Baya vs Classic Crocs [2022]? Which one stands out better!

Are you a medical professional? Do you find difficulty in choosing a perfect partner for your everyday scrubs? Do you prefer Crocs and feel it confusing and challenging to choose a perfect one for your expected long shifts? Do not worry, as we are here with our latest article about Baya vs Classic Crocs.

As per the Reddit reviews for the best Crocs, we have authentified that Baya and Classic Crocs are both, which have made their way out to stand apart from other options. In the present article about Baya Crocs and Classic crocs, let us gather some basic information about Baya Croc vs Classic crocs.

Baya Crocs and Classic Crocs- Basic information 

Baya vs Classic Crocs

Baya Crocs is a unique advanced edition of the Classic Crocs clog. It also comes with advanced breathability and ventilation ports, making your feet and toes comfortable much more than anyone would experience when wearing the classic Crocs. 

Classic Crocs brought the Crocs brand, which is thought to be authentic, into the limelight because of its unique features like:

  • A breathable feature that adds sensible use of the 13 holes on the top and sides of the clog allows air to blow freely on the feet and toes.
  • It is also lightweight and makes walking around easier.
  • The pair of crocs also comes at a very reasonable and affordable price, which is why many people love the classic clog.
  • It has a firm rubber sole.

Which Crocs stands out between the two- Baya crocs vs Classic crocs

Crocs Baya clog always stands out between the two clogs. Below are the reasons why it stands out: 

  • The pair of crocs have a different design that makes it more attractive than the Crocs classic clog.
  • It also has additional Breathability and comfort through the custom opening at the right side of the toe cap.
  • They are also lightweight and easier to walk around than Crocs classic clog.

People who do not have much experience wearing Crocs might say that Baya Crocs and Classic Crocs are the same. But actually, they are not! As per my personal experience, there are a lot of significant and specific differences between the Baya Crocs and the Classic Crocs. Starting from their weight to how they are designed, there are many things different in them.

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Why Are Classic Crocs More In Demand?

If you are a newbie to the world of Crocs, and you need to pick a perfect one for your scrubs, you would want to enter it through the Classic Crocs. They look incredibly comfortable, and people find them very casual and breathable. Classic Crocs can also be worn to complete a casual and sporty look. The Classic Crocs are loved for their versatility.

What more do people love more and choose about the Classic Crocs? 

The Classic Crocs has gained all the spotlight because of their extraordinary Breathability, lightweight, and durability. Nonetheless, the Baya Crocs have also made a subtle entry by being a slightly updated version of the Classic Crocs. The company made more advancements in the Baya Crocs with time, giving them a better understanding of the Classic Crocs. Let’s dig the topic deeper into the differences, shall we?

Baya Vs Classic Crocs – A detailed overview

Baya vs Classic Crocs

Coming to the most detailed section of the Baya vs Classic crocs, we have summed up some of the most peculiar points about the different clogs. We have compared Baya Clog vs. Classic in a separate section, looking at each in detail. Let us not waste more time and come to a point.


If you are looking for something durable and exceptionally lightweight, you have probably made a perfect choice by choosing Baya clogs. The pain of Baya Crocs is way lighter than the Classic Crocs. If you wear a Baya Clog on one foot and a Classic Clog on the other, you can also feel the difference between the two. Both are exceptionally durable, but Baya clog wins here for being extra lightweight as well. It makes simple routine activities like running and walking so much easier.

The Classic Clogs will always be my go-to, or one can say casual, but the Baya Clogs are just so much more practical in terms of convenient wear! Holes and Breathability If you carefully see the Baya Crocs and the Classic Crocs, you will peculiarly notice the difference in the ports for ventilation. The Classic Clogs have holes on top of them and the sides. This allows extra Breathability and ventilation. 

On the other hand, Baya Clogs only have holes on top of them as per their custom design, not on the sides. This design feature does not make any of the types better or worse. If you wish to keep your feet warm and breathable during the winter, you should go for the Baya Crocs. However, for a sunny day, Classic Crocs are the way. 

Holes, arrangements, and design of clogs

As Baya and Classic, both of the Crocs have thirteen holes on each of the shoes. However, the massive and unique placement of the holes is very different. The Baya Crocs have specific holes arranged in a straight line. They are usually in the sets of 4s and 3s. On the other hand, the arrangement of these holes on the Classic Crocs is way random.

Size of clogs- which one fits well? 

