your suede soles regularly with a metal bristle brush can increase their shine and texture.

  5. What are the 5 ballroom dances?

    Ans:-) Ballroom dance can be categorized into two styles/types such as :
    Latin ballroom style, i.e., Spanish Bolero, Samba, Mambo, Cha-cha, Rhumba, etc Standard ballroom style, i.e., Waltz, Quickstep, foxtrot, Tango.

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