There is a slight and minor difference between the sizes of the Crocs. They are not the same size. The Classic Crocs are shorter than the Baya Crocs. Don’t panic. You do not have to go and look for your perfect size of Baya Crocs all over again. You need to buy them in the regular size of your Classic Crocs, as both have a much more relaxed fit. You can always move the strap of the clogs to change the fit as well.

Style- Casual or fancy?

The significant difference in design between Baya Crocs and Classic Crocs is visible. While comparing the style quotient in the Baya vs. Classic crocs, the Baya Crocs have the typical “CROCS” engraved on both the sides of the toe cap with small holes for ventilation. This feature, as in styling, is lacking in the Classic Crocs. The Classic Crocs has larger holes for ventilation on the toe caps, but the carved name is missing.

Arch Support And Contour

The significant difference between the arch support and contour of the two types or styles of Crocs is not very peculiar, but it is there. The arch support and contour of the Classic Clogs are higher than that of the Baya Crocs. If you have flat feet or any foot problem, you should choose the Baya Crocs or clogs to avoid getting a painful dent on the bottom of your feet. The Baya Crocs also comes with a contour on the sides of the shoes that are not present on the Classic Clogs. The silhouette adds extra support.

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Difference between Baya and Classic Crocs – Final Conclusion

Baya Crocs
Classic Crocs

Crocs classic clog is a little shorter in length than Crocs Baya clog. This does not affect the sizing pattern because both Crocs have a relaxed fit. The designs on the toe cap of these Crocs run unique and different. Crocs Baya clog does not have any ventilation ports around the toe cap, unlike the Crocs classic clog. Crocs’ classic clog has proper ventilation ports that run around the toe cap from side to side.

Crocs Baya clog has a custom-made design under the name of CROCS at the right side of the toe cap with holes for feet ventilation. The Crocs by classic clog does not have this design at the right side of the toe cap.

Both Crocs come with thirteen holes each. Almost every croc comes with a total of thirteen holes. This is one of the easiest ways to identify the original. Crocs clog from a fake. Furthermore, this feature distinguished the Crocs or clogs brand from other clog brands. However, looking closely at the Crocs classic clog and Baya clog, one would notice many differences in the design and pattern of each of the holes. The thirteen holes on the Crocs Baya clog are arranged in a set of primarily 3s and 4s straight and orderly, while the holes on the Crocs classic clog are not placed in an orderly sequence.

The arch support feature is another difference between the crocs classic clog and the crocs Baya clog. Crocs classic clog pair has higher arch support than the Crocs Baya clog. If you have paid somewhat close attention to the pictures above, you will notice that the Crocs classic clog pair is farther from the ground than the crocs baya clog. Crocs classic clog pair has higher arch support than Baya clog. Crocs Baya clog pair has contours on both sides, while Crocs classic clog does not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q.1 How to clean Baya-lined Crocs?

    The cleaning process lined Crocs is easier than ever if you follow a few simple steps. One can remove the lining of the Baya Crocs if they are removable, or you can clean them when they are stuck to the Clogs. All one needs are mild liquid detergent solution and a soft scrubber. Apply the detergent solution on the lining and scrub it gently. Rinse them with cold water and air dry for a few hours. Check out the article on cleaning Crocs with fur for a detailed description.

  2. Q.2 Can you put Jibbitz on Baya Crocs?

    Any Jibbitz lover out there? The holes specification on top of the Baya Crocs are not just for ventilation. You can add Jibbitz to them. One can customize your Baya Crocs with Jibbitz charms however you like. How cool is that?

  3. Q.3 Do Baya Crocs or clogs run true to size?

    Baya Clogs do not run small, but the thing about them is that they do not come in any half sizes. So, some customers may also find them too tight or too loose. This does not happen to most people. One can buy your regular size, and you will have a secure fit if that is half a size down. The straps in the clogs will come in handy to adjust the fit.

The Bottom Line

Baya vs Classic Crocs

If you read the Baya vs Classic crocs article, you must have already guessed it. We are not biased towards the Baya Crocs, but they have so much to offer for sure! The secure fit, the most lightweight, the sleek design with an exceptional carved name, and so much more. The Baya Crocs also has piping around the opening that makes your feet look smaller.

That was a significant advantage for my giant feet. Usually, the Classic Clogs were the king of CROCS, but now Baya clogs have taken place. They are the new favorite. If you haven’t bought your pair of Baya crocs yet, do not wait and do order now. With the most fashionable Baya clogs, let your feet feel super secure and sleek.

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